Oct 28

Versatile Blogger + Random Friday Facts

Heather over at Just Another Day In the Life of Team Oravec (world’s longest blog name) recently assigned me some offseason homework by nominating for the Versatile Blogger award.  I decided that I would combine this award that requires you to list 7 random facts about yourself with my first ever Random Friday Facts.  I was supposed to nominate 12 other people for this award, but rather than do that, I’ll give you an extra 12 random facts instead.

  • I have owned 5 cars. Two were totaled in accidents neither of which I was at fault. In fact, I wasn’t even in the car for one of them.
  • I “watch” TV/movies while I work. I mainly just need the background noise. Sometimes I’ll get to the end of a show and have no idea what happened in it though.
  • I refuse to pay someone to do something that I can do, or learn to do, myself.
  • I’ve had the same job since the end my freshman year of college (2002).
  • Before that, I worked in the college IT department, a movie theatre, grocery store, and was a paper boy.
  • I’ve lived in Grand Rapids my entire life.
  • I love to read. I’m currently reading World Without End and have about a half dozen books in the queue (don’t worry Jon, World War Z is at the top)
  • I’ve worn glasses since 4th grade.
  • Before college, I built my own computer with my graduation money rather than buy a new one. I still have it in the basement because I can’t part with it.
  • I loved playing with Legos growing up. I had bunk beds in my room but had the room to myself.  One level of the bunk beds (whichever level I wasn’t sleeping on) was almost constantly a Lego city of some point.
  • I took piano lessons from 2nd to 8th grade. I can still (mostly) play a few songs by heart (The Entertainer (for the movie The Sting) and the Jurassic Park theme for instance)
  • I love watching sports of pretty much any kind. I’m losing my patience with all of these player strikes though.
  • I used to be a night owl – staying up all night and sleeping in until late in the morning. Triathlon training and the need to use as much of the daylight as possible has helped change that.
  • If I hear an email come in (either by the ding my phone or computer make), I have to check it.
  • Whenever I see a cyclist riding without a helmet, I want to yell at them for being a moron.
  • I wanted to be an architect growing up.  I used to design floor plans on graph paper of the biggest, most ostentatious houses I could imagine (think indoor pools, basketball courts, etc.).
  • I’ve become hopelessly addicted to hummus. Never had it until about a year ago. Now I eat it with crackers nearly every day as part of my lunch.
  • Our neighbors run their AC almost constantly regardless of the weather.  It could be 60* out and their AC is churning away meaning we have to listen to it through our open windows.  I have devilish thoughts of sneaking over and dumping concrete or something into it.
  • One of the things I am missing most about long training workouts is the post workout recovery milkshakes that Jennie would make me.

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  1. Matt Oravec

    Ironically have the same kind of work history. Started working with the guy I am still with when I was a Sophomore in college and still there (probably not for much longer though 🙂 ).

    Wanted to be a contractor when I was a kid, hated architecture… now however, I really enjoy figuring out floor plans and how to use space.

    I used to be addicted to the damn ding on my phone, Heather luckily kindly persuaded me to stop checking it 24/7. So much better now!

    I am a morning person, can’t stay up late to save my life.

    Good list man. I agree w/ the regrets for long workouts, I miss the smorgous board buffet I would create for myself as “recovery” food haha.

  2. Jon

    Are you my doppleganger? Stop describing my life!

    My room I grew up in has a loft and it is STILL filled with Legos!
    Jon recently posted..What is the difference between a "jogger" and a "runner"?

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I’m too tall to be your doppleganger.

      Is it wrong that I want to have kids simply so that I have an excuse to play with Legos again?

      1. Susan

        Hahaha, that is probably the best reason of all to have kids!

  3. BDD

    I had the same job after college too….. years earlier

    I have to background noise at home, dont care if its the TV or radio

    I am the same way about email

    I have never had hummus
    BDD recently posted..Weekly Ramblings

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      You gotta try hummus! Jason posted a recipe way back (actually was one of the first posts of his I read) and I got hooked on it. It is great on crackers, celery, carrots, and even as a sandwich spread. I go back and forth between making my own (super easy to do) and getting store bought. My homemade version is completely different tasting than store bought so it is a nice change to be able to switch.

  4. Mary B

    I have yelled at idiots with no helmets – they don’t get it. Truly what are they thinking?
    Please do not think about leaving your current job!!!!!

  5. Matt Smith

    You’re the man for being able to play the piano! That’s just awesome.

    Hummus? I’m not a big fan at all (yet). Jenn loves it, but I just haven’t acquired the taste.

    I like how you “accepted” this award and posted the blog, but didn’t make everyone else do it! I feel like these are almost like chain emails that I just delete. Nice work, Kevin!
    Matt Smith recently posted..Super Sunday

  6. Heather O

    Hey we have alot in common!!! I took piano lessons from 1st to 7th grade. I only remember how to play Fur Elise and the theme song from Titanic. I was never good at reading music. I always memorized it instead. I do really really REALLY want a baby grand piano, but probably wouldn’t play it much. Matt claims he would have to reinforce our floors so I can’t get one…excuses excuses.

    I too wanted to be an architect! The only reason I am not is because I got a scholarship for softball and they didn’t offer architecture. Civ-e was the next closest thing, but now I am a rocket scientist…wait….what?!?! How did that happen???

    People without helmets = dumb. My favorite is motorcyclists who have helmets…strapped to the back of their seat. I secretly wish they would crash so I could witness the misery they inflicted upon themselves 😉 I also secretly wish we could randomly taser people who drive in the fast lane and don’t move over when you clearly want to go faster than them, but I digress….

    But in contrast, I am NOT missing the post workout binging simply because I am still eating like I am working out. I figure that when I gain enough weight I will feel disgusted with myself and be that much more motivated to begin next season’s training =) Besides that Lara Croft called and said she wanted her abs back….so I will kindly let her borrow them for awhile 😉

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I remember Fur Elise too! Totally should have included this as a random fact as well, but I actually got chicken pox because of my piano lessons. I didn’t get chicken pox in 1st grade like all my classmates did for some reason. Then, in 6th grade, I mysteriously came down with them. We had no idea where I caught them until my mom called to cancel my weekly lesson. My piano teacher got really quiet when my mom told her and she started apologizing. She had apparently told all of her younger students that her daughter had chicken pox but assumed that because I was older, I would have already had them. My mom was actually thankful that I got them when I did because it was pre-vaccine days and there was always the fear of getting shingles.

      Architect, rocket scientist, same diff! I have a feeling I would have been really disappointed as an architect. I am sure that isn’t as nearly glamorous as it sounds. Being a rocket scientist is pretty bad ass though.

      Yikes.. note to self, don’t piss off Heather. I don’t want to be tasered! (Although I completely agree!!! haha) Slow walkers and people who see you coming down the sidewalk but don’t move over at all would get tasered as well. I may need two tasers so that I have one while the other is charging.

      What pisses me off about the Lara Croft abs is that from the sounds of it, you can let her borrow them but then get them back again whenever you want. Not fair.

  7. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    OK on the milkshakes…..tell her you are going out for a long ride and go to the movies. Then before you get to the house soak your clothes in a bucket of water. Tell her how awesome it was and that you can’t wait to taste the milkshake. DONE! You can thank me later.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Easy Peasy and CHEAP Meal

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Genius! (Can’t believe I am calling a Texan “Genius”, but maybe it is your NY roots showing through – haha)

  8. Jeff

    It ticks me off when I see a family out riding and the kids are without helmets. Man that drives me nuts!

    Hurry up and get to World War Z, it will make you question many of the idiot decisions in The Walking Dead!
    Jeff recently posted..10 For Texas Race Report

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I don’t need to read WWZ to know how many stupid things they are doing in the Walking Dead. I would survive so much better than they are – especially if you, I and Jon formed a zombie destroying posse.

  9. Colleen

    Unlike you, I tell people without helmets that they are morons. I feel like it’s my public duty. 🙂

    Great list… I love learning new things about you!

  10. lindsay

    what do those people have their ac set to if it’s kicking on when it’s 60* out?!? good lord!

    i also was lego-obessed and wanted to be an architect!!! my first major in college was landscape arch b/c i was rejected from the arch program. 🙁 (then i changed majors b/c being an athlete + school wasn’t working out well with my grades so i so BRILLIANTLY chose practices over my major. yeah, so smart).
    lindsay recently posted..bah humbug (christmas photo card giveaway!)

  11. Pat

    Oh yeah, I hear you on the hummus. Do you make your own or do you buy it. I’ve been making my own which is easy and tastes great. Problem is, it’s too cheap and I don’t feel bad about eating an entire can’s worth of chickpeas, which has problems attached to it that I need not mention here.
    Pat recently posted..Winter Training

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      So, funny story. Your comment came in the other day while we were grocery shopping. We were headed to the checkout and I read it. Crap! I had forgotten the hummus! Your comment reminded me I was out! haha I actually go back and forth between homemade and store bought. My homemade (which is actually one of Jason’s recipes) is good but tastes totally different than store bought so I like to mix it up. I just got some roasted red pepper flavored hummus that is awesome.

  12. Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner

    I LOVE the hummus. With crackers, pita, vegetables, off a spoon. Yum. I like the roasted red pepper kind the best. Amazing. I’m a night owl too, it’s a massive shift for me during the season to wake up at 4:30 or 5 and try to be in bed by 10-11. I am like a walking zombie for about 7 months of the year 🙂
    Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner recently posted..Ironman Wisconsin: Bike

  13. katie

    HOORAY for RFF!

  14. Jeff F

    Longtime reader. And I’ve never felt the need to comment on blogs I read but this one hit too close to home.
    Lego cities? Check, but that doesn’t seem so uncommon. The piano (Fur Elise – good lord that’s a blast from my past) and architect thing is sorta creeping me out. I used to focus on log cabins and colonials, but being from New England those were sort of everywhere. I used to supplement by buying home plan books. I can actually still walk through certain parts of Dallas (where I live now) and name the designer from homes that are clearly made from plans that are off the shelf. It’s a problem. Of course, then I went to some workshop for people who wanted to be architects and they told me most people just design schools and hospitals. Boring.
    Oh, and being able to justify playing with kid’s toys is a definite benefit. Look into Magnatiles someday – they’re the best (and kids seem to like them too).

  15. kc

    You are the coolest nerd Kevin!! I used to draft my dream house when I was about 12 years old. I friend of mine’s dad is an architect and he would give me some of his scrap to draw with. I always loved those fancy pencils!
    Hummus is the best and I can make my own but am too lazy. I bet you can make that yourself and save some money!
    Great list!
    kc recently posted..calling all stalkers

  16. Susan

    It has been a lot of fun to read everyone’s Versatile Blogger factoids – I think every blogger I follow has been tagged at this point!

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