Aug 09

My Nutrition Plan

One of the biggest changes I making from IMWI to IMMT is my race nutrition. While my nutrition last year seemed to work great during training, on race day I had some issues with the stuff provided on course.  So, this year, I have switched it all up and am no longer relying on the Powerbar Perform provided on the course and going to be self sustaining (at least on the bike course) using First Endurance and Honey Stinger products. Jeff initially recommended the First Endurance products and they have worked out great.


For breakfast, I am planning on waking Jon up extra early so that he can make me batch of waffles with his super deluxe waffle iron I will actually be doing roughly the same thing as IMWI. Scrambled eggs, toast, OJ, and a banana. Our room has a full kitchen so we should be all set and won’t have to use the electric skillet like at IMWI.

Pre Race

As I get ready race in transition and warm up for the swim, I’ll carry a water bottle with me at all times. I’ll also have a Honey Stinger waffle with to eat 10-15 minutes before the swim. This worked great at Muncie and gave me a little extra energy to push me through the swim.


During the swim, I won’t be eating anything and I will be trying to drink as little lake water as possible. However, I will have a bottle of EFS (or maybe even just small bottle of regular old Gatorade) in my T1 bag. I’ll pound this as I am transitioning to make up for the hour or so without fluids.


This is where I am making the biggest changes. If all goes as planned, the only thing I will need to grab from volunteers is bottled water to supplement my EFS fluid.

  • 2 bottles of EFS on the bike at the beginning of the race (200 calories per bottle)
  • 1 bottle of liquid shot (400 calories)
  • Bag of Honey Stinger gummies and Honey Stinger waffle (pre-opened) in my bento box. (160 calories each)

The rest will be picked up in my special needs bag at the halfway point.

  • 2 bottles of EFS (200 calories per bottle)
  • 1 bottle of liquid shot (400 calories)
  • Snickers 2 To Go bar (220 calories per bar)
  • Bag of Honey Stinger gummies and Honey Stinger waffle (pre-opened) in my bento box. (if necessary) (160 calories each)

That gets me between 1920 – 2680 (depending on how much of the Snickers, gummies and waffles I consume)which boils down to 320 – 450 calories per hour. This is a big range and is probably on the high end for what I need per hour so it allows me a bit of wiggle room to eat what sounds good (Snickers) and skip what doesn’t (Gummies).

With that in mind, my plan is to drink every 15 minutes. For the first two hours, I will drink primarily EFS. Then, on the 3rd hour, I will drink water (picked up on course) supplemented with gummies/waffles. I’ll take a hit of Liquid Shot every hour and wash it down with some fluid. I’ll repeat the same formula on the 2nd half of the course.

Now, for my secret weapon. Gum. I’ll have a couple pieces of Eclipse mint gum (the kind in a blister pack) in my bento box. Towards the end of the bike (probably around the 100 mile mark), I’ll pop in a piece. What does this do? A couple of things. First, it helps settle the stomach. Second, it helps cleanse the palate before heading out on the run. After 6 hours of nothing but EFS, gummies, and what not, I end up with a taste in my mouth like all I want to do is brush my teeth. Popping a piece of gum helps with this and gets me ready to take in more nutrition on the run.


As for the run, I am keeping it simple. I plan to live off the course as much as possible. I’ll do water and Perform on course. For some reason the on course Perform settled better than the bike course Perform last year (I think the run course is powdered Perform rather than pre-mixed). Like IMWI, I will hold off on the flat coke until at least the 2nd loop (ideally 17-18 mile mark). I may carry a Gu or two of my own just in case, but I don’t plan on carrying a bottle like last year. I carried a handheld for the first half of IMWI and never took a sip from it before handing it off to Jennie on the 2nd loop because the aid stations were so well spaced.

Post Race

Beer, pizza, and whatever the hell I want. Who knows, maybe I’ll even try the poutine.

10 days

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  1. Jon

    Holy crap!!! Thanks for the reminder to bring that waffle maker! Please remind me again. Completely forgot!!!

    Yes, you are required to eat poutine. In fact, you will be DQ-ed if you don’t eat the poutine.

    In one week we will be arriving!!!
    Jon recently posted..Putting/Pulling Myself Back Together

  2. peter takeda

    Try the poutine. That’s one way to replenish your calories

    I tried Honey Stinger Gel for the first time last weekend and uck! its way too sweet. Perform pre-mix is just disgusting

    The gum is a very good idea
    peter takeda recently posted..Bumper Stickers I Would Like To See

  3. Jessie

    I am so excited for you!
    Jessie recently posted..Picking up the pace….

  4. BDD

    Did you find my Honey Stinger Waffle floating in the lake in Munice???? I lost it on my warm up swim
    BDD recently posted..Muncie Race Report

  5. Beth

    The only reason I’m going to Canada is for the poutine. Wait, is there some sort of event there too?
    Beth recently posted..Another On-The-Go Week

  6. Colleen

    Sounds like a solid plan Kevin. And I love the idea of the gum… hum… keeping that in mind for my race!

  7. Jeff

    Can I just copy and paste this to my blog? Minus the honeystinger gummies (waffle man 100% here) this is my nutrition – even the snickers at special needs.

    Might have to try the gum this Saturday, it is sort of like at those fancy restaurants when they give you sherbet to cleanse the palate before dessert!
    Jeff recently posted..Random Thoughts …

  8. Carolina John

    Go get ’em boss! You’re ready to roll and it’s almost time to make it happen. Good luck!
    Carolina John recently posted..Reflections

  9. Kristin

    I could live off Stinger Waffles. So damn tasty! Definitely eat Poutine! It has basically all the calories you will have burned during the race 🙂
    Kristin recently posted..My F***ing Foot

  10. Matthew Smith

    There is so much I need to learn… 🙁 It’s sounds like you’ve got it down to a science. I can’t WAIT for Sunday to come for you to get out there and race. You’re going to do so well!!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Oh Baby, Baby!

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