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Three Things Tuesday

I’m Sick (In my most pathetic Sheldon Cooper-esq voice)

I finally have a few minutes to post an update. Why? Well, because I am laid up sick. I woke up with a sore throat on Friday. On Saturday, I slogged through an 11 mile run, which at the time seemed to help, but was probably a bad idea. I then stood around in the cold while volunteering at a race that afternoon. I finally threw in the towel on Sunday halfway through a 3 hour cycling class. I didn’t necessarily feel bad, I just had zero energy. Monday, I still had zero energy but thought I was on the mend. Unfortunately I took a giant leap backwards last night/this morning. I actuall took my first ever sick day at work after having worked at the same company for over 11 years. It basically boiled down to the fact that I was up all night coughing and barely slept. Not pleasant at all. I started running a fever today which is just crazy because I can’t even remember the last time I had a fever since I so rarely get sick.

It is looking like days completely off from training today and tomorrow. Here’s to hoping I am back as a productive member of society by Thursday.

Moving on Up Down

Despite being sick, I was able to finish off my new basement office space and get moved in over the weekend (yes, I’m sure I probably should have just rested but it isn’t in my DNA).  I started this project after finishing up the bathroom and it ended being a bit more involved than planned. Initially, I had planned on just getting up the walls and drywall. However, a good deal on some laminate flooring prompted me to go all out turn it into a full blow office space. I still need to put in a drop ceiling, but will wait for the ceiling tiles to go on sale.

I’ve only worked down there one day but I think it is going to make for a great space. It nearly double the size of my previous space which means I have more room to store some of tri gear. I definitely need to buy a space heater though as it was hovering below 60* yesterday. Once summer gets here though, it is going to be nice and cool in the summer heat.

Baby Nate Update

Getting my office moved was step 1 in prepping for Nate’s nursery as he is taking over my former space. With my stuff moved out, there shouldn’t be too much to do other than repaint and decorate. Fingers crossed that will be my last big project for a while.

Jennie is doing great with the pregnancy. She looks super cute with her bump and continues to run. Things definitely seem to be getting more difficult for her (getting up from a seat, bending over, etc.) but she is a real trooper and has a great sense of humor about it. She has to have a great sense of humor though when I jump into the room, shake her belly, and say, “And Jennie’s getting laaarrrrrggggeeerrr.” (If you don’t get that joke, watch this).

We started the craziness of shopping and putting together a registry last weekend. Somehow, I still don’t quite know how, I managed to make it out of Babies ‘R Us in one piece. Epic craziness. So much stuff – much of it useless IMHO.

We have one more monthly checkup and then our bi-weekly checkups start. That means that we are wrapping up the 2nd trimester. Not only that, but a lot of the prep classes Jennie signed us up for will be kicking off.

Bring it on T3!

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  1. Matt Smith

    I’m sorry you’re sick, buddy! I hardly get sick too, but I bet it was from all the work that you’ve been doing around the house coupled with business of training and life that got ya. That 11 miler probably didn’t help too much followed by being in the cold.

    Great work on the office! That thing is sweet! The flooring really puts a finished look to it. Way to be!

    I cracked up with that belly joke! I had to watch to video to get it, but it’s really funny. Nate is going to be here before you know it! Enjoy the classes.
    Matt Smith recently posted..Slow Down! (Pic Dump)

  2. Beth

    Sorry you are under the weather. I hope Jennie is singing “Soft Kitty” for you. Hope you get well soon!
    Beth recently posted..American Bicycle Group

  3. Scott

    “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Furrrrrrrr!!!!”

    I am in the same boat as you, I have been off my feet for 4 almost 5 days now, it sucks, feel better soon.

    Nice work on the office, it looks really nice
    Scott recently posted..Question of the Week: To Train or Not to Train While Sick?

  4. Morgan

    The new office looks great! You guys are in super-duper revamp mode huh?! What are you, pregnant? 🙂

    Glad to hear Jennie continues to feel well. Keep taking good care of her and enough with the belly shaking, you want to give poor Nate SBS?!?!? (I kid, I kid)

    Feel better whiner. 😛
    Morgan recently posted..Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

  5. TriMOEngr

    Being sick sucks. Love the work on your office space. We really need to redo our home office, but it is on the perpetual back burner. Excited to see how the nursery turns out.
    TriMOEngr recently posted..Awesome Weekend

  6. Michelle

    Boooo to being sick but you have to hand to yourself 11 years and no real sick days—you are an IRONMAN 🙂

    Hope you’re on the up and up I know of a jig and a beer run coming soon!

  7. Colleen

    I hope you are feeling better! 🙁

    Man, that basement turned office looks amazing! You did such a great job with it! Now on to pictures of Nate’s room please! 🙂

  8. Carolina John

    That basement remodel turned out great! It’s so nice to have a good dedicated office space that is away from the rest of the family areas. You don’t want to be on a conference call with the purple devil playing in the background (been there). Good call.
    Carolina John recently posted..ready to sleep

  9. Derek

    Hope you are better or getting there by now!
    just wait til your little one is around other kids at pre school and school = all kinds of different germs…prepare to get some of that!

    nice job on the projects…I always feel like such a loser when you post Sh*t like this! lol


  10. lindsay

    i’m impressed. i went to BRU once to buy a gift for a friend and got lost. i swear i was in there for an hour trying to find things on the registry.
    lindsay recently posted..Pain in the Rear: A Diagnosis

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