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Jan 18

What’s Going On Wednesday

Yesterday, I did my first spin class at the new Striders store.  What a great training ride.  Because it is hosted at the store, you have to bring your own bike and trainer which is a bit of a hassle, but I would rather ride my own bike than a spin bike at a gym.  …

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Feb 15

Tuesday Toe Update (And Some Other Stuff)

Don’t worry, no more disgusting foot pictures.  I learned my lesson last time. Nevertheless, my toe is doing much better.  It is still a little discolored, but the swelling has gone down and I am able to walk comfortably.  I put on actual shoes today for the first time – I had been sticking with …

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Feb 02

Snow Day!

Well not really for me.  It is hard to have a real snow day when you work from home.  But Jennie was home today because of the snow.  The city pretty much shut down after the Groundhog Day Blizzard struck.  And from the sounds of it, most of the schools are going to be closed …

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Jan 15

Race Report: Portland Winter Run

Jennie and I ran the Portland Winter Run this morning.  My friend Carrie got me hooked on the race 3 years ago and I couldn’t break tradition.  This is the first year that Jennie has joined me on this frozen endeavor though.  This run is ALWAYS cold.  Yes, I know it is winter time, but …

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Dec 02

Thursday Ramblings

Well, it has happened.  We got our first snow of the season.  Not much, but enough to cover the ground and bring traffic to a screeching halt.  I actually don’t might the cold and snow, so you won’t hear me complaining about too much.  There is something soothing about hearing the crunch of the snow …

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