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Five Things Friday

Heat Wave

We are in the middle of “heat wave.” Or as I like to call it – July. Yes, it is hot. Maybe even hotter than normal. But guess what? In 2-3 months it will be cold. So, 90*, 100*, or even hotter and I’ll be out there making the most of it. You won’t hear me complaining. Jennie, the pup, and I have been spending a lot time hanging out in the basement which is like natural AC. We are so glad that our first home improvement project 6 years ago was finishing off part of the basement. We are going on a 3 year streak of not turning on the central air. We can’t break down now.

Sprinkler + Hammock = The best way to cool down after a run.


Oh yeah. Did I mention that I am racing Ironman Muncie? I don’t think I actually ever posted anything here about yet. Whoops. It was sort of a last minute addition to my race schedule. I had it on the schedule since the beginning of the year, but then procrastinated and all the close hotels had filled up so I wrote it off. I really didn’t want to spend money on a race and then have to stay an hour or more away from the race site. Thankfully though, a Strider’s teammate’s plans changed and her hotel room was available. So, I snatched it up and signed up. That, of course, was before the heat wave (see above). It will make for an interesting race as they have already moved the race start up 30 minutes to get everyone on the course as soon as possible.

I keep going back and forth with what my race goals should be and have come up with the following:

1) Keep a positive attitude from start to finish. I was really bummed with how I felt at the Grand Rapids Tri a month ago. Basically, for the first half of the run course, I was hating the sport and questioning why I was out there. I don’t want this to happen again.

2) Execute successful transitions. I’m not talking about the T1 and T2 times themselves, but more so the first few miles on the bike and first few miles on the run. I need to keep my speed in check on the bike and not hammer it out of T1. Then, for the run, I need to stay positive (see #1) and just keep moving forward no matter how I feel physically.

3) Nail the nutrition. I had sort of a monkey wrench thrown into this one (see below), but I need to follow my nutrition plan as practice for IMMT. With the heat, I will have to remember to take in more fluid than normal and keep my core temperature as low as possible on the run.

Nutrition Crisis

Chalk this up as procrastination/poor planning on my part but I ran out of EFS Drink (my primary sport drink this season) the other day. I have some on order but it won’t show up until Monday. I have searched high and low for a place to buy it and had no luck. I literally called every bike shop I could find between Grand Rapids and Muncie and no one has it stock. I have a couple calls on on BT and other forums hoping that another athlete might swoop in and rescue me, but I’m not too optimistic. So, instead, I am going to revert back to the Powerbar Perform that I used last year. The powdered version of Perform worked fairly well for me last year so I am hoping that it works for me this weekend even though I haven’t used it at all this season. One of these days I’ll learn to not be a procrastinator. But not today Smile with tongue out.

Update: Crisis averted!! George at Speed Merchants saw my post on Facebook and hooked me up! I totally forgot that they carried the First Endurance products. I now have the nutrition I have been training with and am ready to kick butt.

Stubbed Toe

I’ll spare you the nasty toe picture, but I managed to stub my toe and rip off a chunk of skin the other day. Let this be a reminder to always wear shoes outside, especially during a taper week. I was a bit worried about it bugging me at Muncie, but I have since run, biked, and swam without too much of an issue. I’ll probably still wrap and tape it before the race to protect it, but fingers crossed it doesn’t slow me down.

4th of July Fun

Now, if you stuck around through all the boring crap, you get rewarded with some fun pictures and video.

Our 4th of July Holiday started early on the weekend before the 4th.

We started with the Reeds Lake Run 10k. This is a hard race to pass up because it is only a mile away. Jennie and I both ran the 10k with this being the first year that Jennie has done the 10k.


And I even ended up with some age group bling! I placed 5th in my AG with a time of exactly 42:00. First in my age group took 2nd overall so I got bumped up to 4th place and awards went 4 deep. Perfect!


Immediately after the race, we headed to a graduation party for Jennie’s cousin. It was on a small man-made lake. There were paddle boats.


And a giant slip and slide.


Next up was our 7 year anniversary! Woohoo for 7 years married to my best friend.


On the 4th, we took Bailey for his first ever kayak trip. He sort of fit in the kayak. I think he would have been happier swimming next to the kayak though.


And then we capped off the celebrations with the annual East GR fireworks. Bailey is a fireworks champ and couldn’t care less about them.

Image634771200951769455 Image634771201144640486

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Jon

    Kick some major boot-AY this weekend @ Muncie!!!
    Jon recently posted..2012 Half Year in Review

  2. Barbara Cooley

    Great blog, Kevin – hope you find some of your sport drink. Keep up the great work!

  3. Matthew Smith

    Bailey can deal with the fireworks? Maglee is a wimp when it comes to loud noises. We were at the Braves game, so the poor girl was home alone with all the explosions going on around her. 🙁

    Man, I hope you find some EFS before the race. What a bummer! AND, I hope that toe doesn’t bother you on race day!

    That’s crazy that you haven’t turned the A/C on!!! Good for you guys!

    You’re one positive guy, and it’s hard for me to even imagine you getting down during a race. I need to take a lesson from you and keep the positive thoughts flowing!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Oh Baby, Baby!

  4. Carolina John

    Good luck in Muncie! That looks like a really fun holiday.
    Carolina John recently posted..Holiday Race Report

  5. Chris

    Good luck Saturday! Drink, drink, drink.

  6. Mark in Ottawa

    Kevin – that’s a great opportunity to get some redemption! I hope you rock the course…it certainly sounds like you’ve put enough training and thought into it. I have my first Olympic Distance triathlon next weekend and reading this helps to give me some hints and insights into what my goals should be.

    Glad to see you back to posting – if you have more chance, can you update us on how your training is going and what specifically you’re doing to prepare for the challenging IMMT course?

    Have a great race, and most importantly, have fun!

    Mark (in Ottawa, Canada)

  7. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Get after it this weekend brother. Stay positive as you said and it will all fall into place.

    Bailey is looking longly at the water. He so wants in there at that point.

    Is paddle boating becoming the newest craze? Between you and Jon doing it I may have to look it up and see what there is to offer around here.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..D-Day: Determination Day

  8. Colleen

    Okay, first, I LOOOOOOVE that Bailey is in the Kayak! That would NOT happen with our dogs.

    Best of luck this weekend!!! And yeah for finding the EFS.

    You haven’t turned on your AC yet? That’s awesome!

  9. lindsay

    i am impressed that you don’t use the AC. here you need it just to take the muggy out of the air. but after that i’m ok. i don’t need mine on 72 like everyone else seems to…

    did it ever get cold last winter? can you really guarantee it will get cold this winter?

    disappointed that you did not wear the orange shirt for the 4th race. but i guess that wouldn’t have been very patriotic, so i’ll let it slide.
    lindsay recently posted..blasted bootcamp

  10. katie

    awwww. happy anniversary!!
    katie recently posted..Ironman Coeur d’Alene Swim: race report

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