May 09

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Hi there. Long time, no talk. Don’t worry, everything is good, I’m just super busy. I picked up a side job doing some extra development work and that is consuming most of my free time. Rest assured I am still doing plenty of training. Last night I finished up my 6th straight day of riding and 3rd 3 hour bike ride in 4 days. I am telling myself that I am taking a day off from riding today, but depending on how the weather shapes up, I might have to extend the streak. I may be addicted to riding.

As evidence of all of my riding, my bike was making a bunch of noise on yesterday’s ride. I looked down to find this:

Photo May 08, 8 48 50 PM

Not good.  The crank arm was on the verge of falling completely off!  Thankfully I had my Crank Brothers multi tool with me. Love this thing. Compact and has pretty much everything you need for an on the road repair. In no time, I had everything back to normal.

Photo May 08, 8 50 11 PM

I’m still a little concerned about how/why the crank arm loosened up in the first place. Anyone else ever have this happen?  Is this something I should be paying better attention to?

Any ways, that is my quick update for the day. I’ll hopefully be back soon with a more in depth training update.

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  1. BDD

    Just one of those things, bolt just came loose with all the riding, the rul of thumb is to tighten them all down about every 2-3 months.

    Glad you noticed it when you did, it wouldnt be pretty if came off mid-ride

  2. Jon

    Yikes!!! Could you imagine it falling off and staying connected to your shoe? I don’t want it imagine that…

    Glad you caught it!!!
    Jon recently posted..About as ready as I can get

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I actually saw a guy finishing up a sprint tri one legging it back in with the other crank arm still attached to his pedal. It was a short race but he still had about 2 miles to go. It is an easy fix if you have the tools, but I bet if it falls completely off there is a good chance you’d lose the bolt and be out of luck.

  3. Carolina John

    I have never seen a crank arm just slide out like that. Congrats on getting all of those miles in! Totally jealous. I haven’t been able to ride nearly as much as I want to right now.
    Carolina John recently posted..TwoFer

  4. Mark in Ottawa

    I’ve heard of it happening but never saw it before myself. I think the rule of thumb there is to check those bolts periodically, but it also wouldn’t hurt to put a small dab of blue threadlock on them either!

    Glad this was just the worst of it…couldn’t have been pretty scary otherwise!

    Mark (in Ottawa, Canada)

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I just added some threadlock to my Amazon cart for my next order. I need it for a couple other bolts as well. I sort of freaked out when it first happened that something must be broken/breaking soon, but it sounds like I just need to pay better attention. It is the first time it has come loose in 8,000 miles so that’s not too bad.

  5. Colleen

    Yikes… good thing you noticed that!!! It could have ended badly. Congrats on the biking streak – I’m doing the opposite of you! 🙂

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Opposite of me? Does that mean you not biking or that you are streaking off the bike??? haha!

      Hope you and Tom are getting settled in the new place and aren’t too overwhelmed with house projects.

  6. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    This type of shit gets me nervous all the time. I am the worst at checking my bike, but do bring it in every 3-4 months to get a quick maintenance. I would probably save myself a ton of money doing it on my own and that may just be the 2013 project.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Time To Pay The Piper

  7. Matt Oravec

    I guess I have to try to mess with you another way… you picked up on my loosening of your crank arm… Hmmm, cut the brake cables next?!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..Wildflower Pre-Race Report

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Wait… so you mean to tell me that you drove all the way over here to loosen my crank arm bolts and DIDN’T mow my lawn!?!?!? Seriously. Not cool.

  8. Jeff

    whoa! That is scary shit. Going to give my entire bike a once over when I get home today.
    Jeff recently posted..I am jumping off a boat into shark infested waters on Sunday

  9. Heather O

    Glad you caught that when you did! I was just talking to Matt about wanting to take a bike mechanic/maintenance sort of class to learn what types of things to look for and learn how to make all the stupid little adjustments that I currently take my bike to the mechanic for.

    Great job on all the riding! I hope you aren’t making Jennie do all the housework while you are out playing all day 😉
    Heather O recently posted..Rev3 Knoxville Race Report: Ups and Downs (Literally)

  10. Matthew Smith

    Yowsa! That’s scariness! But, you’re beastly enough that you could have gone on to finish your ride with just one side. At least you’d have a terrific one-legged workout. Which Crank Brothers tool do you use? I need to get a better one… Keep up the good training!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Bad Boys, Bad Boys…PART II

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