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Apr 03

Mother Nature You Are An Evil Temptress

Seriously, make up your mind, is it Spring or not?  If not, that’s cool (not really), but I’ll deal with it.  Just quit this wishy washy crap.  Today we had rain, snow, thunder, lightning, hail, and more rain.  What the hell?  It’s April! Yesterday, I had a great bike ride.  The weather was “eh”.  Not …

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Apr 01

This Week So Far

Week 1 has been progressing beautifully.  I have been in a super good mood pretty much all week. On the work front, I think I have found the perfect schedule for being able to get my work done and my training in.  I have shifted my hours so that I start earlier in the morning …

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Apr 23

Level 5 Is Kicking My Butt

So, rewind to a few months ago when I was putting together my training schedule.  For some reason, I chose to do level 5 out of Matt Fitzgerald’s book.  I thought it was a good idea.  I did level 4 last year and I wanted to step it up a bit.  However, level 5 is …

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Mar 01

A Week and Month In the Rearview Mirror

March 1st.  The start of a new month.  The weather is warming up and we spring forward an hour in just a few weeks, which means that Spring should be right around the corner.  The 5 day forecast here actually looks fairly pleasant with temperatures in the upper 30’s and low 40’s.  Fingers crossed that …

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Feb 23

Playing Catch-up

Friday Friday was my long run for the week.  Only 14 miles scheduled after 21 the week before.  Despite the shorter distance, it was a really tough run.  My legs were really beat up from my bike ride on Thursday.  On top of that, I was having acid reflux problems for nearly the entire run.  …

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