Apr 03

Delayed Recovery & Catch Up

It is finally time for some recovery! Technically last week was supposed to be my first recovery week. However, with a race planned for Saturday, and lots of travel and other obligations planned for this week, I decided to flip flop my training weeks.  I kept the intensity and volume pretty high throughout all of last week and into Monday. Starting today, I will back off a bit on the workouts. I know that I will miss some workouts and not have ability to bike with some of the travel so that will help me recover.  And I need the recovery, my body is feeling worn out.

Anyways, here is what I have been up to…

The Lowell 50

As I mentioned, I did another race on Saturday.  I hit the dirt/gravel on the mountain bike again for the The Lowell 50.  I chose the 28 mile loop and am glad I did.  The weather took a turn for the worse and we ended up with a starting temperature of 34*. Despite the cold, this race went much better than Barry-Roubaix for two reasons: I knew what to expect and the course was a bit less challenging (more pavement and no 2-track).  I did a slightly better job hanging with some groups, but still rode the majority on my own.  With the smaller field, I ended up taking 3rd in my age group out of 9.

The 28 mile group headed out at the start.

About 10 miles from the finish. There was a HUGE climb right after coming off of the bridge.

7 Coming across the finish line. There were 3 of us together in the final mile. I got out sprinted by one of the guys, but held off the 3rd guy.

Photo Mar 31, 2 09 59 PM
My age group hardware.


Training is going great. While I have a solid plan in place, I can’t say that I am following that closely. For as much shit as I have given MattyO about his “no plan plan”, I am starting to get it.  Last year, I followed my training plan to a T.  This year, however, I have basically been looking at the plan at the beginning of the week and then doing what I want.  I have been moving things around to fit my schedule and events like group rides/runs.

My biggest struggle thus far has been running for some reason. Part of it is the fact that I think I just needed a break from running after so much time training for the Woodlands Marathon.  I also think that I got so used to running long with my previous training plan, that I just can’t get motivated to do a short run.  All of my 4-6 miles runs have been struggles; both physically and mentally.  However, my long runs (10+ miles) have been awesome and I felt like I could run forever.  I may work with this and cut back on the number of runs per week and increase my per run mileage and see how my body handles it.

Team Priority Health Champion

I recently applied to be a Team Priority Health Champion and was accepted! I don’t know too many details yet, but I’m very excited to join a great team working to promote healthy and active lifestyles. 

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Matt Oravec

    Damn, didn’t know you did another bike event?! GREAT JOB MAN!

    Yeah, I have noticed the same thing, the runs have been killer to do w/ the no plan plan haha. However the swims and bikes have all been very solid and very rewarding. I think it’s just something about the mental aspect and not being so rigid and strict w/ your life? Don’t know, we will see how much of a failure I am in 1 month!!!

    Keep up the good work man, you are going to need a TROPHY ROOM!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..PROPER Running Race Etiquette

  2. Jeff Irvin

    Congrats on the Team Priority Health acceptance!

    That first picture is very nice – it is amazing how green it is for you guys already?

    I have been using our IM plan as more of a suggestion. Last year I followed to the letter. This year any chance I get to add in hills on both the bike and run – I am doing it. Even if it means deviating from the scheduled workout.

    Last night I was supposed to do intervals 9x1min, and instead did the Buffalo Spring 70.3 course on the Computrainer. It is a lot harder then 9×1 intervals and has a bunch of big climbs.
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Ironman Mont-Tremblant Training Week #1

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Yeah, the grass is ridiculously green. And growing like crazy already. We actually have rain and storms all day today and I can almost watch it grow. I haven’t even fertilized yet either. This is what we get for having an easy shoveling season.

      Totally agree on the training. We had to do the plan to the letter last year. Much more flexibility to challenge ourselves and have fun this year.

  3. Heather O

    Congrats on the bike race and the acceptance to TPH! That’s exciting! Take a break, you deserve it!!!
    Heather O recently posted..Overwhelmed

  4. BDD

    Congrats on making the team and taking 3rd at the race.

    Seriously, next season, let me know about these MTB races

    When are you going to dabble in Xterra, I know you have thought about it.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      The next MTB race will be The Lowell 50 this fall. It is actually the race I just did last weekend. They run the same race each spring and fall as sort of a season opener/season closer. I might be doing the Iceman Commeth race too. That is in November up in Traverse City. However, it sold out (sells out in 20 minutes or so). You can do registration transfers though so as it gets closer, I am going to keep my ear open for one. It is a 30 mile point to point single track ride.

      I have a buddy doing the Torn Shirt Xterra tri in Brighton this June (http://www.eliteendeavors.com/race_tornShirt.htm). I’m tempted by that one, but might pass on it this year.

      I’m hoping to get a good end of the season deal on a 29er this year. My 26er is nice, but I don’t stand a chance against the bigger wheels. Plus, with a 29er, I have a lot more tire choices and could go pretty narrow (35c-ish) for some of the dirt/gravel races.

  5. Matthew Smith

    Cool trophy! You’re going to run out of space with all that hardware you keep getting. Maybe you should slow down and let some of the other people win stuff! 🙂 I’m totally playing, but you’re such a stud for dominating all the time. I mean, mtn. biking really isn’t your game, but you kicked some booty anyway! Way to go!!!!

    I feel like Matty O is on to something by doing his own thing. Yeah, there is merit in sticking to the plan, but I agree that molding it to your life is pretty important too. I know that you will do whatever it takes to do great come race day, because that’s just who you are. You’re the man!

    Congrats on being accepted to Team Priority! I’ll be interested to hear more about it and what it really is…
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Monthly Recap

  6. Carolina John

    Cool man, congrats on the AG placement! Mtb can rock if you do it right.
    Carolina John recently posted..Pacer Report

  7. sarah

    Awesome job on the AG finish!
    sarah recently posted..Who let the Dogs Out…

  8. Christina

    Always nice to podium a race. I keep thinking I should follow a training plan, but I still haven’t found an earlier season tri to shoot for and I’m a little early to train for the 2 sprints in July. So I just try to get out there and do something. I’ve been skimming plans for my first Oly (which will either be Aug or Sept – so out a ways too), but I haven’t decided exactly which one to follow yet. So I guess I’ll continue to do the “MattyO” whatever I want plan for the next month or so.
    Christina recently posted..Family BBQ + Masonry

  9. Jon

    Nice job Kevin!

    Rest is for the dead. Keep hitting it hard! (TWSS)
    Jon recently posted..Accomplishing goals is a bad thing?

  10. Beth


    I love the pics… but how do we know its really you?
    Beth recently posted..Ironman CDA Training Begins

  11. lindsay

    i remember when short runs were no big deal… i didn’t want to “waste my time” “only” going out for a 30 minute run.

    haaaah. now i can’t even run for 30 minutes straight. haha. well, i probably could – i ran over the weekend with friends who’s pace is 10-11min miles and i ran 2 miles without stopping (!! a victory these days, as sad as that is). but when i run on my own apparently i try for 9:30ish/mile running pace which wears me out faster. i’m just out of shape. obviously.

    anyway. glad all is well. congrats on 3rd!
    lindsay recently posted..march 2012

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