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Feb 07

A Race Report & Tour Report

This past weekend, I ran a last minute half marathon as well as finished up 9 day virtual Tour of Sufferlandria on the bike. Needless to say, my legs are pretty beat up from it all. Tour Of Sufferlandria The Tour of Sufferlandria was advertised as “The world’s toughest indoor cycling tour.” And while it …

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Jan 25

Awe and Blah

Thanks to Ellen for the blog title. I hope she doesn’t mind that I am borrowing it.  I better watch my grammar and spelling now or risk ending up as a “blah” on her site. Awe: LED Light Vest Homepage: http://ledlightvest.com/ Rating: 8 out of 10 Cost: $59.95 for human vest, $39.95 – $44.95 for …

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Feb 27

King of the Trainer

With my foot injury, I have been doing some serious biking – all on the trainer.  This week alone, I did 6 trainer rides totally 11 hours and 15 minutes.  This translates to roughly 210 miles.  I don’t yet have a bike computer for my new bike so I estimated the mileage based on a …

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Feb 04

Training in Style

Today was a great day for training.  I started the day off with a long swim workout at the pool and ended it with my longest trainer ride to date. I am continuing to make my way through the Swim Workouts for Triathletes Binder.  Todays workout started with an 800 yard warmup followed by sets …

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Jan 21

Weekly Catchup

This week has been a great week for training.  I feel like I am on hitting all three disciplines.  However, this sort of worries me.  I am really happy how things are going, but at the same time, this is technically the off season.  Currently, I am on a schedule of 3 swims, 3 bikes, …

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