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Jan 07

Hawaii: Day 10—Surfing Safari

We are getting near the end of the trip.  This is actually going to be my last day summary post.  It is technically our second to last day, but the final day was mainly preparing to leave and heading home.  I’m going to do one more Hawaii post after this with my overall thoughts and …

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Jan 06

Hawaii: Day 9—Back to the Beach

I’m finally getting back to wrapping up our Hawaii vacation.  Work has been crazy and I have been using any free time I can find for training, so blogging has taken a backseat. Luckily, the final days of our trip were fairly laid back and we did as little as possible so that we could …

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Jan 02

Hawaii: Day 8–Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

Today was a nice laid back day.  We thought about going back up to the North Shore as the tournament was going to be one today.  However, after talking to one of the locals, we decided against it.  Apparently the traffic is horrendous during the tournament and it sounded like we would spend most of …

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Dec 31

Hawaii: Day 7–The North Shore

We woke up early on Tuesday in hopes of making it up to the North Shore to watch the Pipe Masters Surf Tournament.  However, after we woke up, we checked the surf report and a looked like they would not be competing today.  Each morning they determine whether or not they will be competing based …

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Dec 29

Hawaii: Day 6-Pearl Harbor and Hiking

Pearl Harbor Today was Pearl Harbor day.  Based on everything we read and were told, it was suggested that we go first thing in the morning in order to avoid the crowds.  So, around 7:00AM we headed off.  Even though it was only about 15 miles away, we had to deal with rush hour traffic …

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