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Oct 07

Race Report: XTerra Grand Rapids

On Sunday I raced my first ever XTerra Triathlon. An XTerra Tri is a triathlon that incorporates mountain biking and trail running instead the traditional road racing. I was on the fence about doing this race until Jennie found me a contest to win a free entry. Only two people (myself and one other) entered …

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Oct 14

Crazy Bastarding

Part of my off season plan is to expand my horizons when it comes to biking. This means spending time with my new mountain bike; both on single track and cruising on the whatever dirt/gravel roads I can find. My hope is that I will find a good way to keep biking this winter without …

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Mar 27

Race Report: Barry-Roubaix

Saturday morning was my first ever bike race. Dubbed Barry-Roubaix: The Killer Gravel Road Race it was going to be my first venture into dirt/gravel road racing as well.  With over 1500 participants registered, it was sure to be an awesome event.  There were three distance available – a 62 mile, 36 mile, and 24 …

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Feb 21

Tutorial Tuesday: Chain & Cassette

The other week, I mentioned that I registered for my first dirt/gravel bike race, Barry-Roubaix. This meant that I would have to get my mountain bike cleaned up and race ready.  I got my mountain bike, a 2004 Trek 4300, as a 21st birthday present from my dad.  Since, then it has become my main …

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