Oct 20

Calling All Champions


As I have mentioned before, Michigan is getting its own Iron distance event, the Michigan Iron.  You can check out their totally awesome website at http://michiganiron.com/.  The 2012 race is on August 26th which means that I am unable to race it because Ironman Mont Tremblant is August 19th.  With only a week between the two, I will not have recovered from the post race party race.

Instead, I am volunteering at the Michigan Iron.  I went a volunteer meeting last week to find out what they were looking for.  They were looking for people to head up the the various tasks on race day (eg. swim course, parking, medical, photography, etc.).  Along with my co-worker David, we signed up to head up, or “Champion” as they call it, the transition areas.  This means that we will be in charge of the following:

  • Oversee all aspects of the transition area
  • Work with Volunteer Champion for volunteer needs
  • Work with the directors to map out the transition area
  • Mark out transition area for Setup Champion
  • Manage Body Marking on Race Morning
  • Manage volunteers to assist athletes Pre-Race and during T1 & T2
  • Collaborate with the Security Champion to close transition prior to the race
  • Maintain security of transition area during the race, eliminating unauthorized access during the race
  • Coordinate the midday pickup of athlete equipment

Yikes! What have I gotten myself into?? I’m sure it will all come together over the following months, but it certainly seems like a lot of work now.  I am really excited to see how a race comes together from this side of the starting line.  Plus, I want this event to be successful so that it comes back in 2013 and I can race it then.

So, this is where I am asking for your, the real champions, help.  If you could plan the optimal transition area, what would it include? (besides couches of course MattyO) What would you avoid? What has gone right? What has gone wrong?

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  1. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Here are the items I have disliked at this years events but none of them is a killer:

    1- Grass transitions. Hated them because of the worry of stepping on rocks and getting dirt or mud on my feet.
    2- Both Austin races had stairs to climb from the swim to T1. Too much of an injury risk.
    3- Spacing
    4- All racks must be numbered and not a first come first serve
    5- Running uphill for 1/4 of a mile to T1 from the water.

    Things I have liked:
    1- Arrows on the ground pointing to bike out and run out
    2- Saw Mandy’s rack at Rev3 that was personalized……very cool
    3- Turf over grassy sections coming out of water
    4- A very wide area for bike in/bike out so people can mount/dismount without being in way

    If I think of more I will add more.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Hey Ladies…..

  2. Jon

    Dude you guys better be leaving on Tuesday, cuz Monday night we are THROWING DOWN!!!! First one to barf poutine wins!
    Jon recently posted..#winning

  3. Jeff

    Agree with Jon here! We are staying until Wednesday so it is going to be a poutine SMACKDOWN!

    As for the transition? I am so low maintenance that my opinion would probably not help. Give me a tree to lean the bike against and I am good to go!
    Jeff recently posted..Say Goodbye to Blisters …

  4. onelittletrigirl

    How about a nap in transition? haha

    Seriously though, the worst two I ever dealt with were one that has rocks..like big sharp rocks! Unreal and a lot of cuts/blood. Another was an uphill transition out of the swim. Running vertical is hard enough after a tough swim!

  5. katie

    this is pretty bomb! has anyone said ice cream stations yet? I want ice cream stations.
    katie recently posted..things that are delicious

  6. Matt Smith

    As long as there is plenty of space to rack my bike and transition, I’m pretty easy going. Good luck with all the planning. You’ll do great! You seem to be super organized and prepared for everything you face!

  7. Katie

    I don’t have any great suggestions, but I’m really impressed with what you’ve taken on. When I volunteer I’m generally content to stand around and be told what to do by guys like you. Good luck!

  8. DR

    I imagine that is going to be a super awesome experience not just volunteering but doing so at a level that will require more planning, directing, decision making, etc
    nice work!

  9. Mandy

    Man I wish I could help. I am so low key with that stuff. What I LOVED about IMLP’s transition…


    Seriously. They made my day…from getting my bag for S/B trans to directing me to the right tent (I TRIED to get in the mens tent. Hrmph), grabbing my bike and having it ready for me…To taking that FING thing away from me when I was done…

    But really. I am low maintenance. I just want smiling volunteers willing to help with what they can. SO maybe I am not much help…

  10. BDD

    – If you are not going to have bike catchers or people retrieve your bike, then ample room for your gear, I hate when 15 bikes are smashed onto a bar that holds 10 bikes

    – A changing tent would be nice for a long day of racing

    – Volunteers that actually know about the race, I been in alot of local races and the volunteers knew nothing about the race itself, I am thankful for volunteers, they are necessary for me to race

    – This might be tough to pull off, but a water station in the transition would be a nice add on, grab a cold water just as your exiting to the run!!!

    – I “might” come up and do the 3/4 aquabike
    BDD recently posted..Weekly Ramblings

  11. Colleen

    I hadn’t heard about this yet. Hummmm.. off to check it out (not for 2012… but maybe 2013.

    I’m super low key too. Not much help, am I?

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      You totally have to come for the Michigan Iron in 2013!! Jason said that he is in already. BDD has expressed interest in the 3/4 Aquabike for 2012, so we could get him to come back in 2013 Get Team Oravec and even our Caratunk representative and whoever else wants to come and we can have an epic blogger party in the Mitten!

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