Oct 24

Race Report: Bailey’s Doggie Dash

Hey everyone! Bailey here.  I wanted to give Kevin a break from blogging, so I am filling in today with a guest post.  So, why am I posting today?  Well, because I did my very first 5k on Saturday, the appropriately named Bailey’s Doggie Dash.

The race took place just outside of Grand Rapids at a campground so we got up nice and early drove over.  I was freezing! There was all this white, icy stuff on the grass that Jennie and Kevin called frost.  I did not like that at all.  We got to the race just after 8:00 – I don’t know why Kevin insists on getting to this races so early! I could have slept in some more.

I was a little bit nervous as this was my first race ever.  The nerves got the best of me and on the way to registration, I earned my first pukie. Dogs can earn pukies right?  So embarrassing! 

After getting registered, I proceeded to go sniff some dog butts introduce myself to my competition.  The competition sure was fierce! There were almost 100 dogs – more dogs that I had ever seen before! And all sorts of sizes – from the big slobbering mess of a St Bernard all the way down to a long skinny dachshund.

Then it was time for pictures… so embarrassing! I retaliated by refusing to look at the camera.  That’ll show them!



In no time, we were lining up at the start.  Everyone was so exciting and we just could not contain our barking.  We just wanted to run!

And we were off! I took off only be restrained my the length of my leash.  Come on guys! I want to go faster!  We were going down a hill and there were dogs everywhere! We were all in agreement that we wanted to go faster than our leashes were allowing.

The course was a lot of fun! It was lots different than what I am used to. Normally my trainings runs are on the paved sidewalk, but this was on grass, dirt trails, and even on a sandy beach.

In no time we were passing mile 1, then mile 2, and all of a sudden we were making a final sprint to the finish line.  Whew! I did it! My first official 5k!


The post race food was awesome! I had a fresh bowl of water all to myself because I don’t like to share my water with other dogs. I’m a bit of a germaphobe. I wonder where I get that from?


They also had a buffet of dog treats as well! Yes please!


Ugh. Jennie and Kevin wanted another picture with.  Fine. I got a dog treat, I’ll pretend to enjoy it. This is the last one right???


Once all the other dogs finished up they had a comedy show costume contest. Boy am I glad I didn’t get stuck wearing a costume like all these other silly dogs did.


This dog in a banana costume was too ashamed to even look at the camera.  I talked to him and his only consolation was that his owner was dressed up like a monkey which made him feel less bad about himself.


They had 4 “winners” (if you can call being humiliated in a costume “winning”) of the costume contest.  The banana dog above, a dachshund being swallowed by a shark (which probably would have been preferable to wearing the costume), a whole family of 3 dogs dressed as the scarecrow, lion, and the tin man with their daughter dressed as Dorothy (each of those dogs were thinking “There’s no place like home”).  And then finally, another dog named Bailey dressed as an ice cream sundae. Notice how none of the dogs are looking in the camera?? Poor guys – I felt bad for them.

After the humiliation costume contest they moved on to the real awards.  Kevin started off by winning the raffle.  I really like the orange pumpkin and am thinking of confiscating it is a chew toy.


Then they got to the race bling.  I won! 1st in my age group!!! I can’t believe that I podiumed in my first race ever!  I got a super cool trophy and a new dog bowl.  Now, I need someone to build me trophy case.


I like the bowl the best!


After I got my award, we headed back home. Boy was I tired!


Just one question.  When can we do it again??


Thanks for reading!

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  1. BDD

    Congrats on your first A/G victory!!

    So how did this Pukie happen? Cant believe I am considering giving a Pukie to a dog. I still remember Sophie puking in front of me
    BDD recently posted..Weekly Ramblings

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Only considering it? It should be a given! We were just walking over to registration and he seemed really anxious with all the other dogs around and barking. And then, blah! out it came. Felt bad for the little guy. He powered through though for a great race.

      We’d love to have for the MI Iron! I’m hoping to grab some pictures of the venue in the next week or so, but the lake is gorgeous with clear, clean water. The course will most likely be triangle shaped with a single loop for the 3/4 aquabike.

  2. Matt Oravec

    Here I am AGAIN inputting ALL OF MY INFORMATION on your blog. KILLING ME!

    Loved the report haha. Was there any doubt that he would not win his self-named race?

    Great job! Glad he didn’t have a costume on… You would have never heard the end of it!

  3. Heather O

    I LOVE IT! Congrats Bailey and Co.! I wish they had cool stuff like this in Cleveland! Although Frank might eat the competition 😉

  4. Lisa

    I tried to take Bandit to a doggy dash several years ago. We got as far as the parking lot. It was doggy mayhem! I ended up loading him back up and going home without running. He had a blast anyway….lol
    Lisa recently posted..A little bit of running

  5. Jon

    Now this is awesome! Great job Bailey! Its the German Shorthair in him. I know it! Can’t wait for BDD’s next pukie awards post.

    So who wrote this? You? Or Jennie?
    Jon recently posted..PT Graduation Day!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Who wrote this? Bailey did of course! I might have helped him a bit because of his lack of opposable thumbs though.

      Labs and German Shorthairs definitely swept the field at the race. They are like the Kenyans of the dog world.

      Knee started bugging me 2 miles into the run. However, in the last mile there was an uphill and while I thought the hill would aggravate it even more, it actually made it feel better. Maybe the forced shorter strides?? Still taking it slow this week though by biking as much as I can while the weather is relatively nice.

  6. Jeff

    Well done Bailey!

    You probably could have even gone faster if you didn’t have all that dead weight on the other end of the leash (-:

    AND some excellent bling for your podium finish!

    What was up with the banana dog? He looked like a KKK member with that pointy white hat!
    Jeff recently posted..10 For Texas Race Report

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      HAHA!! We thought the very same thing about the KKK dog. At first it only had the hat on without the rest of the costume.

      And hey now… watch who you are calling “dead weight” 😉

  7. Elizabeth

    You got some mad typing skillz with your paws. Maybe next time your mom and dad won’t run so slow and hold you back so much. Nice job on the trophy…perfect for chewing up!
    Elizabeth recently posted..It’s all I have to bring today: A race recap of the 2011 Steamtown Marathon—Part 2

  8. katie

    So adorable! Our older dog also loves the 5K distance, although he has never podiumed. 🙂
    katie recently posted..Great Pumpkin Ride: race report

  9. adena

    Way to go Bailey!! Love this race report, it’s my favourite yet but don’t tell Kevin. BDD better give you a pukie!!

  10. Mark

    And what is Bailey’s PR?

  11. DR

    for sure that last pic and caption….

  12. Matt Smith

    Nice work guys! Bailey is a rockstar and a great writer! You guys did great, and that’s totally expected for your own race. He looked so tired on the way home. Way to go, Bailey!

    Oh yeah…it REALLY can’t be that big of a deal to type in your information every time. Plus, it remembers mine, so I only had to do it once…
    Matt Smith recently posted..Super Sunday

  13. Krista

    Great race report 🙂
    Krista recently posted..Ready or Not… Vineman 70.3

  14. Mandy

    This is so awesome. I am JEALOUS that there isn’t a similar event in Maine!!

    So cool he podiumed!!! ha ha!

    Congrats Bailey!
    Mandy recently posted..Hey!

  15. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Great report Bailey and congrats on your podium.

    I laughed very hard at the banana dog but even harder at the monkey owner. Seriously?

    BTW – tell Dad (Kevin) that the pic of the bike racks from IMWI is awesome.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Lessons Learned from Austin 70.3

  16. Morgan

    OMG this is priceless! Well done Bailey, way to snag some swag!!!!!!!!!
    Morgan recently posted..An Unforgettable Quest

  17. Elizabeth

    HAHAHAHAHAHA….that was such a great post. I found myself crying because I was laughing so hard about the dogs dressed up being to humilated to even look at the camera (my dog acts the same way)! That’s pretty awesome for Bailey getting 1st in the AG 🙂 Looks like you guys had a great day.
    Elizabeth recently posted..7 Bridges Marathon Race Report

  18. lindsay

    way to go bailey! winning a/g awards already. fighting the sprinklers is obviously a good way to train, i’ll have to remember that next summer. i fully expect you to enter the costume contest next year…
    lindsay recently posted..bah humbug (christmas photo card giveaway!)

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Dogs are not supposed to wear costumes. Have you ever seen this? Why dogs bite people: http://3113.com/cute_pet_costumes/cute_pet_costumes.html

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