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Jun 01

Hills Are For Heroes

Title courtesy of Red.  I had a hill workout today – 8 times up the dreaded Hall St. Hill.  It sucked.  But each time it sucked, I kept repeating “Hills are for heroes” to myself.  This run was for you Red! In case you don’t follow Red (or The Redhead, or Morgan, or any one …

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Apr 26

Bike Ride & Bailey

Whoa, whoa, whoa, is this two posts in two days? I know, I know, impressive, right?  Well, it probably isn’t as impressive if I tell you that I actually wrote both posts last night and just future-posted this one to space them out.  haha Well, it is now 5:50 and the 4:00 auto post never …

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Apr 03

Mother Nature You Are An Evil Temptress

Seriously, make up your mind, is it Spring or not?  If not, that’s cool (not really), but I’ll deal with it.  Just quit this wishy washy crap.  Today we had rain, snow, thunder, lightning, hail, and more rain.  What the hell?  It’s April! Yesterday, I had a great bike ride.  The weather was “eh”.  Not …

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Aug 31

Race Report: Breakwater Triathlon Half Ironman

Standard Race Report Warning: This, like all race reports, is very long.  Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy! First off, a huge “Thank you!” to all my blog/Facebook buddies and family out there cheering me on along the way!  It was so exciting to see all of your comments on Facebook after I finished.  …

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Aug 12

Bike Rides

I have had some great bike rides this week.  However, before I get into the details, I have to get something off my chest.  It bugs me to no end when I see cyclists deliberately breaking the rules of the road.  Today, for instance, I saw a bike who was stopped behind three cars at …

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