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Super (Bowl) Weekend

It is Wednesday and I am finally catching up from this past weekend. Yep. It was that crazy.  It was a whole lot of fun though.  Jennie and I went to Cincinnati to hang out with a couple of friends for the Super Bowl.  One of my good friends Matt (who you might remember from IMWI spectator fame) invited us to their new place for the game.

We took the absolute most roundabout way to Cincinnati and somehow ended up sharing the road with dozens of Amish horse and buggies. The cyclist in me noticed the wide, paved shoulders; wide enough for the buggies, thinking they would be awesome roads for biking.  And then I noticed the copious amount of horse shit also lining the road.  Maybe not. haha.  It really made for an interesting drive. We ended up taking a different way back home though.

We arrived in Cincy around dinner time and head out to the Firehouse Grill. Good food, good beer, good friends, good times.  One of our friends is a KU grad so we spend the evening watching the KU Mizzou rivalry game.

The next morning, Jennie and I kicked off the day by getting our run in.  Jennie was doing 4 and I had 13 on the schedule.  We headed out together with Jennie planning on turning back at 2 miles. Holy cow was it hilly!

At the very beginning of the run, we passed by this really interesting looking house.  It is called the Mushroom House and was designed by art school professor who sadly died shortly after it was finished.

Image634642863788335826 Image634642863939594478

I would have loved to have seen the inside of it.


Hills never photograph well, but this is at the top of one of the hills.  This would be about the 20 minute mark in the elevation chart below.


After Jennie turned around, I realized that I had missed one of my intended turns. I decided to keep going, but quickly found myself in a industrial district that was pretty deserted.  So, I headed back to find my originally intended route.  I soon found myself running along the Ohio River as planned. I had originally wanted to run to Kentucky and back, but with my missed turned, I would have had to have made my run significantly longer to make it to the closest bridge. I guess I can take solace in the fact that I was able to see Kentucky across the river.  Oh well. Maybe next time!

The end of this run was a doozy.  As you can see from the elevation chart, there was a solid 2 mile, 15+ minute stretch that was continuously uphill. It sucked the entire time.  When I imported the data in to SportTracks, I found that I spent a whopping 40% of the run on an incline of at least 2% grade.

Let’s just say that the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is now at the bottom of my marathon “To Do” list. 

After running, the guys went to the driving range while the women went shopping.

Image634642449802797208 Image634642449958086090

I haven’t golfed in nearly 3 years so I had no idea what to expect. I actually did better than I thought after I warmed up a bit.

After golf, it was party time.  We all set out to prep the appetizers while one of the guys prepped the meat and potatoes.

8 layer dip, hummus and veggies, chips, salsa, cheese & crackers, and guacamole

The main course. Beef tenderloin and scalloped potatoes. So. Freaking. Delicious.

A meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert

The game was a blast and we couldn’t have asked for better people to spend it with. I really didn’t have a favorite team (If Jon asks, I was cheering for the Pats, but if Jason asks, I was cheering “Go Giants” all day long).  I was just hoping for a good game and that is what we got.

We crashed right after the game was over knowing that we had a long drive ahead of us the next morning.  On our way out of town, we stopped at Busken Bakery for some donuts. Yelp! claimed they were the best donuts in Cincinnati and they didn’t disappoint.


Jennie and I each got a cream cheese and fruit pastry. However, I was super tempted by what is called the Maple Hog: maple frosting covered with a strip of bacon.  With 6 hours in the car forthcoming, I didn’t want to tempt the digestion gods though.

(not the exact donut, but this is what they looked like)

After we got on the highway, we saw this sign.  I guess we were headed in the right direction.

Spelled correctly and everything!

And now it is time to keep playing catch up.  How was your Super Bowl Weekend?

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  1. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Well then you picked the right team…..ha!

    How cool is Neumann Way? Seriously that is awesome and if you were 18 you probably would have gotten off the exit and stolen the sign from a street pole.

    I am not one for donuts but the pastry looks really good….damn now I’m starving b/t your post pics of food and Jon’s pizza.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..PureFit Nutrition Bars Review

    1. lindsay

      bahaha. i don’t know about 18. that’s legal age. maybe 16 or 17 so you don’t get a record…
      lindsay recently posted..january 2012

  2. Jon

    We lost. Thanks for reminding me. Gosh! People can be SO insensitive sometimes!


    Is that BACON on a donut that involves maple syrup?

    Am I alive? Hello! Can anyone hear me?!?
    Jon recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: FOOD & PIZZA!!!

  3. Beth

    I thought Flying Pig was almost dead flat. Where do you find these hills?!?
    Beth recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Pace Booty

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I had always heard that Flying Pig was hilly. I was on the NE side of town and actually on part of the course for the run. Thankfully, the largest hill at the end of my run is not on the course. Of course, you would still have to climb that same total elevation even if it is spread over more miles.

    2. BDD

      HAA!! Its freaking hilly out that way, Its way down on my todo list because of it. Nothing is flat in Southern Ohio
      BDD recently posted..11 Things x 4

  4. lindsay

    fourth! i haven’t read it yet but i noticed the new design/layout and had to hurry and comment about that. which reminds me i need to, uh, do *something* with mine… it’s been like 3 months. and is super pathetic because it’s not like i have long runs as an excuse for not having the time…
    lindsay recently posted..january 2012

    1. lindsay

      ok. here is my real comment, i know you were waiting with anticipation.

      i’m sorry you were cheering for that pats. kentucky! i can’t believe you didn’t even think of me. gee thanks. that donut looks delicious. the bacon one, not so much.
      lindsay recently posted..january 2012

      1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

        I totally forgot about you time in KY. Miss that at all??? I was warned by my friends that once I crossed into KY that all bets were off and that I was on my own. People can just go missing there. haha

        Your new blog is still there waiting for some love. I can hear it crying occasionally because it has been abandoned.

  5. BDD

    I wish i knew you were in Ohio, Cincy is only 2 hours away.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I know! Colleen said the same thing. It was sort of a last minute trip. We were supposed to go to Indy for the party but it got moved at the last minute. We didn’t know until Friday that we were for sure even going. I thought about swinging by, but the route we took had us spending more drive time in IN than in OH (which is for the better right??? 😉 haha)

  6. Christina

    Too bad for your Jayhawk friend, but what an awesome Super Bowl feed. Lots of fun!
    Christina recently posted..West Greenway Run

  7. Jeff Irvin

    Wow, I am now starving for bacon, you had to show the bacon?
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Stuff I Have Enjoyed this Week …

  8. Matthew Smith

    I love blogs that sport tons of pictures!!! It looks like you and Jennie had a blast in the Nasty Nati! Those doughnuts looked amazing. It’s been a little while since I’ve had any, but I might have to make a special trip and excuse to get one. I had a good time watching the game too.
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Zipfizz Product Review

  9. Emily

    We have a really weird house just outside my neighborhood that everyone refers to as The Boob (for obvious reasons). I’m pretty sure it wasn’t designed by an art school professor though, just someone with really bad taste.
    Emily recently posted..A String of [Semi-Related] Thoughts

  10. Mark in Ottawa

    That looks like a great trip and a great party! I’m also glad to see that you and Jennie got in a good run!

    We went to a Super Bowl party here and missed the whole game!

    Great to see you guys keeping your motivation high this winter! Seeing you guys out there putting in the hours is super motivating!

    Keep up the great work.

    Mark (in Ottawa, Canada)

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Whoa, whoa, whoa…. you watch football in Canada??!?!? I thought you only watched hockey?!? haha 😉 j/k

      1. Mark in Ottawa

        Ha! Like I said…we WENT to the superbowl party, but missed the entire game. This would not have happened if it was the Stanley Cup playoffs. 🙂

        Mark (in Ottawa, Canada)

  11. Mandy

    That looks like so much fun!! BACON!!!!!

    Nice run BTW. It looks so WARM!!

    Superbowl was fun except the part where the Pats blew it…That started in their first possesion!!!

    Awesome photos!
    Mandy recently posted..Wagging Wednesday: Patiently Waiting

  12. DR

    totally a super weekend!!
    thos hills!
    that mushroom house!
    that SPREAD!

  13. Carolina John

    That does look like a really tough run and a fun weekend! I’ve always wanted to do flying pig but heard it was challenging.
    Carolina John recently posted..Old and New

  14. Elizabeth

    I can’t believe you turned down the bacon doughnut.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Nice girl

  15. katie

    I ate my weight in homemade chili on SBS. yummm.

    Also, I’m real sad that you didn’t eat the bacon maple thing. what kind of man are you?
    katie recently posted..three things thursday

  16. Tim Corson

    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! What part of Cincy were you staying in/running?
    Tim Corson recently posted..Pig Plan Execution Week 2

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