Apr 12

Three Photo Thursday


I’ve had the Steve Job biography on my Kindle for a while now, but just finally started it last week.  I’m nearly done with it already.  It is that good.  I highly recommend it to anyone even if you aren’t a techy geek like me.

Photo Apr 09, 9 11 31 PM

Easter candy is half off. Crap. Somehow this 42oz bag (yes, 42oz as in 2.6 lbs) of M&Ms made its way into our house. If I mix it with raisins and peanuts for a trail mix, I can consider it a health food right?

Photo Apr 08, 2 16 57 PM  Bailey's First Formal

Ok, this is technically 4 pictures, but the final 2 go together.  On the left, Bailey put on his Sunday best for Easter this year. On the right is the first picture we got of Bailey which is the one the adoption agency used on Petfinder when he was still a little pup. He has since developed a case of the crazy eyes.

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  1. Jon

    Bailey is a good looking dog, but the puppy picture of him begs the Q: “Why do they have to grow up?!?”
    Jon recently posted..Bloody Toes and Garmins

  2. Matthew Smith

    Well, I guess I’ll have to put Steve Jobs on my list of books to read! Jenn and I had to walk right by the Easter candy to avoid buying it!!! But, I love me some M&M’s, so I might have to go back to get some. Bailey looks good in a tie, although, I think he’s a little cuter as a puppy. Crazy eyes indeed!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Are you ready?

  3. Beth

    If I ever decide to attempt to read an entire book again (not counting sports related books), I just Steve Jobs will be on the list. Bailey is a cutie pie – I love going back through old photos when they were pups! I like how Bailey’s tie seems to always coordinate with his surroundings.
    Beth recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  4. Heather O

    Well now I am intrigued. I still haven’t finished my “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy yet, but I will have to add Steve Jobs biography to my list. Thankfully I have a business trip this week so I’ll have plenty of flight time to read 😉

    MMMMMMMM…..M&M’s are so tasty. They never last very long in our house. I’m curious to see how long that giant bag lasts you and Jennie. Post a pic of the empty bag when you finish 😉

    Bailey is adorable. The puppy photo could totally be a magazine cover or something. It’s funny because she looks so scared in the puppy picture, but then so fun loving and happy in the adult picture. It’s awesome to see how a loving and caring “adoptive family” can change the life of an animal. Bailey is so lucky to have you guys and I’m sure she wouldn’t trade you for the world!
    Heather O recently posted..Thank You

  5. Heather O

    Sorry, I totally referred to Bailey as a girl. My apologies Sir Bailey 😉
    Heather O recently posted..Thank You

  6. Christina

    I am on a bit of a non-fiction kick right now so I will definitely have to see about getting that book. I usually have to wait because I’m also trying to be thrifty and get it from the library.

    Thankfully, a stomach bug came just in time to keep me from eating the Easter candy my kids have stashed all over the house. Too tired and too sick to look for it. Love the Bailey pics. Too cute.
    Christina recently posted..Head games

  7. Matt Oravec

    My boss read the Jobs bio and said it was awesome. Hopefully he doesn’t start running the company like Jobs did though… I don’t know if I could handle being reamed out over something that is the wrong hue haha.

    Seriously how do you get Bailey to sit that long for a picture? lol.
    Matt Oravec recently posted..My "No Training Plan – Training Plan"

  8. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Hellz yeah its health food if you toss nuts, seeds, dried fruit and raisins in that bag to make 26 lbs. Just eat a handful a day…..good luck with that.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..New Way To Reduce Junk Food Consumption?

  9. Colleen

    Bailey is so cute… that tie looks awesome on him!!! 🙂

    Mmm… that bag of M&Ms wouldn’t last at all in my house. I’m a sucker for them!

    I’ve heard that book is good. Maybe it’ll be my next read!

  10. lindsay

    that is a single serving bag of m&m’s. man i miss those.
    lindsay recently posted..you are eliminated

  11. Jeff

    Ernie wants to know when Bailey is going to fly down for a visit?

  12. Sarah

    Cute pics of the pup! And I hear you with the candy. My problem is reeses pieces……….

  13. katie

    42oz of m&ms sounds like a great friday night to me.
    katie recently posted..three things thursday

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