May 30

Nate Update

I haven’t been inspired to write much about my training. It is happening. It is going pretty good. First race is next weekend. I’m feeling ready-ish. I feel like each individual discipline is solid, but don’t know how they are all going to meld together at this point. But other than that, it gets boring to write about the same old same old. So, how about an update on baby Nate?

We are at 37.5 weeks – the home stretch so to speak. Jennie and Nate are both doing great. Jennie is absolutely adorable pregnant and looks like she swallowed a watermelon. Nate is passing all of his doctors appointments with flying colors. And when he isn’t sleeping, he is kicking the crap out of Jennie. It is amazing to be able to watch from across the room as he kicks and moves around.

The nursery is finally completed. It has been 100% functionally complete for a while now, but we wanted to put a few final touches on the room which we did in the past couple of weeks.

2013-03-10 09.38.562013-05-30 19.53.37

Once the walls were painted, Jennie got to work painting the wall quote. We chose an Irish lullaby to go above his crib.  We used an LCD projector to project the quote on the wall and then Jennie used paint pens to paint it on the wall.

2013-03-12 12.56.39

We ended up going through 10 paint pens to copy the entire quote, but it was worth it don’t you think?

2013-03-30 09.21.49

The next project was to repaint a rocking chair for Nate. The chair came from Jennie’s parents and is the rocking chair that she was rocked in as a baby. We wanted to freshen it up with a new coat of paint though.

2013-05-02 07.59.502013-05-30 06.55.20

I used some of the extra spray paint to paint some letters that Jennie picked up. The funny thing is that Jennie had originally bought the letters “E”, “A”, “T” with the intention of hanging them in the dining room. Then she found an “N” and with a quick rearrangement, we had some art for Nate’s room.

2013-05-30 06.55.53
Recognize the shoes?

We got Nate’s dresser from Jennie’s parents and, like the rocking chair, was hers growing up. I added the changing table to the top. Rather than just put the changing pad on top (which was bound to slide all around under a squirming baby), I built a frame that will help hold it in place.

photo (12)

The next project was a bookcase. It came from my grandpa and just needed a fresh coat of white paint. Nate better like to read because he sure has a lot of books already. And I have a feeling that he and Jennie will be making plenty of trips up to the library.

2013-05-30 19.55.24

One of the final touches we did this week was hang some art that Jennie had been working on. The blue ultrasound picture was a a Mother’s Day gift to Jennie (from me). I got the idea from this site, but figured I could make one cheaper myself. Thanks to a Facebook deal on a canvas print, it was much cheaper than having it made.

2013-05-30 06.56.26


And finally, Nate is all ready to run. We just got a jogging stroller (a BOB Revolution SE) from my dad. We also got Nate’s first pair of Saucony running shoes from a friend of ours. I think he is ready to go!

2013-05-29 14.41.45

photo (11)

Now we just play the waiting game… June 15th is the due date. Anyone have any guesses on when he will actually arrive???

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  1. DR

    Lots going on!
    I will never let my wife see your site and all these projects you guys do
    I can barely find the time to mow the lawn

  2. Matt Smith

    Dude! Nate will be here before you know it! I can’t wait! The room looks awesome, and so does Jennie. Cool stroller! I’m sure you’ll get some good runs in it. I couldn’t wait to take Caff with me.

    Good luck with your race coming up. I’ll be lookin’ for a race report! 🙂
    Matt Smith recently posted..My Name Is What?

  3. Michelle Swift

    You two are awesome!
    Love all the DIY and meaningful family furniture pieces!

    Nate’s a lucky little guy!

  4. Colleen

    I knew that we would all get along well – there are so many little touches that you did to Nate’s nursery that remind me of things we did for Abigail. These two little ones are blessed! The nursery looks awesome!!! And so glad that you got the BOB! That’s a huge gift, isn’t it?

    Jennie looks amazing and we are so excited for you both! Such a fun time for all of us, huh?

  5. Barbara

    We are in awe of you and Jennie. What creative, beautiful and meaningful things you have done in preparation for this baby! I love it all but especially love the lullaby above his crib. (I can remember that song from my childhood.) Put me down as predicting June 21st since the first one is often late, but what do I know?

    Great stuff, Kevin.

  6. Grandpa Neumann

    Very nice you two. This is such a very exciting time for you. I’m predicting an early arrival (unlike you Kevin). Friday, June 14th!

  7. TriMOEngr

    Your wife looks so beautiful in all of the pics. The nursery is lovely and the little decorating touches and repurposed furniture is great. I will suggest you get a cushion for the chair as for the first couple of weeks a hard seat will not be particularly welcome. I’m going to put my money on June 7th. Will be here before you know it. Make sure you take her out for at least one more date night.
    TriMOEngr recently posted..Nerves Getting To Me?

  8. Viper

    Nice work on the nursery. Monday, the wife and I are heading out to IKEA with her parents to buy baby furniture, which means I get to spend the weekend clearing out the soon-to-be former guest room. Glad all is going well. Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..Flashback Friday: Dirty Hipsters

  9. Great Grandma

    Nice work. Thanks for posting these pictures. They should be in a magazine, I know fixing the nursery was a labor of love. I am guessing Nates’s birthday at June 20th..

  10. lindsay

    June 12! Do I win that road bike finally? 🙂

    Nursery looks great! Glad to hear everyone is doing well in the final few days/weeks.
    lindsay recently posted..Chasing the Geriatrics

  11. Morgan

    You guys have been busy! Love it all! So excited for Nate to arrive!
    Morgan recently posted..Stiltsville

  12. Mandy

    HEY!! Sorry I am so slow at checking things out but WOW!! That quote is amazing!!! AND it looks so awesome above the crib!!! Jennie is freaking adorable. Nate’s room looks so amazing!! I love all the personal touches!

    Thinking of you guys!!
    Mandy recently posted..Wagging Wednesday: Buddies

  13. Ellen

    So….where’s the update? Can’t wait to hear how things are going!
    You all did a great job on the nursery. Love all the DIY!
    Ellen recently posted..Buzzfeed Tribute: 30 Signs You’re Almost 30

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