Jun 26

Time To Bring It

53 days until IMMT… It is time to get serious!

I am just starting a 4-week block of peak training which is arguably the most important block of training on my plan.  With workouts like 5.5 hour bikes and 2.5 hour runs and weekly training peaking at 22 hours, I have some tough weeks ahead of me. And I can’t wait! Especially after hearing about Jon’s smoking fast recon at the IMMT 70.3 and following Katie and Beth as they kicked butt at CdA (Congrats Ladies! And Jon).

I kicked off the week with my longest straight swim of the year – 3600 yards in 54 minutes in the pool. I figure that the benefit of swimming in the pool (pushing off the walls) equals the benefit of swimming in a wetsuit so I am right where I want to be.

I followed that up with a Monday Night TT in Ada. These run every Monday night throughout the summer and I did one earlier this year. It actually fit perfectly into my training schedule for Monday so I figured why not. The worst part is that you have to get there around 5:30 to sign in and the first rider doesn’t go out until 6:30. It is a good chance to catch up with friends though. It is really cool to see the different spectrum of riders there. From guys in speedsuits with shoe covers and disc wheels to a dad on a tandem with one son and two other sons (all probably under 14 years old) forming a 4-man team.

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I sported my new M-22 jersey that I got on our trip Up North for the TT. Pretty sweet isn’t it?

I ended up finishing in 36 minutes flat for a 24.8mph average which beat my previous best time by nearly a full minute. I’ll take that any day! It helped that I had a couple of speedy guys starting 2 minutes after me and I wanted to hold them off. And I did! They ended up with faster times than me, but they weren’t able to make up the full 2 minute time difference.

Today was a recovery ride so I took the opportunity to combine some errands with my ride. Normally, I am not a morning person, but my errands required a 5:30AM wakeup call and hitting the road at 6:15AM.  And it was delightful! I split my time between bike paths and roads. While the roads were bearable, the bike paths were gorgeous. I stopped and snapped a couple of pics as I crossed the Grand River.


Grand Rapids Marathon runners, do you recognize this bridge??

Jennie and I have a local race this weekend that I am going to use for my weekly speed workout. I’m still working out how I am going to fit in my long run/ride because of some travel plans (not to mention the 100* forecasted temps). It’ll get done though. I’m looking forward to long ride where I can just zone out and go.

How is everyone else’s training going?

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  1. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    The 4 week period that separates the men from the boys. No doubt you have it in you to get it done and get it done right.

    Forward motion is the only motion!
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..The Sweet Science

  2. Kristin

    Love that jersey! Can’t wait to see how you do at IMMT, so bummed I’m missing it but I’ll be stalking from afar!
    Kristin recently posted..Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Lost Luggage

  3. Jon

    Dude! Either you gotta do a full hour @ 24.8mph (and break the 1 hour 40K) or you gotta hold 24.8mph for the entire bike portion of IMMT. Cool? I mean, no pressure!

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    You gonna go 2:15 @ your upcoming 70.3?
    Jon recently posted..Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3 Race Report

  4. Rene

    What a great place to ride! Hang tough!
    Rene recently posted..Week 7 – Video

  5. Jessie

    22 hour weeks is what I have to look forward to when Tim starts his training. Oh man. I am up to 9-10 hours for my Ultra training and I think I will be close to 15 at peak.

    Good job Kevin. Your recovery ride looks very peaceful!
    Jessie recently posted..Concurring Nutrition

  6. Matthew Smith

    Man, I love that M-22 jersey. It’s sweet! You make it look good! 🙂

    Great job on the TT! That’s FAST! Plus, you kept the pros off you, and that gives you some bragging rights.

    Good luck on your race this weekend. Stay hydrated! I know y’all have it hot up there too!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Oh Baby, Baby!

  7. Colleen

    That’s an awesome jersey! 🙂

    Those TT’s are helping you more than you know! And you are crushing it out there! 🙂

    Best of luck to both of you this weekend. And good luck with the heat. Be smart!

  8. elizabeth

    Ah summer training is the BEST, isn’t it? Nothing like 85 degrees and 90% humidity at 7:30am. At least you get to spend part of your training in the pool!
    elizabeth recently posted..All about tattoos, hip aches, and especially me

  9. lindsay

    maybe there is something to these global warming claims. i mean, it can’t be normal for you to have stretches of 100* weather up there, can it?

    not to mention, it seems to be hotter in the midwest region than it is here… *i* am certainly not complaining 🙂
    lindsay recently posted..june 2012

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