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Apr 11

Time for a Formal Introduction

While I shared pictures of my new bike when I got it back in February, I’m making its formal debut today.  I have finally gotten outside on a couple of rides and given it a name. Without further adieu, I give you The Black Rock. You are probably wondering what the name means aren’t you?  …

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Apr 29

Bike Bullet Points

It has been a busy two days with training and work, so I’ve got to try and make this quick. Wednesday I had a 2 hour bike ride on tap for the day.  I did a ride out Grand Haven to meet Jennie at the end of the day.  It was a miserably windy ride …

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Apr 18


Yesterday, I did my long brick.  I was originally scheduled to do a 4 hour bike / 1 hour run, but I decided against doing the full workout.  I really wasn’t prepared for that sort of distance yet, so I backed off a bit.  I ended up doing a 3 hour bike ride and 30 …

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Feb 18

Spring Is In The Air

At least it sure felt like it today.  We had sunny blue skies all day long with temperatures creeping up into the upper 30’s.  I decided to take advantage of the great weather and did an outdoor bike ride; my first since December 2nd.  I had a relatively light work morning so I decided to …

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Nov 28

Freezing My Turkey Off

After overindulging on turkey (and subsequently passing out in front of the fire), I decided that I should go for a bike ride on Friday.  As luck would have it, Friday turned out to be one of the coldest days of the season.  Our unseasonably warm weather appears to be behind us.  I knew that …

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