Jan 16

The Return Period Has Expired

Well, it is official.  Bailey has now been a member of our family for a whole year.  That means that our one year time period to return him has expired. Ok, there really wasn’t a return period, but I had a tendency to tell him that we would return him if he wasn’t behaving.  He would just look at me with his cocked head trying to figure out what I was telling him.

Here is what he (and we) were up to during his first year.

Such a cuddle bug!

His first bath – when he was still small enough to fit in the sink.

Doing what he does best – napping.

Bailey’s first public outing at the Reeds Lake Kite Festival.

Playing the snow with his big Aunt Bagel.

Waiting for Jennie to come home from work.

Learning out how to climb the stairs.

Taking an ice bath after a hot summer run.

Being forced to celebrate his 6 month birthday. Unhappily.

Learning how to swim.

Spectating his first triathlon a very windy day.

So many toys, so little time to play with them all.

Helping with the yard work by chewing up any stick he can find.

Again, not happy to be wearing a hat. This time for his 1 year birthday.

Bailey’s first 5k!

Celebrating Halloween!

Helping pick out a Christmas tree.

Happy New Year!

Still a lap dog. Either the dog got bigger or the lap got smaller.

You’re the best Bailey (aka. Bailey Bug, Bug-a-Boo, Bug, Bugsy).  We wouldn’t return you even if we could.

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  1. Matt Oravec

    Wow, what a tribute to Bailey!

    Can’t believe it has been a whole year already.

    We have a huge lap dog too… he sits in your lap and then just looks at you like, ummmm, commence petting NOW! haha.

    To many more years of Bailey!!!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..Work and Bread Maker Picture Dump

  2. Jeff Irvin

    Can’t believe it has been a year. Times just flies!

    Bailey is a pretty awesome dog.

    If he would like a brother and sister you can take two pugs back with you in March (-:
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Olympic Trials & Houston Marathon

  3. Jon

    Awesome post! So cool to see his transformation and I love love love the stair climbing video. Totally forgot about that one!

    Why can’t these pups stay smaller for longer?

    Sooooooo, when is he gonna get a sibling, eh?
    Jon recently posted..Three Things Thursday: Experimenting

  4. Lauren

    aw, I love Bailey! He had so many accomplishments in his first year- and I’m sure he was perfectly behaved and never ever chewed a shoe or peed on the carper 😉
    Lauren recently posted..Reconnecting with New Friends, Old Friends,and my Sneakers

  5. Christina

    This was really cute. But the Rocky music on the stair climbing video totally made my day. Awesome! Here’s to many more fun years of adventures together!
    Christina recently posted..Back in the saddle again…

  6. lindsay

    happy bailey anniversary!
    lindsay recently posted..product review: vega sport nutrition

  7. Elizabeth

    aww. we love our dogs!
    Elizabeth recently posted..My Winter of Missing

  8. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    He is too cute! 🙂
    Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) recently posted..A week in review and other things too

  9. Matt Smith

    There’s no way you could ever take him back! He’s such a good boy and a good lookin’ boy as well. Isn’t it amazing how big they get after just a year? Man, he was so small as a puppy. Dog are the best!
    Matt Smith recently posted..Christmas Fun

  10. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Great tribute and what a tremendous year he has had.

    Love the picture of him sitting in the bowl after a summer run. That is terrific.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Frugal Grocer Week #2

  11. Mary Tanner

    Love the dog love!
    Mary Tanner recently posted..Slacker

  12. BDD

    Ha, he doesnt look too happy in some of those pics
    BDD recently posted..You Choose the Adventure

  13. Beth

    I cannot believe it’s already been a year – time flys when you have one of the best dogs around. You have a great looking pup! Wishing you and Jennie many more wonderful years with Bailey 🙂
    Beth recently posted..Bike Riding Weekend!

  14. Emily

    I have a black lab named Bailey — and maybe if we’d threatened to return her she’d actually have learned to behave herself. Eh, probably not.

    He’s gotten so big!
    Emily recently posted..OMG SHOES

  15. kc

    wow, that Bailey has grown into one fine dog! of course, that’s b/c he has such stellar parent’s. my favorite pictures are the 6 month and 1 year with the party hat on. the look on his face is priceless! i think there should be a blogger/doggie meetup one day. Bailey, Porter, Sophie, Frankie, Ernie, Ginga and now I can’t remember all of the other dog names but you know who you guys are. I’d show up even without a dog. Happy birthday Bailey!

  16. katie

    yeah, I wanted to return Molly for a while too. but bailey is such a cutie! they are stinkers when they are puppies!
    katie recently posted..three things thursday on tuesday

  17. Beth

    He really is ridiculously cute. I love that stair video! Happy adoption anniversary.
    Beth recently posted..Cycling Progress

  18. Colleen

    Aw, I love this Kevin! He’s such an awesome dog. And I must say, that video of him climbing the stairs is my favorite. I literally was cheering for him to figure them out (even though I’ve seen the video and knew how it ended). 😉

  19. adena

    Great post! I can’t wait to check out the videos when i get home.
    adena recently posted..so I was…

  20. Emz

    love this.
    Slightly embarrassed. You have more photos in one year of your dog than I have of my only child in 11.5 years.
    Ya, I’m a loser.

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