Jun 20

Race Report: Glen Arbor Solstice Half Marathon & Vacation

This past weekend Jennie and I escaped Up North for a half marathon in Glen Arbor. Because we have super cool free lodging up there, we decided to make a weekend out of it.

The race was Saturday morning and it went great. It was a fairly small event with about 200 runners in the half and another 170 in the 5k. For a smallish event, Endurance Evolution did an awesome job putting on the event. The only complaint I had was that aid stations were about 2.25 miles apart and it was a pretty hot & humid day. In their defense, they published plenty of details about everything on both their website and via email so we knew this ahead of time. I ended up carrying my handheld bottle to hold me over between aid stations.

I ended up running a 1:34:52 for 2nd in my age group and 9th overall. I hadn’t planned on running this fast and I actually wore my Hokas to take it easy on the legs.  However, as soon as the race started, I easily jumped out to 6th pace knew that I had a shot at the podium. Around 3 miles in, a guy came up next to me and we started chatting. He had done sub-5 at Eagleman the previous weekend so we were both a little wore out. I managed to hang with him for 3 miles before I let him go.

It wasn’t a PR for me, but this was NOT a PR course. See…


Yep. A nice 300’ climb up to the top of Inspiration Point (the view is worth it if you can appreciate it). We ran up the “steep” side and down the “shallow” side which was actually easier on the legs. Still, the climb added 2:00 to my split time for that mile compared to my previous miles. The big climb was hardest, but the entire course seemed to be false flats and rollers which made for a challenging, but fun race.

Jennie also had a great race. She nearly had a PR on a much tougher course than her previous half marathon in Texas. After I finished, I used the Find My Friends iPhone app to track where she was on the course and headed back out to find her. As always, she had a huge smile on her face.

2012-06-16 09.52.53

After the race, I met Janet Weiler. I linked to a story about Janet in my Grand Rapids Triathlon race report.  She is an absolutely incredible woman. She raced an Olympic tri at the GR Tri, did the half marathon last weekend, and is doing another Olympic tri this weekend. She also has raced Boston the past 5 years. Yep. She raced Boston this past year when over 2,000 runners opted to defer. Her only “complaint” was that the heat caused her to slow down and she missed requalifying. I hope that I am still doing all of this when I am 76.

2012-06-16 09.43.21

We talked for quite a bit about races and nutrition. Yes, I talked about race/training nutrition with a septuagenarian. She currently uses Heed products but wasn’t happy with them so I think I convinced her to give First Endurance a try (I need a sponsorship). She called racing her “insurance policy.” I think this doctor needs to meet her.

2012-06-16 10.32.03

We stuck around for awards so that I could collect my age group award – a pint glass. Woohoo! Now, if only they would fill it with beer for me…

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging around Glen Arbor, Leland, and Suttons Bay. I got some biking in, but ended up backing off of my scheduled workouts a bit so that there was more time for fun and so that my legs could recover from the race.

2012-06-16 11.09.44
I’m not sure if we have a dog or a fish. Bailey absolutely loved the water and it was a challenge to keep him out of it.

2012-06-17 13.55.23
Life is good at the beach.

It took some goading, but Bailey eventually jumped fell off the dock.

2012-06-17 11.52.01
Wine tasting! We may or may not have come home with 9 bottles of wine…

2012-06-17 08.32.05
Mission Point Lighthouse. The halfway point of my bike ride. Apparently you can stay here for $150 a week as long as you maintain the onsite gift shop.

2012-06-17 08.32.12
Looking out on the bay from the lighthouse. As you can see the water level is super low.

2012-06-17 15.29.39
Hanging out at the M-22 Store

2012-06-17 15.34.29

2012-06-17 16.43.25
Bailey was so tired that he fell asleep in his water bowl on the drive home.

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  1. Jon

    Ran a 1:34 and wasn’t going fast. Uuummmm?!?!

    Nice job on the 2nd! Are you old enough for them to fill it with beer? 😉

    Awesome vids of Bailey. Poor guy. He looked so helpless when you picked him up outa the water!
    Jon recently posted..Pat Griskus Olympic Triathon Race Report

  2. Matt Oravec

    I just watched 1:10 of your dog Bailey completely mooning men. Thanks… really, I needed that hahaha.

    Way to snab the swag on that race! Stupid hills, who puts those on the race courses anyways?! 😉 Glad to see the speed is still there for you!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..Towpath 10-10 10k Race Report

  3. Jessie

    WOW – septuagenarian!! Big words dude (I had to look it up)~ lol Anyways looks like a great vacation.
    Jessie recently posted..Yes, I am crazy

  4. sarah

    Looks like you two had great races and a great weekend. I’m with you, I can only hope that I’m still doing races when Im 76!
    sarah recently posted..Speed Work

  5. Brent

    We do our camping vacation up there every year in July. I absolutely love it. It seems to be the only place I can truly relax, because if we go anywhere where there’s city things to do, I’m such a busy body, I end up just burning myself out more. Up there I just sit in a chair by the water and read.

    I’ve been eyeing that half for a while and wanting to move our usual vacation up to be there for it, but we’re both usually busy in June anyway. Glad to see a post about it, though. I’ve been wondering what I’ve been missing.
    Brent recently posted..In case you were wondering…

  6. James F

    I would love to hit a 1:34! Nice job and that hill looks like a killer!
    James F recently posted..Where Is My Strong??

  7. Chris

    Congrats on a great race! Quite the climb you had to deal with. I would’ve opted for a short cut. Ever done the Lakestride half in Ludington? That has some dunes and a nice little trail climb as well. Well worth the slower time. I’m going to have to look into First Endurance. I have no idea what I’m going to use during my 70.3 in Sept. Great write-up.
    PS-Your dog is awesome.

  8. BDD

    Hills, no thank you

    Congrats on taking second!!

    I love the pics, makes me want to travel back home up north
    BDD recently posted..Maumee Bay Olympic Aquabike Race Report – Sorta

  9. Colleen

    Holy hill batman. That’s some serious climbing in the middle of your race!!! Great job on the “take it easy” race. Love those low pressure races that turn out awesome. And pint glass awards are the best!!! And that wife of yours is becoming quite the runner!!!

    Looks like a great vacation. And I loved the videos of Bailey swimming. He reminds me so much of Charlie. Loves the water but she’s the worlds biggest baby when it comes to jumping in the water!

  10. Jeff

    That is one heck of a profile for a 1/2 and excellent training for IMMT! Great time on that course man! The Hokas had to make your legs and feet feel good on the downhiils!

    Looks like you and Jennie had a fun time, as did Bailey (-:

    See you guys in 59 days!
    Jeff recently posted..I Am Triathlete … Hear ME ROAR!!!

  11. Beth

    Puppy videos!! Too stinkin cute.

    And congrats on the speedy races!
    Beth recently posted..Peak, Taper and Funemployment

  12. Emz

    yay 9 bottles of wine!
    Yay 1:34!
    Yay hokas!
    Love love. Love. My hokas.
    Speedy hoka. Here I come! 😉

  13. Beth

    Great report – looks like you guys had a great weekend! Way to go on the 1:34 time with all of those hills, that is amazing. I love that Bailey fell asleep in the water bowl…HAHAHAHA

  14. Matthew Smith

    Nice work on the half! That craziness hill looks pretty rough, but it didn’t slow you down too much. Jennie is kickin’ some butt too by almost PR’ing on THAT course!

    I don’t think we could ever get Maglee to jump off a dock. She isn’t that great of a swimmer and would rather hop up and down in the water. Bailey has got to be part fish! He was doing so great!

    Miss you, buddy!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  15. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    You are punishing your legs but that is going to treat you well at IMMT when you have all that climbing to do. Great job!

    Love the lighthouse. I would totally spend the money to be the shop keeper and spend the week there. That would be awesome.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Household Of Endurance Athletes

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