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Mar 08

The Great Country of Texas

I finally had some time to sit down and recap our time in the Great Country of Texas.  It’s a long one with lots of pictures, so enjoy!  I know there is a lot of joking about Texas being its own country, but after visiting, I totally get it. They are definitely their own entity.  …

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Feb 08

Super (Bowl) Weekend

It is Wednesday and I am finally catching up from this past weekend. Yep. It was that crazy.  It was a whole lot of fun though.  Jennie and I went to Cincinnati to hang out with a couple of friends for the Super Bowl.  One of my good friends Matt (who you might remember from …

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Oct 05

A Little of Everything

Has it really been nearly 2 weeks since my last post? Yikes. Well between work and life, it has been pretty crazy around here.  New Blog Layout First things first.  If you are reading through Google Reader, you may not have noticed, but I have revamped the layout of the blog complete with new header …

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Feb 28

Bricks and Beer

Saturday was my first brick session this year.  In one aspect, I was looking forward to it because it signaled that training is well under way and the racing season is just around the corner.  On the other hand, I was dreading the fact that it is still winter and I would have to do …

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