Feb 04

It’s a Boy!

Last Wednesday, Jennie and I had the exciting opportunity to meet our little guy for the first time during her ultrasound. We found what we had both already guessed, that we are having a little boy – Nathan Michael. However, we had to keep the lid on it because Jennie was planning a gender reveal party for this past weekend with the family.

We had one of the most in depth ultrasounds ever and it was totally awesome. The sonographer was training an assistant during our ultrasound so she was explaining what she was doing the whole time. So we learned exactly what she was looking for, why she was looking for it, and things to keep an eye out for. Thankfully, our little guy passed with flying colors!

I bet our sonographer took close to 100 pictures during the hour we were there. She was really particular about getting the best possible shots and you could tell that not only was she good at her job, but she loved doing it. We ended up with about 20 pictures to take home of little Nathan.

photo 1
Five fingers!

photo 3
What do you think? Looks like a pretty strong leg for a triathlete doesn’t it?

photo 4

photo 5
All tired out after all the attention.

We managed to keep the secret until the party yesterday. Our parents, grandparents, and siblings joined us for lunch at our house. The “big reveal” was to be hidden inside cupcakes that Jennie made. Each one was filled with blue frosting. So, after lunch, everyone took one and on the count 3 (or 2 in the case of some people), we all took a bite!


Can’t wait to meet you in person Nathan! 19 weeks to go!

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  1. Scott

    Congrats to the both of you!!
    Scott recently posted..IT IS TIME!!!

  2. lindsay

    congrats for the 90354th time! 🙂 disappointed it’s not a madison the olympian but i suppose nathan can be an olympian too. keep him off the ‘roids though, k?
    lindsay recently posted..Getting My Rear in Gear

  3. Lisa

    awwwww. congrats!
    Lisa recently posted..A Few Lessons from a Solo Run

  4. Matt Smith

    WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Man, I’m so glad you guys got a really fantastic ultrasound, especially since you only get this one. I’m so happy for you, buddy! I know a girl would have been cool, but having a boy freaking rocks! Just watch out for “him” while changing his diaper. He’s a good lookin’ dude, too, with that big grin! You’re going to be such a great dad, and I can’t wait to meet Nathan!!!
    Matt Smith recently posted..The Back-Burner Blog

  5. Heather O

    =) So happy for you guys!

  6. Morgan

    EEK!!!!!!!! I was seriously restraining myself from emailing you on Wednesday to see if you’d tell me! So excited for you guys!
    Morgan recently posted..Embrace The Suck

  7. Carolina John

    Cool! Looks like you’ve got a strong cyclist there. I can’t believe I guessed correctly last night. Very happy for you both.
    Carolina John recently posted..A Roaring Start

  8. Sarah F

    Congrats! Looks like you’ve got a little athlete in training. Good luck with your remaining weeks. The time will fly by!

  9. Colleen

    Ohhh… I just got the chills! I love this! And the pictures of Nathan are AMAZING! I am so glad that you guys had such a great experience… you’ve been patiently waiting for this day so I’m glad that it was extra super special!

    How did the grandparents react?

  10. TriMOEngr

    Congrats! Having a son is pretty awesome (well, until they are as big as you and full of pre-teen attitude anyway). He’s looking quite strong with that leg shot. Jennie looks great with her cute little bump. We didn’t find out with either of ours. My husband wanted the surprise.
    TriMOEngr recently posted..@TeamVirtus #SuperCentury

  11. Derek

    crazy ultrasound pics


  12. onelittlejill

    Fabulous photos! It is amazing how much you get to see! You both glow 🙂
    onelittlejill recently posted..Quick Pop Quiz

  13. Mandy

    HOLY CRAP THAT IS AWESOME!! What fabulous photos!!! I have never seen ultrasound photos like that!!

    Look at Jenny’s cute baby bump!! You both look so great – I am so happy for you both!!!
    Mandy recently posted..Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic Race Report

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