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May 15

Race Report: River Bank Run

On Saturday, I ran my 8th River Bank Run 25k in a row. It seems sort of silly to write a full race report about it like I have done in the past (here, here, and here) though. So, I’ll try and keep it brief. We did the whole expo thing on Friday which is …

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Mar 05

Race Report: The Woodlands Marathon

Or….. The bittersweet PR Or….. Venturing into The Great Country of Texas Or….. 12 F&@*ing seconds!!!!!!!!! I’ll come back and write about our entire weekend in The Great Country of Texas but for now I’m just going to focus on the main event; The Woodlands Marathon. First off, I just want to thank everyone for …

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Dec 14

Lots of Winter Fun

Lots of stuff to catch up on.  Sit back and enjoy. Christmas Tree The weekend before last, Jennie, Bailey and I ventured out to find the perfect Griswold Neumann family Christmas Tree. As in previous years, we headed out to Vormittag Tree Farm to pick one out.  It was a bit rainy but that didn’t …

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Oct 05

A Little of Everything

Has it really been nearly 2 weeks since my last post? Yikes. Well between work and life, it has been pretty crazy around here.  New Blog Layout First things first.  If you are reading through Google Reader, you may not have noticed, but I have revamped the layout of the blog complete with new header …

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Jul 25

Broken Workouts

Finally catching up after a great weekend.  It was a strange one workout wise as nothing seemed to want to work as planned. With weather interfering and motivation on the verge of breaking me I had to move things around in order to get everything in. Friday First off, I had a long swim at …

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