Apr 09

I Need A Vacation From Vacation

What a whirlwind of a weekend. I can’t believe how much we crammed into 4 days.

We started off on Thursday by boarding the train and heading into Chicago.  We being myself, Jennie and my brother-in-law Brad.  As a Christmas present, we gave him a delayed trip to Chicago.  He had never been and shopping for a 15 year old is near impossible so the trip seemed perfect.  His Spring Break fell last week so he cashed in on the trip.

The trip is probably best told in pictures (you may have already seen these on FB).

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After the trip to Chicago, we brought Brad back home to his parents’ house which coincided with Easter. It turned out to be an amazing trip and a great weekend overall.  However, with all the running around, I am exhausted and feel like I need a break already. haha.

Ironman waits for no one though.  Last week was my recovery week which actually worked out well with all the travel. I didn’t do any “official” training on two of the days, however, I did a crap ton of walking on Thursday.  I estimated that we walked around 12 miles on Thursday as we wound our way through Chicago. We walked everywhere that day and didn’t use the L or buses at all.  It was a nice way to see the city, but even with my Hokas on, my feet were killing me by the end of the day.

I did get in a glorious run Friday morning along Lakeshore Drive while in Chicago. As I started my run, I noticed a guy wearing an IMWI finishers hat. I struck up a conversation with him and ended up running and chatting with him for nearly my entire run. I ended up with 6 miles which was all I had time for but it was one of those days where I felt like I could run forever.

This week is my return to a structured training plan. I have been following the No Plan Training Plan for the past couple of weeks and while I enjoy it, I want to get some of the structure back.  I had to hit the trainer today to get my ride in because the 35mph wind gusts proved to be too dangerous as I was nearly blown into oncoming traffic. Hopefully the weather cooperates for the rest of the week so I can nail my workouts.

On the racing front, I have my next race on Sunday. It is Fisk Knob, a 17.3 mile time trial.  This will be my first ever time trial race.  I am hoping to hit a 22-23 mph average, but that all depends on the weather and how well I can handle the course – the final 1/3 of the course is pretty much all up hill.  It will be interesting and fun to just hammer it for 45 minutes straight.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ellen

    Dude, I’ve seen a whole lot of “Chicago Shiny Bean” photos but I think that’s my favorite. Nice.
    Ellen recently posted..Yuban Dark Roast Coffee

  2. Matthew Smith

    The wind was CRAZY yesterday as we were driving back from the South. We almost blew off the road, and we weren’t on a bike! Good call with the trainer.

    Man, it looks like y’all had a blast in Chi-town. Aren’t our wives so smart? Every time I don’t listen to Jenn, I get screwed, but when I do, everything turns out beautifully! Your run with another IMWI sounded like fun. Isn’t it fun talking to strangers that have something in common with you?

    Good luck with the training. That TT sounds like fun and pain at the same time. You’ll do great, buddy!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Are you ready?

  3. Carolina John

    i know what you mean. I needed a few more days of this weekend as well, since it was all spent travelling. and while we had a lot of fun, it wasn’t quite Chicago fun.
    Carolina John recently posted..Ungroomed

  4. Christina

    Love visiting all the cool spots in Chicago. Last time I was there it was just for a conference and I didn’t really have time to sightsee. Had a great trip with a girlfriend a couple years ago though that was a total blast. Your pics make me want to go again! What a cool Christmas present. Will have to remember that for my niece that will be 15 in the fall. A little out of my usual budget for her, but what fun! Traveling with my children – I always need a vacation from my vacations. Good luck at your race this weekend.
    Christina recently posted..Did the Du

  5. Jon

    Glad you had a great time in Chicago. I think I should just go ahead and order that Lou Malnati’s on-line and keep in the freezer. I think its TOTALLY worth the cost!

    Also glad you got to run along the shore. Such a pretty run! I remember I did 12 miles and had a total elevation gain of 42 feet. SO flat!
    Jon recently posted..Scotland Run 10K Race Report

  6. Mark in Ottawa

    Sounds like a great trip that was enjoyed by all! Thanks for sharing the pics – never been myself, but this is good fodder for a future trip.

    Sounds like you have the training thing down pat – good on ya!

    Mark (in Ottawa, Canada)

  7. lindsay

    i need a vacation. glad you had a good time and skipping lines, i’m always down for that. i mean duh, i deserve that kind of treatment!

  8. Heather O

    Picture #33 is by far the best!
    Pictures #40-44 terrify me. I don’t think I could ever step out onto that glass ledge!
    Picture #55 intrigues me. Did you bring a different Ironman hat for each venue? I will have to get you some Rev3 visors to replace those 😉

    Looks like a really fun trip. I guess I never realized there were so many museums in Chicago. Last time we drove there just because we wanted deep dish pizza 😉
    Heather O recently posted..Thank You

  9. katie

    wow, looks like you lucked into a really gorgeous trip! how fun!
    katie recently posted..how to make your crotch happy

  10. Beth

    I think the seagull pic is great!!

    Chicago is awesome, glad you got to see…. just about everything. Well done.
    Beth recently posted..Three Things Thursday

  11. Morgan

    Swoon!!! I love me some Chi-town! I’m glad you had a great time!!!!
    Morgan recently posted..Crossed Off The Bucket List

  12. DR

    I always need a vacation from a vacation!!!
    lots going on – fantastic photos (and cool format layout)

    and time trial?
    seriously you are mixing it up in a great way – mtn bike & time trial’ing…way to go sounds like fun

  13. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Awesome trip and best told in pictures. I am loving that widget. Will be installing it this week for sure.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..New Way To Reduce Junk Food Consumption?

  14. Colleen

    It’s so hard to come back from vacation! But… it looks like you guys had a fabulous time. I love Chicago!!!

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