Aug 23

Ironman Mont Tremblant Abbreviated Race Report

I am still working on my full, long winded race reports, but I thought for the time being, I would start with a quick summary of Ironman Mont Tremblant. Overall, it was an amazing event and even more amazing vacation spent with some great friends.

First, how did the race go?

Thanks to my brother for finding and capturing the finish line video on Ironman Live

I crushed it finishing in 10:49:27!!!! That is a 1 hour, 5 minute PR over IMWI last year!


I hit nearly all of the goals I set out for the day. My swim was right where I wanted it to be (1:05:17), my bike was faster than I ever believed was possible (5:24:29), and my run was just off of my goal (4:11:19). I have absolutely no regrets from the race and feel like I left it all out on the course. My only complaint (and complaint isn’t really the right word – maybe frustration would be better) is that I had nutrition issues on the run. My stomach lurched on me and felt miserable until the final 8km. I was just kind of bummed because I thought I had my nutrition figured out and something still didn’t work 100%. Oh well, that is what the next one is for right?

2012-08-19 18.11.13

Mont Tremblant was a spectacular event for an Ironman race and it showed what truly makes an Ironman race an Ironman race. I have nothing against competition for the WTC and I actually encourage it, but the WTC sure knows how to put on one hell of an event. It isn’t just a race, it is the entire week and weekend. They really know how to get the entire community to embrace the event. It honestly felt like the only concern of the entire village was the race all weekend long.

2012-08-17 06.42_tonemapped
One look of the Village HDR-ed.

2012-08-17 13.44_tonemapped
Another artistic HDR look at the village from up in the gondola.

Other than the race, we had an absolutely amazing time hanging out with Jon and Beth, Jeff and Annie, Mandy, Steve (tri club member), Rebecca (tri club member and friend from high school), and Dave and Jenn. They are all freaking amazing people and we had a blast.

2012-08-18 14.02.37

Stay tuned for the full race reports!

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  1. Matthew Smith

    I have been waiting for some report from you and your race! I know it was incredible, but I want details and pictures! Thanks for this little teaser, and I can’t wait for the full report. Way to go, buddy! You’re the man!!!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Oh Baby, Baby!

  2. Jon

    What a day for you Kevin! You had the BIGGEST PR out of all of us! Sub 11…..just.so.fast!

    P.S. I am getting my wish. They are paving the crappy section @ Lake Placid. IMLP 2014?!?!? I know of a really nice house on the course to rent!
    Jon recently posted..Ironman Mont Tremblant Pre Race Report

  3. rachel

    So amazing! Congrats!!!

    Can’t wait for the full report. (Would you consider sharing the oh-so-unpolitically correct information about race costs?)
    rachel recently posted..Patriot 70.3 Race Report

  4. Beth

    CONGRATS!!! It was fun getting to meet you guys and cheer you on throughout the race. You looked awesome out there!
    Beth recently posted..What Now, Bitches!

  5. Jeff

    Those HDR ones are canvas worthy!

    Another great time hanging with you and Jennie, GR is going to have to be the next visit for us!

    You had an amazing race Kevin and I still think you have the ability to go an hour faster (-:
    Jeff recently posted..Ironman Mont-Tremblant Nutrition and Predicted Times

  6. lindsay

    so… if you can 1-hr pr in an IM i can totally do the same in the marathon right?

    i was totally impressed when i saw the sub-11 on fb! you’re a beast, even when you don’t wear the orange shirt.
    lindsay recently posted..this ish is bananas

  7. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Just read Jon’s post about his 1 hr PR and now this one too. I really hope I can get that mojo rubbed off on me just from reading your posts.

    You crushed it dude. I am officially petitioning you to do IMTX next year because it is flat and can be very fast. With 10:49 on a much hillier course you could be in the range of 10:00 on this course. Consider my nudging to have officially started.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Rev3 Maine Race Report

  8. Abbey

    Your HDR’ed shots of the pedestrian village are gorgeous! Congratulations on a fantastic finish time. It was amazing watching the race and I am definitely looking forward to next year.
    Abbey recently posted..Family Summer Getaways – A Guide to Cool Tremblant Accommodations

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