Aug 06

All Out of Puff

I managed to catch the tail end of the women’s Olympic triathlon Saturday morning (which was absolutely amazing in case you missed it). Towards the end, as one of the racers fell out of the lead group, the British commentator said that it looked like, “She was all of out puff.” Jennie and I got a good laugh out of it and it turned out totally appropriate for this weekend.

With this being the last week of pre-taper training, it was a struggle to complete my workouts to say the least. I was running on empty all week long and I was totally out of puff.

photo 1 (1)
The sun greeted me at the beginning of my bike ride Saturday morning.

I wrapped up my week with a 4hr/1hr brick on Saturday and a 2hr run on Sunday. I had some great company on Saturday for the bike ride and even better company on the run as Jennie bike along side me. The weather was hot and humid and kicked my butt. I felt better after last week’s 6hr/45min brick than I did this weekend. It is amazing how draining the heat can be. Thankfully the forecast for IMMT is a delightful high of 72, low of 44 (It’s not to early to start checking the forecast every 5 minutes is it?)


Sunday was my last long run of The Plan and I decided to wait until the evening to squeeze it in. With the morning freed up, we spent some time in Holland. First stop was breakfast at The Windmill where we kicked off the day with a homemade cinnamon roll the size of my head (yeah, I would feel this on my run later).

photo 2 (1)

And then we spent some time walking around the beach at Holland State Park.

photo 3 (1)

As nice as the beach was, I was glad I did not have to swim. The red flags were out and there were rip current warnings all along the beach. It would have been fun to body surf a bit in the waves, but no doing anything crazy 2 weeks out from race day.

photo 4 (1)

After we got home from Holland, I took a nap and delayed my long run even more. By 6:30, I was finally headed out the door with Jennie again by my side. I was super sluggish and completely out of puff. Halfway around the lake, I started to have GI issues. Ugh. I managed to make it back home for a pitstop, but was still 70 minutes short of my 2 hour scheduled run. To play it safe, I headed to the basement and did the rest of my run on The Mill (and ironically had no GI problems – figures). It took every ounce of mental strength to keep going and not just shut off the treadmill and quit, but 70 minutes later, I was done. And puffless.

Bring on the taper!

13 days to regain my puff.

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  1. Beth

    How dare you blame a delicious looking cinnamon roll on a poor outdoor run?!?

    You’ll get the puff back, TAPER TIME!!
    Beth recently posted..Two Races and a Plan!

  2. Jon

    What ^she said. I am too out of puff as well to think of a witty comment.

    But woooooaaaahhhh NELLY that cinnamon roll!!!!
    Jon recently posted..There is NO race coming up!!!!

  3. Barbara Cooley

    I really enjoy your blog, Kevin. Great photos (no comment on that behemoth of a cinnamon roll) and great job on your training. Wish we could come watch you at Mont Tremblant.

  4. Matthew Smith

    You’re the man for keeping going even when you’re out of puff. I need to work on my mental toughness, because it seems that recently, the physical always beats the mental for me… I just got dominated by a 12 miler this morning. Ugh!!!

    Enjoy that taper, buddy! You’re going to do so well at IMMT! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Steer clear of those massive sweet rolls!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Oh Baby, Baby!

  5. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    I was full of puff this weekend……huffing and puffing around Houston in that thick as shit pea soup they call humidity. That shit is crazy.

    I got home last night and it was 105* and it felt better than the 98* and 100% humidity down at Jeff’s.

    I hope you are enjoying your taper this morning and have the legs kicked up.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Training Camp Triathlon Style

  6. Jeff

    Puff-less here too!

    Running was a chore this weekend – a big, tiring, hapless chore.

    Did Jennie eat that entire thing? It looks like it weighs more than her!!!!

    The forecast on accuweather is now calling for rain and humidity on the 19th – like the one above better so we will just go with that!
    Jeff recently posted..I Fought the Heat and the Heat Won …

  7. Brad Spurlin

    Nice work this w/e. I had my final LR’s (long ride/run) this weekend before IMKY. On sat I completely ran out of puff. Think it had to do w/ air quality and a touch of EIA.

    You are going to rock Canada. I stil fear those KY hills a little, but continue to climb as much as I can around here, Bailey off of 0etis is working me hard

  8. Rene

    Good Luck and IronPuff!
    Rene recently posted..What I did all week

  9. lindsay

    oh yum look at that cinnamon roll! i’m sure that’s totally within my caloric intake for the day…

    i saw a bunch of cars with bikes heading up I-81 in PA/NY this weekend, mostly fancy bikes with the flat “rims” in the tires (but not a full plate thingy). clearly i know my bike terminology. anyway i was wondering what tri there was in the northeast or maybe if they were heading up to IMMT suuuuuper early.
    lindsay recently posted..july 2012

  10. Colleen

    Now you can “relax” for the next week and a half! 🙂

    That cinnamon roll looks amazing!

  11. TriMOEngr (Christina)

    Best wishes on your upcoming race! Hope you find more “puff”.
    TriMOEngr (Christina) recently posted..Walk, Run, Tag, Walk, Topo Survey

  12. Katelyn

    We’ve all been out of puff before. Great blog entry. You and your wife seem like a great team. Feel free to stop by my site to see my race review of the Cayuga Lake Sprint. ~ Katelyn
    Katelyn recently posted..Cayuga Lake Triathlon Recap

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