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Aug 13

Obligatory Goals & Tracking Post

We are getting even closer to race day so time to put my goals down on paper the Internet. I have some pretty ambitious goals for this race and I am feeling both mentally and physically ready to knock it out of the park. Swim 1:00 – 1:05: I swam a 1:07 at IMWI which …

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Jan 26

Three Things Thursday

#1 I’m already getting a great start on knocking off the items on my Seven Things I Will Do in 2012. Two down and it isn’t even February yet.  First, I obtained a piano and have started to refresh my skillz. I am surprised at what knowledge I have semi-retained.  There are some songs that …

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Jan 01

2011 Wrap Up

Well, 2011 is in the books, so I guess that means it is time for the annual goals wrap up post. First things first.  Jennie and I wrapped up 2011 in a pretty casual manor.  We did the annual Resolution Run and then laid low for the rest of the day relaxing and sharing a …

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Nov 07

Goals and Decisions

First off, congrats to everyone (KC, Jennifer, Bruce, Frayed Laces, CouplaHounds) who raced IMFL yesterday and to Training Payne for representing Canada at the ITU Worlds! I loved following your progress all day. So, with less than 2 months to go in 2011, I decided to look back at my goals for the year.  I …

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Sep 06

Ironman Wisconsin Goals

Time for the obligatory goals post. Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change this at anytime between now and midnight on Sunday. Swim: 1:10 Basis: I have done the full 2.4 miles multiple times during training, both in the pool and in the water. My fastest time was 1:04 and my slowest was 1:07. In …

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