May 15

Race Report: River Bank Run

On Saturday, I ran my 8th River Bank Run 25k in a row. It seems sort of silly to write a full race report about it like I have done in the past (here, here, and here) though. So, I’ll try and keep it brief.

We did the whole expo thing on Friday which is always fun. A bit of a change up this year as I had to work the booth for the Michigan Titanium for an hour. This gave Jennie plenty of time to wander around even get her nails done. What do you think Jon? Freshly painted nails probably falls under than same category as matching tri kits which yields faster times right?

Working the booth was interesting. We did our best to pull the triathletes out of the crowd by looking for M-Dot shirts, hats, and tats. Being a running event, we got some interest from people whom upon finding out it was a triathlon would just say, “I can’t swim” and walk away. Four years ago, I couldn’t swim either. Oh well. Their loss.

After doing my time in the booth, I did a quick spin around the expo with Jennie. I was happy to see Gary from the LED Light Vests had a booth (review here). He had already sold out of all of his human vests and only had dogs vests left.

Race Morning

The weather forecast was up in the air for race morning with showers likely. No surprise there. It has rained for at least a portion of the race every year I have done this race. However, we woke up to clear skies and mild temperatures – the perfect weather for race day. We did bet a little bit of a misty rain, but not even enough to get wet from.

2012-05-12 07.29.10
Pre-Race with Jennie. Did I mention that Jennie was running her first ever 25K race????

I really didn’t have a big hairy ass goal in mind for this race. My only goal was to stay under 2 hours so that I can continue to enjoy the benefits of the Two Hour Club.  My plan was to go out strong and if I felt good try and maintain that. Otherwise, I would back off and live to fight train another day.

Miles 1-7

I felt great for the first half of the race or so. I started out with the 7:00 pace group and settled in a groove. The first couple miles were a little speedy, but once we hit the shaded area along the river, the pace was reigned in a bit.  At mile 6, I stopped at an aid station to refill my hand held which caused me to fall off of the pace group a bit.  I caught back up in the next mile, but that was last I would see of them.

Rocking my Striders shirt at the Striders cheering section. We love Striders!

Miles 8-12

After catching back up with the pace group, my stomach started to bother me a bit. Nothing serious, just wasn’t comfortable. Normally, I would have taken a Gu at this point but I wasn’t sure if my stomach could handle it so I passed (bad idea). I kept the 7:00 pace group in sight, but dropped down to a 7:20-7:30 pace. My legs still felt good, but mentally I was out of it and just not in the mood to push myself for some reason.

Miles 13-Finish

Best. Final. Miles. Ever. Ok, maybe not the portion through the zoo, but other than that, this is the most fun I have had at the end of this race. I’ve never liked running through the zoo (not the actual animal part of the zoo, but the park area) for some reason. I think Jennie nailed it though when we were talking about it. It is a half mile stretch of windy roads with lots of people, aid stations, rock and roll bands, etc. You’d think the crowd support would help, but it is almost over stimulating.  Plus, the windy roads make it so you can’t see that far in front of you and you lose perception of how far you have gone and how far you have to go.

But besides the zoo portion, I had a blast at the end of this race. I knew that I had sub-2 hours locked up pretty easily, so I took it fairly easy. There was no sense killing myself at this race when I still had more training to do over the weekend.  By taking it easy, I got to actually take it all in. Normally, I am in a death march to the finish with my eyes dead ahead and focused on only one thing – the finish. This time, however, I had fun high fiving the crowd, recognizing people in the crowd that I knew and encouraging fellow runners on the final stretch.

I ended up finishing in 1:54:33 which I realized this morning is actually a 5 second PR from my previous best in 2010. Whoops! I thought my PR was 1:53-something. Should have gone harder I guess.

I felt pretty crappy shortly after the race and I have narrowed this down lack of nutrition on the run. I ended up not eating either of my Gu which was stupid. Lesson learned.

Post Race

After I finished, I ran back to gear check and did a quick cleanup and wardrobe change and headed back to the finish to watch for Jennie. In no time, I saw her bright shoes her turn the corner for the final stretch.

2012-05-12 11.22.02
Finishing strong with a smile on her face!

I’m super proud of her for putting in the training and having a great race.

2012-05-12 12.25.55
I think Bailey was hoping the balloon was a toy for him.

Other Notes

Congrats to both Spike and The Redhead for great races! They crashed with us on Friday night so I am taking partial credit for both of their PRs. I think that is only fair right???


And finally, I have to share this picture that I snapped while watching for Jennie.

2012-05-12 11.00.09

Ah-freaking-mazing. And I am fairly certain that neither of the two women next to him were his guide.  The next time someone tells me they can’t do something, I am whipping out this picture.

2012-05-12 11.44.53
Happy Finishers!

Thanks for reading!

Official Results

Total Time: 1:54:33
Overall Place: 536 / 5696
Gender Place: 460 / 3036
Age Group Place: 89 / 398
Run Pace: 7:23 min/mile

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  1. Matt Oravec

    “But besides that, I had a blast at the of this race.” hmmmm that sentence is missing something huh?

    Great job man. Way to stay in that elite 2hr club!!! I have never run a 25k, sounds fun 🙂
    Matt Oravec recently posted..No Plan – Training Plan in Review

  2. Matt Oravec

    “But besides the zoo portion, I had a blast at the of this race.” hmmmmm that sentence is STILL NOT FIXED! Let me narrow it down a bit more for you:

    “I had a blast at the *********** of this race.” 🙂

    ~Sincerely, the Grammar Police
    Matt Oravec recently posted..No Plan – Training Plan in Review

  3. Jon

    5 sec PR without going too hard. Damn! Your run fitness is off the charts! Is this the race with the green man-suit?

    Congrats to Jennie on her first 25K! If she had mismatched nails, she would have gone 10 mins slower, or, 1 min per nail. Proven by Tesla!
    Jon recently posted..MonticelloMan Half Race Report

  4. Colleen

    I’m with Jon… your run fitness is amazing right now! 🙂 So excited for you! Sounds like a great race.

    And kuddos to your wifey ( and the hubby that got her balloons and flowers… I love that). She did awesome too!!!

  5. BDD

    Congrats on the PR

  6. TriMOEngr (Christina)

    Sounds like a great day! Way to PR. Congrats. I love to read about races where time was taken to enjoy the experience. Love it!
    TriMOEngr (Christina) recently posted..My Kind of Mother’s Day

  7. elizabeth

    Great job, especially considering you didn’t eat your Gu. I always regret it when I don’t stay on top of my Gu, but sometimes it is so difficult to choke those things down, even though you know you need it. Congrats to Jennie too!!
    elizabeth recently posted..Are We Having Fun Yet? A Race Recap of the Broad Street Run

  8. Viper

    Congrats on the race! I didn’t realize you were operating a running bloggers’ halfway house. Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..From Trail to Turnpike

  9. Emz

    Im super glad you didn’t have any hairy ass goals.

    Love J’s photo.
    Love the smile.

  10. Beth

    Brightly colored shoes, visors and race belts…. way to show the crowd that your *real* sport is triathlon.

    Congrats on the very important 5 second PR, and congrats to Jennie on her first 25k!
    Beth recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Victory Dinner

  11. katie

    so fun! I love your neon shoes, you two!
    katie recently posted..it was worth it

  12. Brad

    I was back and forth with the blind runner at a couple different points in the race. He was definitely flying solo and just listened to the crowd and took friendly advice from other runners regarding upcoming turns. It was pretty amazing to see!

  13. Matthew Smith

    Nice work! That was a solid performance, and you weren’t really even trying! I think the marathon training is lasting in those legs and keeping you fast. Sweet!

    That blind guy is incredible! Unbelievable and it puts my taken-for-granted eyesight into perspective!

    You and Jennie rock! Nice work, both of you!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Bad Boys, Bad Boys…PART II

  14. DR

    congats on the PR and also for J getting the check for the 25k!
    Are those new Kinvara kicks you are wearing? and I assume hers are Sauc’s too?
    I feel like I should be stockpiling Cortanas I have a feeling they will discontinue that model

  15. lindsay

    what is with the grammar police? like we can’t assume what you meant. maybe i’m wrong. let me go grab my handcuffs…

    congrats on the pr and congrats to jennie too! i also would cop out and say i don’t swim. and i don’t know that i will ever brave an OWS. haha. i’m a wuss.
    lindsay recently posted..taking the plunge

  16. Jeff

    Great job KEvin and congrats to Jennie! Bailey has grown to small horse size!
    Jeff recently posted..I am now faster at triathlon …

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