Mar 18

Week 1 Done

I am not really intending on doing weekly summaries (been there, done that), but I at least wanted to do one for the first week of training as a way of officially getting back in the groove.

I mixed around some of my workouts to fit my work schedule, but I managed to get all my workouts in. Overall, I felt great doing the workouts. My hardest day was a bike and swim back to back which is actually something I have never done before. Let’s just say, I am very glad the swim is the first leg of the race.

For my weekly speed work, I did the Irish Jig 5k – an annual tradition. The start is only a mile away and they have nice swag (tech shirt and pint glass) so it is hard to pass up. It is crazy how much of a difference a year makes though. Last year it was 70* at the start and I wore shorts and a t-shirt. This year it was a feels like temp of 18*. Brrrrr!

Last year vs. this year. Hello Nate (and nipples).

As 5k’s go, this is a bit of a tough course only because the first mile is all down hill and then the 2nd mile is all up hill. That means you get flying out of the gate faster than you should and then have to hold on for dear life. To add to the pain, this year we had a headwind for the entire 2nd mile.

I picked a bad starting position and spent the first half mile weaving and trying to get in a good position. Never the less, I ended up finishing in 19:45 (43 seconds slower than last year) good enough for 11th out of 211 in my age group. Considering I recently recovered from the plague flu, I really happy with the outcome. It is right where I had hoped to be at the start.

After finishing, I walked back to the start line with Jennie for her race. Men’s and women’s races are separate because it is such a big race – 4700 racers this year. I jumped in and ran with her for part of the race too. It was great to run with Jennie and Nate. We also got to see a friend who did IMMT out there (24 weeks pregnant) kicking butt too.

Later that afternoon I wrapped up the day’s workouts with a 2:40 trainer ride. We had Skyfall from Netflix so I hooked up a projector I have from work and watched that while I rode. Jennie and Bailey got the comfy spot on the futon. My legs were toast after an hour and the rest was a struggle.



Finally, you may have seen on FB that my Grandpa passed away this past week. Thank you very much for everyone who left a comment, texted, email, etc.. It really means a lot. While he was in an assisted living center, he went quicker than anyone foresaw. However, he did go peacefully and on his own terms. He was a great man and will remain in our hearts forever.


159 Days. The countdown is back on the sidebar.

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  1. Kristin

    I’m so sorry about your grandpa 🙁 I somehow missed that on FB. Hugs to you and your family.

  2. Derek

    I am very sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Condolences.

    and now in one week you have matched my longest continuous trainer ride
    Im planning to cram once the snow melts!

  3. Scott

    Figures, I just cancelled Netflix because of the lame movies they provide and they offer a long good one.

    I did 3 hours on the trainer, saved up my DVR, watched the new Big Bang Theory, Biggest Loser, Vikings (highly recommend, on History channel) and Inside Combat Rescue (on Nat Geo, another highly recommended show)

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
    Scott recently posted..How Can I Even Consider This Training??

  4. Matt Smith

    I’m sorry for your loss of a good man. Jesus is coming again, soon, and we’ll be reunited with all our loved ones!!!

    Great job on the 5k! That’s a fantastic time, if you ask me! For a minute, I wondered if that was a pic from Matty O’s Blue Balls and GLASS CUTTERS 5k. 🙂 The tit-ometer looks like it was reading about 18 degrees!

    Skyfall is one long movie. I would have picked something shorter, but then again, you are an Ironman and know what it takes. Maybe I should watch some longer movies…or just ride outside!!! Come down to the South for some warm-weather riding!!!

    Nate and Jennie are looking fantastic! I can’t wait for you guys!
    Matt Smith recently posted..Reality Check

  5. Colleen

    I’m so glad that you are feeling better! 🙂 Looks like you had a strong first week back at the long training stuff!

    Love that you and Jennie and Nate ran the 5k. I can’t fathom running in 18* though. I’m such a wuss. It was 75 on Saturday and Sunday here. hehe

    How was Skyfall?

    I’m glad to hear that your grandpa went peacefully and on his terms. That’s all we can ask for in life. He’ll be watching over you guys forever!

  6. Carolina John

    Wow that’s a huge 5k! You’d have to walk 5k just to get to the starting line if you started at the back of the pack. absurd. Sorry about your grandfather too. They always seem to leave us too soon. Losing my grandfathers is the reason I run today (heart disease and lung cancer)
    Carolina John recently posted..The Week Before

  7. Marie

    I have been looking up Ironman Nutrition for my up and coming ironman and came across your blog (which was a link to one I have been following from someone in Florida). It caught my attention because I am also shooting for the goal of completeing an ironman before I turn 30 (which has now turned into while I am still 30 due to career licensing exam timing). However, upon reading your most recent posts I saw the Grand Rapids events listed on your timeline. I currently am living in Jacksonville Florida, but grew up in Grand Rapids. I am shooting to be at the Augusta Half as well. Thanks for the updates to training, curious what your take was on eating throughout the race.

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