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Sep 23

Great Workouts

We have had an unseasonably warm week so far which has made for some great workouts.  Now that my bike is finally fixed, I am taking every excuse I can get to go out for a ride.  I’ve been fairly busy with work though, so I have had to keep the rides fairly short. I …

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Sep 21

Return to Running

First off, a quick update on the new 201Ironman blog.  I accidentally mistyped my email address on the About page for joining 201Ironman.  Oops!  If you got your email rejected, the correct email address is kevin.neumann@gmail.com.  Apologies! Moving on to a training update. Now that the triathlon season is over, I have begun to focus …

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Aug 03

B-Double E-Double R-U-N Beer Run!

Jennie and I attended our first Grand Rapids Beer Run tonight.  Don Kern, the race director for the Grand Rapids Marathon and all around kick ass dude, along with New Holland Brewing Company have been putting together a beer run once a month at local bars.  We weren’t able to make it to either of …

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Jul 13

The Chase

You’ve all been there.  I’m sure of it.  You’re out on a run when you notice a sound behind you. Quiet at first.  Thump, thump.  Then louder.  Thump, thump, thump.  Soon, the thumping is accompanied by heavy breathing. Thump, huff, thump, puff, thump, huff. And this point there are only two options.  #1:  Yield to …

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Jun 30

Getting Paid To Run

Ok, well, not really.  But it sure felt like it yesterday.  I was just getting started on a 6 mile run when I look down and stop this on the sidewalk. That works out to just less than a buck a mile.  So, let’s see.  Last year, I ran just over 1,600 miles which would …

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