Jan 03

2011 In Pictures

Totally stealing this idea from Katie (without the gratuitous ass shots of course).



Started off the year with the cold, cold, cold Portland Winter Run.


Immediately after the Portland Winter Run, we headed off to adopt this little furry bundle of joy.  He has grown a bit since then, but will still sit any lap available whether he fits or not.


Ended January with an awesome blogger meetup at the Frostbite Marathon relay.



My Christmas present of a new bike finally arrived at the bike shop! Bike porn galore!

Broke my toe. Tripped over the dog and went foot first into a heat register. (Despite getting shit about posting the foot picture back in February, I decided to repost it. Deal with it.)


I was too stubborn to miss a month of racing despite the broken toe so I hobbled through the Heart and Sole 5k to keep the streak alive.



With the toe finally back to normal, I busted out a near PR 5k at the Irish Jig.


Had an awesome blogger meetup at the Glass City (half) Marathon with Tom, Colleen, MattyO, Heather, and BDD.  We had a great time and I even managed an awesome half marathon PR.


We had a spring thunderstorm where we learned that the end of the rainbow was actually in our front yard.  Time to start digging for a pot of gold? Gotta pay for this sport somehow.



Ran the Calvin Spring Classic 5k for the first time and ran with Rob and Sheri as well.


Ran the Tulip Time 10k and 5k respectively.  I would have had a 10k PR except a volunteer routed us the wrong way and we accidentally cut off about .5 miles. 


Rode 155 miles around the entire county hitting all four corners.  The 145 mile course wasn’t enough so we *purposefully* got lost and added 10 miles onto the course.


Rode 23 laps around Reeds Lake as my 100 Miles of Nowhere.  Crazy but fun.



Knocked the Grand Rapids Triathlon Half Ironman out of the park with my first sub-5 hour 70.3.


Celebrated 5 years of home ownership!


Did my 2nd ever Olympic distance triathlon and despite a suckfest on the run still managed a nice PR.  Too bad it was the last year for the race because it was an awesome event.


Signed up for my 2nd Ironman race before even finishing the first one.



Celebrated 6 years of wedded bliss!



Actually took a vacation! Of course there was plenty of running, biking, and swimming on said vacation.


Shocked myself with my first sub-19 minute 5k at the Siren Chase 5k.  I ended up placing 7th overall and 1st in my age group.


Despite a cancelled swim, I had a great race at Ironman Steelhead 70.3.  Bailey made his spectating debut as well and was a trooper the entire day.



I became an Ironman! Swim Report. Bike Report. Run Report. When is the next one?


Recovered from aforementioned Ironman with a beer and football recovery program at the Holy Land Notre Dame.



Did the bike leg of the Run, Ride, Row triathlon down in Berrien Springs.  Had a great time racing and hanging out with the Wood’s and Smith’s afterwards.


Took some time to go on a nice fall color tour on the bike.


Rocked another Grand Rapids Marathon and scored a PR at the same time. I also signed up as a lifetime entrant so I better keep up this whole running thing.


Celebrated Bailey’s first birthday. Even if he didn’t want to.


Bailey ran his first 5k at the appropriately named Bailey’s Doggie Dash.


Continued to embarrass Bailey by dressing him up for Halloween.
I had absolutely nothing to do with this.



Jennie and I successfully cooked our own Thanksgiving dinner for the first time.  No one got sick and it was delicious!


Before Thanksgiving Dinner, Jennie, her brother Brad, and I ran the Anti-Turkey Trot.  I won the 10k race! Woohoo! Brad took 4th overall in the 5k and Jennie rocked her first ever 10k!



We made and decorated some kick ass gingerbread houses with Matt and Jenn Smith.


Bailey helped pick out the perfect Christmas tree.


I celebrated Christmas with my favorite girl and the best puppy ever.

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  1. BDD

    Congrats on an awesome 2011 and I wish an even better 2012
    BDD recently posted..Happy Holidays

  2. Jeff

    Great pics and wonderful memories!

    Forgot about that 155mi ride — that is crazy!
    Jeff recently posted..Texas Half Marathon Race Report – 3rd Place Overall

  3. Matt Smith

    I think I remember every one of those posts. I even got in several of them!

    Nice work on taking so many pictures. I always appreciate posts that have a ton of them to make things interesting.
    Matt Smith recently posted..Christmas Fun

  4. lindsay

    favorite girl implies there is more than one…

    this was (surprisingly) a fun recap. (i admit at first i was like geeeeeze this is going to a mile long with all these photos, but in the end i liked it). i’m just too lazy to go through pictures to actually do it.

    do people in michigan not hang ferns on their porch? is that just a southern thing? i’m glad you guys have a porch though. i have a thing for porches, even if i never use mine.
    lindsay recently posted..goodbye 2011

  5. Erika

    I loved this! Looks like you had a great year overall and had a ton of fun! Cheers to a great 2012!
    Erika recently posted..Happy Birthday to me!

  6. Carolina John

    But really, what good is a “year in pictures” post WITHOUT any gratuitous ass shots? You’ve got to give the ladies what they come here to see!

    Great year! Going sub-19 and ironman is quite a good feat. Really well done Kevin!
    Carolina John recently posted..New Years Redux

  7. Emily

    I almost stopped reading after “without the ass shots.” Just so you know.

    Seriously, though, congrats on a great year! And Bailey is the cutest.
    Emily recently posted..No, Really, I Will: The Plan For 2012

  8. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    What a great way to review 2011 and the pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing (well everything but the toe)

    I also never saw the 13.1 meetup with BDD being hidden. That is awesome.

    Been a pleasure getting to know you and looking forward to more in 2012 and actually shaking hands in 2013.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Ironman Texas Training – Week #2 VLOG

  9. Morgan

    I love a picture wrap-up, reminds me of all the great things that happened for you over the course of the year. Cheers!
    Morgan recently posted..Eve on the Ave 5k Race Recap

  10. Christina

    I agree – pics make posts awesome. Really need to remember a camera more often. Because I’ve only been following since about mid-summer, it was nice to see the quick recap of the first half of the year. Happy New Year!
    Christina recently posted..MMNW + Just Dancing

  11. adena

    Loved this!!
    adena recently posted..no.matter.what

  12. katie

    yup, you need more ass shots.
    katie recently posted..December recap: this is not a 2011 recap post

  13. James F

    I am really liking these year end review posts full of pictures. I got to get more pictures at races!

    Great year and have a better 2012!
    James F recently posted..Fear The Hat?? Wait, what?

  14. Colleen

    You guys are awesome… love that you take so many pictures. We have to get better about this! 🙂

  15. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Great post! The pictures were all awesome..you two are too cute!!
    Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) recently posted..New Year – New Focus

  16. Elizabeth

    Stop living in the past. 2011 is sooooooo yesterday. It’s 2012, old man. Time to buy Skyrim…or at least learn what it is. ah j/k j/k. Congrats on a great 2011. You did a lot of great things. Hope 2012 brings more PRs, more pizza, and LOTS more doggy costumes.
    Elizabeth recently posted..And I ran…

  17. mandy

    I so loved this (THIS is what I wanted to do! But I was iPad disabled haha)

    You had an awesome 2011!! 2012 is going to be even better!! I love the baby Bailey picture!!!
    mandy recently posted..Welcome 2012!

  18. Jon

    What a year you had Kevin! Two things I noticed most: Bailey tripled in size, and you lost 1/3 of your size.
    Jon recently posted..Worldless Wednesday: THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!

  19. Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner

    Great pics! Did you know I’m from Berrien Springs?! I can’t believe you did a race there. That’s where I spend Christmas each year. Happy New Year!
    Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner recently posted..New Season, New Goals

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