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Apr 12

Three Photo Thursday

I’ve had the Steve Job biography on my Kindle for a while now, but just finally started it last week.  I’m nearly done with it already.  It is that good.  I highly recommend it to anyone even if you aren’t a techy geek like me. Easter candy is half off. Crap. Somehow this 42oz bag …

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Jan 16

The Return Period Has Expired

Well, it is official.  Bailey has now been a member of our family for a whole year.  That means that our one year time period to return him has expired. Ok, there really wasn’t a return period, but I had a tendency to tell him that we would return him if he wasn’t behaving.  He …

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Jan 03

2011 In Pictures

Totally stealing this idea from Katie (without the gratuitous ass shots of course). January Started off the year with the cold, cold, cold Portland Winter Run. Immediately after the Portland Winter Run, we headed off to adopt this little furry bundle of joy.  He has grown a bit since then, but will still sit any …

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Jun 15

Wedding Weekend

I’m finally catching up on both my blogging and my blog reading after a busy weekend.  My brother-in-law, Ryan, and new sister-in-law, Marie got married over the weekend, so we were out of town for all of the festivities.  When we got to the in-laws, we had a bit of time to kill.  So, I …

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