Jun 01

Foto Friday

Last weekend, Jennie wanted to do a family picture in front of the house with the azaleas in bloom.  Bailey was not really a willing participant. We set up the camera on the tripod using the timer. Here is how it went down.

“Alright everyone. I’m here and ready. Where is everyone else?”


“Seriously, I’m getting bored out here!”


“Ok, you’re finally here. Now I am going to refuse to look at the camera.”


“Fine! I’ll face the camera, but I’m not going to be happy about it.”


We tried coaxing Bailey to look at the camera by putting a biscuit on the camera.

“Oh look! A biscuit! Don’t mind if I do!”


“Hey guys! There is something interesting going on over at the neighbors. That looks more fun than this.”


“Seriously guys, can I go over there instead? Please!”


Eventually we gave up and decided to just look in the same direction at Bailey. At least we are all facing the same way this time.


“Done. Finally! I’m outta here!”


Oh well, we tried!

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  1. BDD

    Ha!! That was awesome

  2. Beth

    Hahaha, this is hilarious.
    Beth recently posted..Jim McDonnell 2 Mile Swim Race Report

  3. Colleen

    That is awesome…

  4. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    That is hilarious. Totally need to put up the pic of you all looking to your left on the wall or above the fireplace. That is perfect.

    You can call the pic: ON YOUR LEFT
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Do You Need A Coach?

  5. Matthew Smith

    Nice! I think my favorite is Bailey up at the camera with the biscuit and you and Jennie laughing! That should get framed. Maglee has the same problem of not cooperating with pictures.
    Matthew Smith recently posted..In Memory of "Beryl"

  6. Jon

    Aw, Bailey!
    Jon recently posted..Rev3 Quassy Time! 3TT

  7. Heather O

    Hahahah! The one where you are all looking away is probably the best one! Love the captions 😉
    Heather O recently posted..Happy Birthday, Mitchell!!!

  8. Viper

    I swear our dog knows when we’re trying to take a photo of him. He’ll be in some position that would make a good photo, and then will move as soon as we have the camera in place. He’s a brat. Clearly, it’s a canine issue. Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..Flashback Friday: My Birthday Month Arrives

  9. Grandma

    Hilarious!!! I too like the last picture the best. Very enjoyable commentary. Loved the other pictures of you, Jennie and the beautiful flowers.

  10. lindsay

    hahaha. the biscuit shot is my favorite!!
    lindsay recently posted..run like a diva 5k

  11. katie

    baahhahaha. this is hysterical.
    katie recently posted..on recovery

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