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Three Things Thursday

300 Miles

January was a huge month for me.  For the first time, I hit 300 running miles in a single month.  Woohoo! Technically, Monday was supposed to be an off day, but after looking at my totals on Sunday, I found that I only needed 19 miles to hit 300.  So, I moved my rest day to Wednesday and did 15 miles and 9 miles on Monday and Tuesday respectively to put me over the threshold.  Even at 305 total miles, this rock star, still beat me out by 2 miles. However, I think I should get an automatic bonus 2 miles for mainly doing my mileage outside and not on the treadmill ;).


(photo courtesy of http://www.barry-roubaix.com)

Last night, I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for Barry-Roubaix on March 24th. Barry-Roubaix is billed as “The Killer Gravel Road Race.”  With three race options (23 mile, 25 mile, and 65 mile), I went with the middle ground and chose the 35 mile race. I spent some time last night tuning up my commuter turned mountain bike making sure that it would be up to the task.  Thankfully, with a new chain and cassette, I’ll be ready to rock.  I’m excited to try something new.  Here’s to hoping I don’t die.  Have you ever done a gravel/dirt bike race?



So who is loving the weather we are having right now.  Here, in the Midwest where we would normally be freezing our nuts off, we are seeing temps in the 40’s and even low 50’s! Both of my runs this week were in shorts; one even in short sleeves as well.  It is looking like today, with a high of 44*, will be another shorts day.  Do you think spring could really be here already? Or is Mother Nature playing a cruel, cruel joke on use and going to stick us with snow in April or something crazy like that?  I guess it depends on whether or not you believe this guy.

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  1. Mark in Ottawa

    That Barry-Roubaix race looks like a whole heap of fun! Is there anything you’ll be doing to your commuter-tuned mountain bike to get it race ready besides swapping out the cassette and chain (also, when you do, could you post pics of the process? Swapping out the cassette has always been a bit of a mystery to me).

    Here in Ottawa, a mere 10 hour drive from you (ha!) it’s still below freezing, but we’re hovering at the snow/freezing rain zone for the past few days. Despite the freezing rain, I still like this better than the -20c we were having for a few weeks there!

    Congrats on the your record run mileage! That’s awesome…and even better that you didn’t have to do it all on the dreadmill!

    Mark (in Ottawa)

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I pulled off the kickstand and pannier holder 🙂 I figured that would make me look like a total noob. Other than that, I really just cleaned and lubed all the moving parts as well as adjusted the brakes.

      Changing the cassette and change is a piece of cake as long as you have the tools. I bought a bike repair kit for like $60 that has everything I have ever needed. It isn’t as high quality as the Park tools but I haven’t had any problems. For changing the cassette, you need a chain whip (which you can actually make with a piece of wood and a spare section of chain in a pinch) and a cassette locking tool. You basically put both pieces on, twist and off comes the cassette. The cassette is designed so that there is really only one way to put it on so you can’t screw it up. I used to use the videos at bicycletutor.com but they have gone to a subscription service. Otherwise I have a book called Bicycle Maintence and Repair. Sheldon Brown’s website has gotten me out of a few jams as well (despite appearing to have been developed in the 90’s and never updated). I’ll try and post pics when the parts come in but I usually forget and halfway through the project realize I haven’t taken any.

  2. Jeff Irvin

    305mi is just huge! Very cool you went for it on the last two days!

    This weather is absolutely ridiculous. It was 78* here yesterday. Now if I wasn’t a runner it would be amazing but I want the 50’s to come back.
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..And Just When You Thought Hollywood Was Out of Original Ideas …

  3. Lisa

    great weather . We have had a string of really nice days, but I see that they are calling for the possibility of snow on Friday out here.
    Lisa recently posted..Jan Totals

  4. BDD

    That race looks like fun

    I wish everyone in the midwest would stop tempting the weather gods by paoting about the weather, i have a feeling its going to end up jinxing us
    BDD recently posted..You Choose the Adventure

  5. DR

    i n c r e d i b l e run month
    just huge
    this sets up your year in the biggest way
    I am both envious and also now feeling the need to go for a long run 🙂

  6. Matthew Smith

    Way to go on hitting 300! That’s HUGE!!!! After reading that Runner’s World quote on Facebook, all I could think about is that you’ve put the mileage in to BQ, so now it’s just down to the actual race. I’m rootin’ for you, buddy!

    The weather is CRAZY! I heard on the news that this is the warmest weather in 80 years! Heck yeah! After getting a shocker last winter, I have really enjoyed this one.

    Blessings on your Thursday!
    Matthew Smith recently posted..Zipfizz Product Review

  7. Matt Oravec

    Damn man, it’s almost like you sold your soul to Mother Nature to get AWESOME BQ training weather or something… had I known you were going to go to that point… I MIGHT have tried getting my mileage up and join you and Jeff hahaha. Regardless, thank you for taking the fall for the entire midwest, I really do appreciate it.

    As for running in shorts and t shirt… yup, right there w/ you man. It is AWESOME!!!!!

    Never done a mountain bike group ride/race. Good luck, I have a feeling those guys are more insane than triathletes haha.

    305 miles, insane. That right there tells you that this year is going to be freaking amazing! Keep up the great work, 1 month buddy!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..My hill workouts

  8. Sharpie

    The warm weather has indeed been CRAZY!!! Loving it! Good on ‘ya for the great mileage you’re getting in.
    Serious note: when you have a moment please shoot me an email. Have a question for you: carole@rev3tri
    Sharpie recently posted..Good Enough

  9. Jon

    Awesome job on the run mileage! Basically for every run I did, you did it x2.226. Damn! That is a LOT of running!

    I am kind of scared for February and March Re: weather. I remember in 2007 we didn’t get our first snowfall till Valentine’s Day, and it still turned out to be a snowy year. *GULP*
    Jon recently posted..Consistency

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Nerd! Haha. Yeah but you totally killed me on the bike and the bike is going to be the most challenging part of IMMT I think. I need to find me some hills like you have been riding.

      I’m blocking out 2007. Thanks for bringing it up.

  10. Elizabeth

    Sweet mileage dude and congrats for getting most of it done outside.
    Elizabeth recently posted..What’s the plan, Stan?

  11. Emily

    I’m terrified of any bike adventure not on the road (even though I’m really intrigued by cross) because a friend of mine busted up his face when we were in high school during a MTB trip. I can’t even stay upright on my feet. But, here’s to trying new things — I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    And 305 miles is nuts. Marathon training FTW!
    Emily recently posted..WTF BODY?!?

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I think this race should be a good entry point. Even though the picture I posted made it look a little rough, there are really only two stretches like that. The rest is on dirt/gravel roads that should be more tame. I’ve even heard that if the weather is nice and the trails are dry that you can ride a roadie as long as you walk through a couple of the really sandy parts. I’ll probably do the MTN bike regardless just to make it different. Plus, if I like it lot, it is a good excuse to buy a 29er 🙂

      Good luck with your marathon training! Do it for Pre!

  12. Carolina John

    Holy crap I thought you were talking about biking 300 miles. Running? geez that’s a ton.
    Carolina John recently posted..Evil Genius Story

  13. lindsay

    i think i will take the credit for this amazing winter weather. mother nature knows that it is the first winter i am not running, and therefore decided to not have any ridiculously cold days to torture me. when i do run again, it will be 14 degrees.

    70s here today 🙂
    lindsay recently posted..january 2012

  14. Morgan

    300 miles! Holy hell Kev, congrats!!!

    That bike race looks scary, I imagine lots of flat tires and crashes. You have fun with that….

    As for this weather… O.M.G. I am LOVING IT! I even said the other day, when did 40 get so nice?! My blood must officially be thickened.
    Morgan recently posted..January Recap/Stats

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Thickened blood? That sounds like a symptom of zombie-ism!

      Thanks for bringing the warm weather with you when you moved back to Michigan.

  15. peter takeda

    300 miles!! holy crap

    awesome. I drove 300 miles in my car this month….maybe
    peter takeda recently posted..Run For Sherry…..

  16. Sarah

    wow 300 running miles is a lot! Go you.

    I would be scared of a trail bike race…
    Sarah recently posted..A Cycling Tour… Yes Please

  17. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    That f’n gerbel or whatever it is saw his shadow today so he is saying 6 more weeks of winter but if the next 6 weeks are like this I’ll take them. Leading to a nice spring. Only thing that worries me is that May will be a scorcher in Texas if is is already 70* here in January.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..What Happens On My Run

  18. Beth

    Isn’t that like the equivalent of 11+ marathons in one month?!? Yikes!

    If this is the kind of winter that will be here for 6 more weeks, I am fine with that.
    Beth recently posted..Sprinter in Ironman Training

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      11 marathons…. I like that! I had thought of it as 10 miles per day. Or 20% of ALL the miles I did last year.

      Screw the groundhog. Spring is right around the corner!

  19. katie

    300 miles in a month? HOLY CRAP. you’re getting out of control.
    katie recently posted..random friday facts

  20. Tim Corson

    300+ miles of running make my knees hurt just thinking about it! Well done bud!

    The Barry-Roubaix race looks insane, but immensely fun as long as you don’t crash and get run over!
    Tim Corson recently posted..Pig Plan Execution Week 1

  21. Mandy

    First of all, awesome month!!!

    And second of all, that Barry-Roubaix race looks freaking AWESOME!!!

  22. Colleen

    Loving this weather for sure! 🙂

    300 miles in January! Holy smokes! That’s amazing Kevin!

    Good for you for stretching your comfort zone boundary a little with the bike race. You’ll have fun (this coming from the girl that’s never even been on a mountain bike!)

  23. Brett

    I believe that the Barry-Roubaix will be a great experience for you. Good thing your current bike setup can handle the rough road ahead.
    Brett recently posted..learn and master dance

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