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Mar 08

Dining on Gazelle and Petrol

Intrigued?  Stay with me here. Well, let me start off by saying that work was a disaster today.  I started work at 6:30 with the plan of finishing up at 3:30 to run and do yoga.  However, at 3:00, a trouble ticket came across my desk that I had to address.  Technically, it probably could …

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Jan 11

So This Is What a 9-5 Job Is Like

Work has been crazy busy the last couple of days.  I was actually in a meeting today all day and have two more full day meetings scheduled for this week.  That means that I basically have to be in the same room from 9 to 5 without the ability to escape for a swim, bike …

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Jan 20

Running Out the Stress

Work has been horrendously busy these past few weeks.  It feels like I keep starting my posts lately with something about how busy work is.  Sorry for being redundant.  However, the work is affecting my training – and not necessarily in a bad way.  The exercise has been a great stress reliever.  It also gives …

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Jan 14

Work and Workouts

Work has kept me very busy this week.  I spent a couple days doing interviews, and I am so very glad that I don’t have to do them on a regular basis.  On top of that, I have a big project with a looming deadline that keeps getting interrupted by more pressing issues.  It is …

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Dec 16

Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree

Ugh.  What a day.  One thing after another.  I felt like it was two steps forward, one step back all day long.  Thankfully, I did my swim this morning because there was no way I could have squeezed it in along with everything else. Despite being as busy as I was, I was able to …

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