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Jun 15

Foto Friday


Out with the old…. And in with the new! While the old grill doesn’t look that bad, the entire interior (including the burner, flame guard, and grate) had almost completely rusted through. In fact, flames were shooting out the sides and bottom last time we fired it up (pun intended). We looked at just buying …

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Mar 16

Foto Friday: Don’t Laugh At Me


Yes, I know I look ridiculous, but they are making me wear this stupid thing: Bailey had some minor surgery yesterday to remove a mysterious lump on his hind leg.  We don’t find out until next week when the tests come back if lump is anything to worry about so we are remaining optimistic about …

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Feb 10

Foto Friday


This should be a Wordless Wednesday, but I actually had a post for Wednesday this week. I cleaned out/organized my box of nutrition.  I think I am set for this training season. Or at least the first month or two.  I am assuming that I am not alone in having a crap load of nutrition …

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