Jan 28

Frostbite Marathon Relay 2013

Well, the rumor is true. After being on the run for almost 2 full years, we were caught and spent some time in the slammer, the joint, the click, the big house if you will. We escaped though, and as a group, The Repeat Offenders were on the run!

Our mug shots weren’t that pretty, but what do you expect before 8AM?


2013-01-27 07.54.40 2013-01-27 07.55.28 2013-01-27 07.55.46 2013-01-27 07.56.02
IronDaddy Bandit Smuggler Spike The 3rd Jen
2013-01-27 07.56.17 2013-01-27 07.56.44 2013-01-27 07.56.24 2013-01-27 07.59.53
Cheesey Red Short Stuff Cell Splitter

That’s right. This past weekend, we embarked on our 2nd Frostbite Marathon Relay. Our first one was back in 2011. Red and Spike came back as returning members, but we recruited four new fresh faces for our team; Donna and Rachel (friends from my RunGR group) and Jen B and Nichole (friends of Red and Spike). And just like last time, we had a blast!

2013-01-27 07.54.08

With an 8 person team, everyone’s relay legs were fairly short. However, because of the casual format of the event, nearly everyone took the opportunity to share a leg with someone and run multiple legs. So, I got to run my leg and then run with Jennie on her leg right after mine.

2013-01-27 08.09.36

And we’re off!

It was a much bigger crowd than previous years as they increased the number of allowed teams this time.

2013-01-27 08.32.31

A quick pic between mine and Jennie’s relay legs.

2013-01-27 08.57.09

Finishing off leg number.

2013-01-27 08.57.17

Donna’s turn! 

Yes, our team “baton” was a pair of fuzzy handcuffs – not ours, and unused (or so we were told…). haha.

2013-01-27 08.59.23

Donna and Rachel shared the load and ran both of their legs together as well to get in a solid run.

2013-01-27 10.05.56-1

Donna was getting tired though and had to be dragged in.

2013-01-27 10.41.392013-01-27 10.36.44-1

My crazy buddy Miguel ran the whole relay by himself. That is just selfish!

2013-01-27 10.42.10

Two of our three Jen’s headed out. Red actually ran 3 relay legs because she is hardcore.

2013-01-27 11.09.10-1

Nichole running from the law.

2013-01-27 12.04.22

Spike was our anchor leg again this year so we waited for him to finish up.

2013-01-27 12.04.36

And then ran in together as a team.

All in all, it was an absolute blast!! See you again next Frostbite!

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  1. Brent

    That looks like an absolute blast. I love the team theme. The gears in my head are just turning and turning thinking of ideas I would have for team themes if I could put that many people together.
    Brent recently posted..Hey La Hey La The Bigfoot’s Back

  2. Colleen

    That looks like fun… besides the cold weather. I’ve become such a cold weather wuss. 🙂

  3. Matt Smith

    BUSTED! You guys looked great! Those mugshots are priceless. Little Newmann is already putting races under his/her belt. I agree with Colleen…I’m a cold weather pansy!
    Matt Smith recently posted..The Back-Burner Blog

  4. Morgan

    I love your lead-in, far more creative than mine! Had a blast, once again with you guys, thanks for getting us all together. Donna and Rachel were so fun, tell them both thanks again for joining in on the fun. And you opened those handcuffs thankyouverymuch, so you know they weren’t used! Ha!
    Morgan recently posted..Frostbite Marathon Relay Race Recap

  5. Carolina John

    Cool! What a fun time in the extreme cold.

  6. Scott

    Brrrrrr!!!! Looks cold to me!! Glad everyone had fun

  7. Jeff Irvin

    Jennie looks like a badass! You look like you are staring in the Hangover 3! haha

  8. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    These pics and the pics from today remind me of why I will not live up North if I have a choice. That sh*t looks cold but it also looks like you had a great time.

    Warmed up with hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps?
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..5 Most Popular Stories Of January: Cauliflower Pizza Crust, Ingredients and Carrot Cake Waffles

  9. Michelle Swift

    Whoah, those are some real mug shots! Love the names especially “short stuff”—that might stick 🙂

    Cheers to Frostbite!

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