Nov 07

Goals and Decisions

First off, congrats to everyone (KC, Jennifer, Bruce, Frayed Laces, CouplaHounds) who raced IMFL yesterday and to Training Payne for representing Canada at the ITU Worlds! I loved following your progress all day.

So, with less than 2 months to go in 2011, I decided to look back at my goals for the year.  I posted both some Goals and Milestones for 2011 back in January.  I’m actually doing pretty well on both the goals and the milestones.  I have one milestone though that is still a work in progress – “Bike over 6,000 miles, Run over 1,500 miles, and Swim over 200 miles”

On the running front, I am at 1,182 miles for the year. I got a little behind on my average numbers when I broke my toe back in February and lost about 3 weeks. Couple that with not doing a spring marathon means I need 318 miles to round out an even 1,500 miles.  With 55 days left in the year, that is an average of 5.78 miles per day or roughly 40 miles per week.  I think I can do this.  Especially with the help of Jennie.  I have been doing my own runs and accompanying Jennie on as many of her runs as possible.  So, if I can average just 25-30 miles a week on my own and then join Jennie for 10-15 miles a week, I can hit 1,500 no sweat.  Right now, I am loving being about get out and do a long run in this fall weather.  However, those long runs are going to get harder and harder to get motivated as it gets colder and darker out. 

Cycling, however, is a different story.  I had hoped to hit 6,000 miles for the year, an increase of 2,200 miles over 2010.  I’m currently at only 5,100 miles.  900 miles in 55 days is going to be really tough now that the weather has cooled off.  I’m not saying it can’t be done, but my heart isn’t as in to completing this goal as it is with the running goal.  Now, this may all change when my fancy new trainer arrives and I finally get a chance to plan around with TrainerRoad.  If the year were over today, I would be super happy with 5,100 miles, but with 55 days to go, I might as well shoot for it.

Swimming on the other hand has been a breeze. I set the goal of 200 miles and have already hit that.  Swimming 3-4 days a week averaging 7,500-10,000yds per week made this goal complete itself.  Also, my pool just announced that next year they are going to start tracking miles for swimmers who sign up with prizes for hitting mileage milestones.  Sign me up!

On the decision front, I am starting to think about the spring marathon season.  My two primary options at this point are either the inaugural Lansing Marathon or returning to Toledo for the Glass City Marathon (did the full in 2008 and half last year).  I’m leaning towards the Lansing Marathon because of its proximity but am waiting to learn more about the course.  I have a lingering desire to shoot for a BQ this spring, but honestly am not confident that I can accomplish it.  My marathon PR is 3:20:XX which means I would have to drop 15 minutes to BQ. Realistically though, I would have to drop 17 minutes to both qualify and get a registration spot before it fills up.  I’ve never actually gone into a marathon with a goal outside of finishing.  I’ve progressively gotten faster, but I’ve never set a time goal going into a race. What to do!?!?

I recently found the Lazy Runner’s blog via The Redhead and he just qualified for Boston at the Marine Corp Marathon (race report here).  Reading his report, and following the awesome progress Jeff has been making on the running front,  has really got me amped up to try and qualify. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start doing anything crazy like wearing moon shoes.

With the some serious running to do over the next few weeks, I am hoping to do some thinking about what I want my spring marathon, if I do a spring marathon at all, should entail.

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  1. Jeff

    Great mileage on the year so far Kevin!

    Here is a spring marathon for you: http://thewoodlandsmarathon.com/

    How nice would it be to come down here to our pleasant March weather after a brutal winter?

    You’d have a place to stay and we can work on getting you a temporary visa to enter Texas! I’d even let you give the moon boots a try!

    We could be each others pacers!!!
    Jeff recently posted..Oh Marathoning …

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      So tempting!! I actually did some research on plane tickets. For some reason it is $400 to fly from GR to DAL, $200 to fly from Lansing to DAL, and like $150 from Chicago to DAL. Worried that even though the weather would be warm in TX compared to MI, it might be a shock to the system to train and race in different environments. The Honolulu Marathon kicked my ass because I wasn’t ready for the climate difference. I’ll do some thinking on it though…

  2. Jon

    You define laziness. 😉

    Your bike splits this year over last year can only be described as an alien abducted your body and replaced you with robot legs.

    Or I can buy the 5100 miles of cycling will do that! Wicked!
    Jon recently posted..I just signed up for 11 Ironman races for 2012

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Actually my road bike was abducted and replaced with a Black Rock 😉

  3. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Now, that invitation from Jeff is something not to pass up. I say you do that one.

    The other thing is that you CAN drop 15 minutes. I need to drop 29 minutes to qualify from last December and with what has been going on lately I think I can do it. I definitely think you can drop 15 minutes.

    Nice job on accomplishing the swim goal, pushing the body to get to the run goal and not giving up on the bike goal. That is great and I may have to do that for 2012.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Dallas Running Club Half-Marathon Race Report

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Thanks for the vote of confidence!

      I had a solid run today that helped increase my level of confidence. 10 miles with the first 5 @ 7:30 and the 2nd 5 at BQ pace. It really helped me realize that my legs do have some speed in them but it is still hard to imagine running that fast for 26.2 miles.

  4. BDD

    Amazing numbers in my books.

    I was really hoping for a reunion at Glass City
    BDD recently posted..Be Happy

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Glass City is still a possibility. The prospect of a blogger meetup does sweeten the deal but I am looking for something closer to home. I also am just looking to do a different race for a change rather than just doing the same races each year.

  5. katie

    National Marathon in DC…all the cool kids will be here!

    awesome miles this year!! that’s a TON of running!
    katie recently posted..a science project

  6. Matt Smith

    Good grief, Kevin! Those numbers are crazy! It looks like I need to make some harder goals for myself. Good luck with the running. I know you’ll make it, but that doesn’t really sound like fun. Although, Jennie seems to be cranking up the miles too, so she may be the ticket to getting it done.

    The swimming prize/competition sounds awesome! That’s some great motivation!!!

    That trainerroad thing looks pretty rad. I might have to check that out a little more since I’ll be spending quite a bit of time on the old trainer this winter.
    Matt Smith recently posted..10 Miles…one foot in front of the other (AGAIN)

  7. Kc

    What great overall numbers, especially the swim! I did this numbers game last year too and it was fun to hit all the goal (insert cough here), except for the swim …i wonder why?
    Anyway, i’m betting you can do it. Even though the trainer can suck and time crawls, you got this!
    I also think you need to venture out and visit another country, like Texas, and participate in a running event with them good old boys, J & J! Boston is within reach!

  8. lindsay

    gah february was so long ago. i don’t remember your toe at all. (and yet i expect everyone to keep up with my health debacles of course!)

    good luck getting that cycling mileage… just know that my running mileage is SHOT, that’ll make you feel good for whatever you achieve 🙂 haha.
    lindsay recently posted..the jester of tortuga

  9. Tim

    That is a pretty solid year of training even with time to spare. Lansing Marathon, if it doesn’t change from the tentative course that I am aware of, will be relatively flat and fast!! Excellent opportunity for a BQ, if that is something that you are looking to achieve. Or come south and do the Flying Pig with me!!
    Tim recently posted..Chicago Marathon Extravaganza!!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Thanks for the info on the Lansing Marathon! I figured it would be pretty flat. Spike is hoping to get out and drive it with a Garmin at some point.

      Flying Pig? Ha! That is NOT a BQ course 😉 I’d actually love to do that one though someday. I’ve heard good things about it. However, “easy” was not one of those things.

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