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Nov 29

Three Things Thursday

2013 I have finally started to think about 2013 (at least a little) and even have signed up for a couple races. I have a friend that wants to try and Kona Qualify at the St. Croix 70.3 in May (they offer 30 Vegas slots and 30 Kona slots). I’m not up to racing, but …

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Feb 28

Testing the Toe

I ventured out on my first run since last Saturday’s Heart & Sole 5k today.  I hadn’t really planned on running until later this week, but it was a gorgeous day for a run; sunny with brilliant blue skies, and I couldn’t pass it up. After taping up my toe, I headed out on my …

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Feb 27

King of the Trainer

With my foot injury, I have been doing some serious biking – all on the trainer.  This week alone, I did 6 trainer rides totally 11 hours and 15 minutes.  This translates to roughly 210 miles.  I don’t yet have a bike computer for my new bike so I estimated the mileage based on a …

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Feb 13

We Interrupt the Previously Scheduled Training…

Warning: Ugly foot picture below. Just my luck.  The cold weather finally breaks with a heat wave of mid-30’s* (possibly even 40*) and I’m on the injured reserve list.  And not even with a cool injury that would leave me with a scar to tell stories about.  Instead, I was tripped by our dog.  Yep.  …

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Feb 12

Pain Free for 21 Miles

First off, a huge thanks to everyone who expressed concern, gave advice, and sent “good vibes” my way on overcoming my calf pain.  The general consensus was to foam roll, ice and rest, so I did a little of everything.  I foam rolled on both Wednesday and Thursday along with doing some extra stretches.  I …

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