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Oct 14

Crazy Bastarding

Part of my off season plan is to expand my horizons when it comes to biking. This means spending time with my new mountain bike; both on single track and cruising on the whatever dirt/gravel roads I can find. My hope is that I will find a good way to keep biking this winter without …

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Aug 06

Double Metric Ride

Well, the vacation post is still coming – I promise.  I’ll eventually get it finished. In the meantime, I wanted to post about my bike Saturday brick workout. I had a 6 hour ride scheduled and 45 minute run scheduled.  I realized Friday night that I had a typo in the electronic version of my …

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Jul 17

Ride Report: Holland Hundred

On Saturday, I started my day off riding the Holland Hundred bike tour.  This was my first year participating in the event which draws nearly 1,500 cyclists for the 18, 36, 67, and 100 mile loops. My training plan had a schedule 1h15 minute/30m brick planned. So, I chose the 100 mile loop.  Makes sense …

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Nov 07

It Is All Jon’s Fault

Today started off like any other Sunday – nice and laid back.  After my long run, I had planned on taking it easy.  And then Jon posted this picture on his blog: The first time Jon posted about donuts, I was able to restrain myself.  It was just a fleeting mention of his love of …

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Oct 07

Checking In

Now that it is the off season (for triathlons at least), there isn’t much to write about.  Plus, my workload seems to be ever increasing without an end in sight.  Oh well, job security, right? Beer Run Jennie and I did our 3rd beer run on Tuesday at the Corner Bar in Rockford.  This was …

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