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May 17

Three Things Thursday

K-Swiss Shoes Free shoes!!! Who doesn’t love free shoes? K-Swiss is one of the sponsors for the Michigan Titanium and they graciously gave each of the MiTi Champions a free pair of shoes. They are the K-Ona C’s and super comfortable. I haven’t yet gone for a run in them yet but I have worn …

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Oct 26

Power Outage

Apologies to anyone who may have tried to visit my blog today.  The weather has been crazy around here today and we lost power.  As an uber-geek, I host my blog from a computer in the basement, so when we lose power, the website goes down.  One of these days I’ll actually move it to …

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Oct 24

Gettin’ Dirty

Today, Jennie and tried something different for our run.  We went on a trail run.  We participated in The Dirty Herd’s Fall Classic.  The Dirty Herd is a trail running group in Grand Rapids and they were hosting a free event at Robinette’s.  The email announcing the event had the subject of “Let’s meet Sunday …

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Jun 21

The Agony of De-Feet*

Today’s topic – feet.  Both mine and Jennie’s.  Still there? Or did you run away yet?  I’d probably have run away. Well, if you are still there, two quick updates.  First, yesterday afternoon I managed to step on bee.  I’m not allergic to bee stings, but the bottom of my foot swelled up pretty good.  …

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Jan 10

Hurts So Good

I ache today.  It is a good ache.  That pushed myself to the limit and then kept going ache.  It was a good weekend though.  I finished up another tough week of training for my marathon schedule, and now I get to relax with a light week of training. Saturday Saturday morning was spent shopping.  …

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