Sep 29

Random Updates

A quick check of the blog shows I have not posted since the 13th. Whoops. I guess I have been keeping busy and just having too much fun.

First things first. I added a new bike to the collection this past week. I bought a Scott Scale Team 29er. I have been wanting a 29er since this past spring when I did my first gravel road races. That desire intensified this fall as I started doing more gravel riding and venturing into the world of single track.

Photo Sep 27, 4 57 45 PM

Speaking of mountain biking, I had my first crash last week. This was on my old bike and I didn’t ruin the bike or anything but I really wrenched my shoulder in the process. While it hurt initially, at the same time, I couldn’t wait to get back on the bike and figure out what I did wrong so I didn’t do it again. This is one of the reason why I waiting until after tri season to branch out though.

My off season plan is to simply have fun. I’ve cut my training load back a bit but am still doing one, if not two, activities every day. Just not as long or as fast as during “official” training. I’ve cut back my swimming to only 2 days a week instead of 3 mainly to force myself to take a break. What I do each day sort of depends on what everyone else is doing. If there is a group going out riding, I’ll do that. A running group going out, I’ll tag along. I am trying to add in some strength/core workouts into my routine though. Stronger = Faster.

That said, I do have The Grand Rapids Marathon coming up in October. This year, I am doing something different. I’ll be running with My Team Triumph this year. What is My Team Triumph?

2012-05-12 10.59.31
A myTEAM TRIUMPH team at the River Bank Run 25k earlier this year.

“With myTEAM TRIUMPH – West Michigan Chapter, disabled participants get to do it all! They get to "Captain" a team of "Angels" through an entire race, guaranteeing them their moment of glory as they cross that finish line that so many of us just take for granted." Our Angels build amazing friendships with the Captains, accomplish goals beyond their wildest dreams, and in the end have a once in a life time experience.” (from http://www.mttwestmichigan.org/)

If you are interesting in donating to this great cause, feel free to visit my donation page here. As an “Angel”, I will receive no reimbursement for race fees, travel, etc. (Full Disclosure: Some “Angels” do receive free entry into races depending on the race’s policy. I am already registered as a “lifetime entrant” to the Grand Rapids Marathon so my registration is already paid for personally.) Donations primarly go to providing the “Captains” with race fees and purchasing equipment (strollers, boats, bike carriers, etc) for the teams. More information about the donation policy can be found here.

I got in my longest run since IMMT as part of my training. I ended with 19-ish miles this morning with a good group of friends. My stupid Garmin died after 16.5 miles. I am thinking the battery needs to be replaced which unfortunately is not an easily task because it is soldered in place and not meant to be replaced. I figure that I may take a shot at replacing the battery knowing that if it goes horribly wrong, I’ll have to replace the watch. The simplicity of the Forerunner 10 intrigues me and I have a gift certificate to the local running shop laying around.

Photo Sep 29, 7 37 32 PM

Last weekend’s Notre Dame’s win over Michigan was just what I needed. It has been a rough past couple of years.

We are making slow but gradual progress on the bathroom remodel. Demo took longer than planned and I have been taking my time to make sure I am doing things right. We have a second bathroom so there is no huge rush to finish it (other than the hole in the side of the house where the window will go). It is a lot of work, but I enjoy doing it. I’d rather learn how to do it myself than pay someone else to do it for me.

Photo Sep 29, 5 27 11 PM

While the current big house project is the bathroom, my dad had some free time this weekend so he helped me finish off the shed. All that was left was the soffit and trim. All it needs now is a 2nd coat of paint on the trim and a cement stoop in front of the door. I do have to say that the shed does look pretty stellar with the colors Jennie picked! She is the painter of this project. I hate painting.

ND vs Pitt in 2010. I love this place.

I am super excited to have Jason come visit in November to go to his first Notre Dame football game. The Irish are playing Pittsburgh which is always a good game. I plan on taking plenty of pictures of (and mocking) the frozen Texan suffering through a Midwest winter.

I won my first ever Stop Ahead Sign Sprint during a Speed Merchants ride on Thursday. The fact that some of the faster riders happened to be riding their mountain bikes that night does not diminish this at all. At ALL!

I did the Le Tour de Donut race last weekend. What is a donut race? Well it is a race where you get 3 minutes deducted from your final time for each donut you eat. I opted for the 16.5 mile mountain bike course. I made the rookie mistake of both getting lost and only eating 2 donuts (the minimum). Nevertheless, I had a blast and had a great first ever mountain bike race.

I had a fun day of running yesterday. I had to help a family member move a car so I planned my run so that I could run to their car, drive to their house later in the day and then run home. I ended up with about 9 miles for the day and it was fun to do a couple of one way runs and break it up. It is so nice to be unstructured and just do what works.

I think that is all for now. I’m hoping to back next week to blog some more about my mountain biking adventures.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Matt Smith

    First, your shed looks amazing! Nice work there, Bob Villa!

    Second, you’re the man for keeping up your “training” in the off season. Nice work on keeping your level of endurance for next year.

    Third, SWEET BIKE! That thing is awesome, and I know you’ll have a blast on it.

    Lastly, Team Triumph looks like such an awesome thing. Thanks for being so generous to help someone else. You’re a good man, Kevin!
    Matt Smith recently posted..7 Bridges, Here I Come!

  2. Trish

    a donut race?? sign me up !!
    Trish recently posted..where I’ve been

  3. Colleen

    I think the way you are running the GR Marathon is AWESOME. Wow… what an experience for everyone – one you definitely won’t ever forget! Like Matt said, you are a good man Kevin!!! 🙂

    The shed looks awesome.

    Oh my gosh… I just pictured Jason in the cold in November. Hahaha… poor guy. He’s going to need hand and feet warmers FOR SURE!

    How did you only eat 2 doughnuts? Mmmmm… I love them!

  4. katie

    new bike! *droooolllll*
    katie recently posted..a month of more being thankful: september

  5. DR

    Nice Wheels!!!

    great purchase….solid addition

    and solid on the the GR mary run / My Team Triumph

    enjoy the offseason
    1 workout a day!
    just dont do what I did lately and let 2 swims a week turn into 1 swim a week turn into a couple a month. I did the hardest 3k swim in 3 years today!!


  6. Mandy

    Ok. You are going to laugh at me.

    Really…I read about your bathroom and was looking at the picture of the shed thinking…why are they building a big outdoor bathroom?

    Love what you are doing in the marathon! Awesome. I’m looking for a Maine chapter now that you have mentioned it. I would love to do that.

    I can’t remember what else I was going to say? Did you get drunk with @thisamazingday? 🙂
    Mandy recently posted..Fatso

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