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Dec 16

Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree

Ugh.  What a day.  One thing after another.  I felt like it was two steps forward, one step back all day long.  Thankfully, I did my swim this morning because there was no way I could have squeezed it in along with everything else. Despite being as busy as I was, I was able to …

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Oct 04

Race Report: Brooksie Way Half Marathon

Day Before On Saturday, we headed across the state for our stay with Jennifer’s family.  We hit up the expo on the way and then grabbed lunch at Red Knapp’s in Rochester Hills.  It is a fun old fashioned diner (think black and white checkerboard tiles, red vinyl stools) that has fabulous burgers, fries, and …

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Sep 22

2 Down

I swam two miles for the first time tonight.  Two, non stop (expect for a goggle malfunction halfway through) miles that is.  It is the furthest I have ever swam.  I finished in about 1:07.  I forgot my watch so I had to just watch the lap clock and I forgot to look at it …

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Sep 21

Fighting Sickness

Today has not been a fun day.  I felt pretty good this morning except for the fact that I had no voice.  That, however, I still think is a  residual effect of cursing assisting the Big Ten morons officials at the Notre Dame game on Saturday.  My throat isn’t sore, I just can’t talk without …

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Sep 13

Going Long

After a great Reeds Lake Triathlon yesterday, I spent the rest of the day relaxing.  After the race, we headed up to the Farmer’s Market and got a slew of fresh vegetables to go along with the fresh fruit Jennifer had picked up at a farm stand on Friday.  After that, I enjoyed a thrilling, …

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