Jan 09

The Plan

It is official, I am now registered for the 2012 Woodlands Marathon on March 3rd! While I had previously hinted at a spring marathon, I finally registered for one.

I actually began training for this race back in November.  I had revisited my goals for 2011 and realized I needed to ramp up my running if I wanted to hit my goal of 1500 miles for the year.  As I ramped up my mileage to 40-45 miles a week, Jeff recommended Pete Pfitzinger’s book Advanced Marathoning. It was just what I needed.  While I still recommend Hal Higdon’s Marathon book for the newbie marathoner, Pfitz’s Advanced Marathoning is geared toward taking your training and racing to the next level.  I realized, that with some hard work and serious focus placed on running, I could make a run at a BQ marathon this spring.

I looked at some races in the Midwest (Glass City, Martian, Lansing, etc.) but all fell in April which would be a few months into IMMT training.  So, I took Jeff up on his offer to race the Woodlands Marathon with him in March, just before IMMT training will start up.  However, by the time I made that decision (early December), I was already a bit behind schedule.  Advanced Marathoning offers 4 levels of training plans each in a 12-week and 18-week format.  Ideally I would have like to have done the 18/70 format (18 weeks, maxing at 70 miles per week), but I only had 15 weeks until race day.  So, with a bit of tweaking, I “warmed up” with some modified weeks from the 18/70 program before beginning the 12/70 program (12 weeks, maxing at 70 miles per week).  If you are curious as to what the training program looks like, you can check it out here.

I now have 4 weeks of solid training under my belt and I can feel it working. At least I hope that feeling is “working” and not my legs ready to cry “Mercy!”  It is the hardest (and most) I have ever run in my 14 years as a runner.  Before reading Advanced Marathoning and starting this plan, I’d have thought it would be impossible to log 50, 60, or even 70 miles a week.  However, the body somehow adapts to it. I’m not going to say it is easy or pain free by any means, but I don’t feel like I am training any harder than I have for previous marathons when I logged 30-40 miles per week.

The goal for Woodlands is to BQ which means sub-3:05 (yikes).  However, I am shooting for a 3:02-3:03 in order to give myself a buffer to both BQ and not get locked out a the new registration process.  That comes out to about a 7:00 mile which should be doable.  Over the past month or so, I have gone back and forth in my head on whether or not this is a realistic goal.  My fastest marathon was at Grand Rapids this past October in 3:20.  Other than coming off Ironman training in September, I was horribly undertrained for it.  My current training times point to the fact that I am right on track with my training, but mentally I still struggle with it.  So I have decided it is time to nut up or shut up ignore the brain and trust in the legs (and the plan).

That’s the plan.  Woodlands Marathon in 8 weeks. I’ve got this.

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  1. BDD

    Just promise me you wont Tebow along with Jeff, It a man card infraction
    BDD recently posted..As the New Year Starts….

    1. Jon

      Yes. What BDD said!
      Jon recently posted..NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K Race Report

      1. Jeff

        Whatever, you guys are just jealous. After we get done Tebowing at the finish line we will then begin random “Trust Falls”.
        Jeff recently posted..Calling Bullshit on CrossFit Endurance

        1. Matt Oravec

          A Tebow after a BQ = Instant Blog Removal Process from my reader!
          Matt Oravec recently posted..I am a vegetarian!

          1. Jeff

            Matt, what about the trust falls? Those seem more like your type of thing, right?
            Jeff recently posted..Calling Bullshit on CrossFit Endurance

  2. Jon

    Texas ain’t gonna know what hit em on March 3rd! GO GET THAT BQ KEVIN!!!
    Jon recently posted..NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K Race Report

  3. Jeff

    Kevin, this is going to be awesome! We are looking forward to you and Jennie visiting, after the race is BBQ, Tex-Mex, and Shiner GALORE!!! We are going to need to be fattened up with IM Training starting the next day!
    Jeff recently posted..Calling Bullshit on CrossFit Endurance

  4. Christina

    Sounds like you are kicking off the New Year with a big hairy ass goal. Love it! I’m sure you’ll have a blast in TX!
    Christina recently posted..Waste of a Nice Day, but Read/Swam

  5. Emily

    That poster quote. Exactly.
    Emily recently posted..No, Really, I Will: The Plan For 2012

  6. Viper

    Eight weeks? Pfft! No problem. Go kick some ass. Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..Finding a Groove

  7. Matt Smith

    Yeah Baby! It’s game time! You’ve freaking got this, and it’s gonna be awesome! I know that you’ll just gut it out if you a feeling crappy, so this one is in the bag. All that training is going to give you what you need. BQ, watch out, cuz Kevin Neumann is coming through!
    Matt Smith recently posted..Christmas Fun

  8. adena

    LOVE that picture. I can’t see the training plan (blocked at work) but I’ll assume is super scary. My training plan goes like this. ‘Get OFF your ass!’ The other book you recommended for newbies looks interesting. Tks for the link.
    adena recently posted..Registered

  9. James F

    i do not think you can Te-Bow and use that poster in the same post. I think it cancells it out!
    James F recently posted..Great Way to Start 2012!

  10. Matt Oravec

    I believe you and Jeff… I really do. However, my body was so jacked up from last year that I am taking a RECOVERY YEAR haha. Maybe next year I will hit you up for the plan. I do agree that you have to over train to get your pace down at that distance.

    Keep up the great work man. Don’t think, just do the workouts and put the effort in now so you can reap the rewards on race day!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..I am a vegetarian!

  11. Elizabeth

    Nut up or shut up! I like that. I am going to start saying that to my kids when they give me crap about homework and junk. Good luck with the training! I am sure you will nut up just fine!
    Elizabeth recently posted..D2E update: Living life in the fast lane

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I need a picture of your kids’ faces when you use that quote on them. If my mom ever said that to me my jaw would be on the floor.

  12. katie

    Hahah, LOVE the sign. you got this.

  13. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    I have no doubt that both you and Jeff with BQ on that day. Looking at your training and your paces I know that you guys can do it. I was horribly undertrained for Vegas and ran in a quagmire and held a 7:30/mi pace through 20 miles. With your training and fresh legs going into this race you will do it.

    Now the real question is convincing the wife to head down there to watch and cheer you guys on.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Frugal Grocer – Week #1

  14. Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner

    Damn, you’re a machine. Nice work!
    Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner recently posted..Week One: Not a Bad Start

  15. Beth

    I checked out the plan you’re doing. If you can keep up that training, you’ll definitely get that BQ in march!
    Beth recently posted..Three Things Thursday: 2012 Goals

  16. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    LOVE that quote at the end!!! I have no doubt that you are going to do awesome in your marathon!
    Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) recently posted..A run, a coyote, and a jog strap??

  17. lindsay

    if you shave 20 minutes off your marathon time i’m hiring you to be my coach. if i ever return to running that is. oh, but you’ll be paid in bicycles that you were supposed to send me but never did. i figure it’s only fair.
    lindsay recently posted..calling all units

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Sounds like a plan. However, you haven’t followed a plan yet for a marathon so what makes me believe that you would follow my plan?

  18. kc

    like i said before, i’ve called my bookie and placed my money on you and Jeff to BQ. I must meet you both in Boston 2013! Nuf said!
    kc recently posted..M-Dot races versus the rest

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