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Mar 15

The Plan Reviewed

I finally had time to sit down and do a review of The Plan.  With the marathon now over a week in the past, it is probably a good time to reflect on what led up to the race. The Plan, for those that don’t remember, was based off of the book Advanced Marathoning by …

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Oct 30

Time Traveling: Part 1–Looking Back

This is first of a two part series called “Time Traveling.” This first post, Looking Back, will look back at my previous year of training and a even a bit further than that.  The second post, Looking Forward, will share my upcoming training plan and goals for the upcoming year. The Photo Book First off, …

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Aug 18

Product Reviews

Well, my training is winding down again in anticipation of another 70.3 – my third of the season.  So, rather than bore you with complaining about how much the taper sucks, I thought I would try and give you something useful – some product reviews.  Enjoy! Standard Product Review Disclaimer: All items were either purchased …

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Jun 24

Product Review: Speedo Endurance Jammer

I have been wanting to write a review for the Speedo Endurance Jammer for some time now and am finally getting around to it.  First off, Speedo is not (yet) paying me for this review, nor have they given me any free products (yet). Prior to buying the Speedo Endurance Jammer, I had tried a …

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May 12

Bike Store Reviews

With the repairs my bike needed, I had the opportunity to shop at a few different online bike stores and I wanted to share my experiences in case anyone is looking to upgrades or parts. First, a quick update on my training.  I think I am getting back into a groove after a lack luster …

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