Dec 07

Wordless Wednesday

What is wrong with this picture?


When I went outside, he was gone. Thankfully, when I called his name, he came trotting up the driveway. He couldn’t have gone far based on how quickly he came. I hope he enjoyed his moment of freedom.

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  1. Matt Oravec

    Ummmm, that is where you are wrong… dogs can be a mile away and still be back in like 2 seconds when they know they are going to get walloped! (yes, wallop is a word, and frankie has heard the threat of a walloping numerous times at our house!).

    So what you are saying is that your lil boy was streaking up and down the streets?

    Does he take after you or Jennie then? haha.
    Matt Oravec recently posted..Ashland Half Marathon Race Report 2011

  2. Jon

    How did he?

    Quite the talent he has developed!
    Jon recently posted..Kidnapped: Tri Key West Spectator Report

  3. BDD

    That had to been quite the mini heart attack, glad he is ok and back home safe

    I am impressed he can get that collar off
    BDD recently posted..Set your DVR, Ironman World Championship This Weekend

  4. peter takeda

    boy he looks guilty!
    peter takeda recently posted..Feeling Like a Loser This Holiday Season?

  5. Kristin

    I love how he’s sulking. No I won’t look at the camera Dad get that thing out of my face 🙂 I love dogs 🙂
    Kristin recently posted..Monty Python

  6. Jeff

    “Well, at the time is seemed like a good idea!”
    Jeff recently posted..Barefoot Running, an essay …

  7. Matt Smith

    Hah! Bailey is an escape artist. He and Maglee would get along quite well. She has a little issue with recall, so she always has to be on a leash. Bailey probably just has a girlfriend…
    Matt Smith recently posted..Thanksgiving Break Part 2

  8. katie

    whooa, ours would make a mad dash for freedom….
    katie recently posted..wordless wednesday

  9. James F

    I would have never seen my dog again, once she sees the streets, she bolts and will not stop!
    James F recently posted..St Jude’s Marathon Race Report

  10. Heather O

    Hahaha! Glad nothing bad happened to him while he was out galavanting around! I wish dogs could understand that we do the things we do (leash them up) for their safety because we love them SO MUCH!
    Heather O recently posted..Half Marathon and Other Fun Stuff

  11. Viper

    I had a dog-induced panic while moving some boxes over to the new house when I left the door open while making another trip to the car and Dobson snuck out behind me. Nighttime in a new neighborhood plus a dog who likes to play keep-away is not an amusing combination. Glad yours came back too. Cheers!

  12. Heather O

    BTW – you may want to check and make sure he’s not hiding opposable thumbs under his fur. Next thing you know he will be opening doors and beers!
    Heather O recently posted..Half Marathon and Other Fun Stuff

  13. Mandy

    OMG you must have been so freaked for a second. Houdini!! Glad he is OK.
    Mandy recently posted..Wagging Wednesday – Growing Boy & WINNER

  14. Lindsay

    Awww bailey bears. At least he came home, and wasn’t hurt.

  15. Mary

    crafty little guy. 🙂

  16. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    No doubt that few seconds was the worst for you. Probably worse than when you hit that pothole in the rain earlier this year.

    I know when Ginga escapes the back fence I run like nobody else and probably could qualify for Boston that way……hmmm new training regiment. Dangle The Pug !!!!!
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Practicing Form In The Offseason

  17. Susan

    What a guilty looking puppy! Glad he came home quickly and safely!
    Susan recently posted..Trip Planning: Budget

  18. Carolina John

    Yea you can’t let them loose! Silly dogs.
    Carolina John recently posted..Four Things Thursday

  19. Colleen

    Hahaha… you should have had a photo comment contest for this.

    We’ve had the same thing happen with our girl Charlie. And she looks at us like “what guys… I don’t like necklaces”. HAHAHA

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