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May 09

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Hi there. Long time, no talk. Don’t worry, everything is good, I’m just super busy. I picked up a side job doing some extra development work and that is consuming most of my free time. Rest assured I am still doing plenty of training. Last night I finished up my 6th straight day of riding …

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Feb 21

Tutorial Tuesday: Chain & Cassette

The other week, I mentioned that I registered for my first dirt/gravel bike race, Barry-Roubaix. This meant that I would have to get my mountain bike cleaned up and race ready.  I got my mountain bike, a 2004 Trek 4300, as a 21st birthday present from my dad.  Since, then it has become my main …

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Nov 22

Bike Help

After my bike ride today, I decided to give my bike a much needed cleaning.  However, while cleaning it I discovered that it is making some less than pleasant noises.  So, I am hoping that some of the bike people out there can help me diagnose the problem and save me a trip to the …

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Sep 21

Return to Running

First off, a quick update on the new 201Ironman blog.  I accidentally mistyped my email address on the About page for joining 201Ironman.  Oops!  If you got your email rejected, the correct email address is kevin.neumann@gmail.com.  Apologies! Moving on to a training update. Now that the triathlon season is over, I have begun to focus …

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May 12

Bike Store Reviews

With the repairs my bike needed, I had the opportunity to shop at a few different online bike stores and I wanted to share my experiences in case anyone is looking to upgrades or parts. First, a quick update on my training.  I think I am getting back into a groove after a lack luster …

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