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Ironman Wisconsin Goals

Time for the obligatory goals post. Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change this at anytime between now and midnight on Sunday.

Swim: 1:10

Basis: I have done the full 2.4 miles multiple times during training, both in the pool and in the water. My fastest time was 1:04 and my slowest was 1:07. In the pool, I take my splits every 10 lengths/5 laps (250yds) in order to help count my laps.  I know that I can comfortably swim each split in 4 min which would put me at 1:07.  In order to prep myself for race day, I would swim very aggressively for the first 500 – 1,000 yards before settling into a groove. I did this to try and simulate a race atmosphere where it is easy to get caught up in the fray and over work myself.

Race Day: The swim is the biggest unknown for me on race day. I’ve never started a swim with 2,500 other swimmers in a mass start.  It could go good or bad – hoping for good.  I am hoping that I can get settled into a groove and not run into too much congestion.

Bike: 6:00

Basis: I have only rode the course once back in June as part of WIBA.  I rode with 2 other guys (no drafting) and we we finished just shy of 6 hours not including stops at the Kwik-E-Mart (which we won’t have one race day).  For 112 miles, I would have to maintain a high 18mph pace to come in at 6 hours.  I think I can do this.  Pretty much all of my long training rides have been in the 20mph range and each one of them has been followed up with a run without any issues. 

Race Day: My strategy is to go “stupid easy” on the first loop.  If I feel like I am going easy, go easier.  I mainly want to have fun on the first loop.  I keep thinking back to when I rode the course in June and remembering how much fun the course was; the winding roads, bombing down the hills and flying back up the next hill.  If I can recreate that feeling on Sunday, I’ll be in good shape.  Once I get to the second loop, I can evaluate how I feel and step it up a gear if I am feeling good.

Run: 4:00

Basis: I have a standalone marathon PR of 3:26 which is a just under an 8:00 min/mile pace which I suppose in the case of an Ironman is somewhat irrelevant.  My last marathon was the Honolulu Marathon which was the perfect storm of being under trained and not acclimated to the climate and I was still able to go sub-4. I started walking at about the 15 mile mark in Honolulu and it was a run/walk for the rest of the race.  This makes me feel like I can pull out a 4 hour marathon at the end of the day as long as my nutrition is on.

Training wise, I’ve been able to average an 8:00 – 8:15 pace on all of my long runs which have been the day after my long rides.  I have found that I actually run better right off of the bike than the day afterwards.  At Steelhead, I maintained a 7:50 min/mile pace after going super hard on the bike and still had plenty of gas left in the tank at the end.

Race Day: Just like the bike, slow and steady for the first loop.  I’ll have to try and reign myself in a bit because I tend to shoot out of the gate at T2.  In the past, I would run with my Garmin, but not actually use it during the race. However, I have started to learn how to use it to my advantage in training and will do so in the race.  I just need to remind myself not to get frustrated if I see a split (or multiple splits) that seem slower than they should be.  I plan on walking through aid stations so that I make sure I take the time to get the food and fluids I need.  However, my goal is to be run into the 2nd loop.  Mentally, I think it will be a huge boost to be going strong as I turn away from the finish line to start another loop.  If I can nail the first loop at an 8:30 pace (1:50 total time), that would give me 2:10 (10:00 min/mile pace) to finish the second lap.

Transitions: 15 minutes for both

Basis: None really other than looking at transition times from the previous results.  I know that the distance you have to cover from the swim to bike and then bike to run is a bit long and that T1 will be longer than T2.  Other than that, total guess here.

Finish Time

So, where does this put me?  Ideally, I’ll finish with something starting with an 11.  Do I think I have an 11 hour Ironman in me? Absolutely.  Will I be disappointed if it takes me longer? Absolutely not.  I’m basing all my estimates on my training times and that could all go out the window on race day. 

2011-08-14 11.18.51 2011-08-14 10.23.07-1
If you find yourself in Madison this weekend, this is what I’ll look like on the bike and run
(possibly without the calf sleeves)

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  1. Jennifer

    So excited for you! I will be tracking you and look forward to seeing you cross the finish line!!!

  2. Heather

    When you are done you will still have time to come to Sandusky to cheer for Matt and I as we finish!

    Good luck to you and I have no doubt that you will crush your goal times! I can’t wait to hear about your victory!

    Does Bailey get to go along on this trip? I didn’t see an Ironpup tee for him?!?!?!?!?

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      HAHA! Oh come on now! You too are going to rock CP!!! Even if I were to zip over to Sandusky at warp speed, by the time I got there, you and MattyO would be finished and already plastered! haha

      No Bailey on this trip. He is getting dropped with the in-laws tomorrow. He is super agitated with all of the packing though. He is going to be pissed when he gets left behind.

  3. Jill Agresta

    It sounds like You. Are. Ready! Have an awesome race and enjoy every single moment of it!
    Jill Agresta recently posted..My First Age Group Win!

  4. BDD

    So you will be done in plenty of time to come to Sandusky then.

    I think your bike time is “conservative” based on your riding, I think you will be sub 6

    Enjoy your reward for all your hard work
    BDD recently posted..Cyclist’s Personal Ads

  5. BDD

    So you will be done in plenty of time to come to Sandusky then.

    I think your bike time is “conservative” based on your riding, I think you will be sub 6

    Enjoy your reward for all your hard work
    BDD recently posted..Cyclist’s Personal Ads

  6. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    It all makes sense. I think you are well prepared for this race and all the tips and tricks from Mandy, KC, Jon, Colleen and Jeff and everybody else will help you prepare for that day in terms of race nutrition, hydration and understanding when to pull back.

    I would have been surprised had you put 12+ on here and would have called you out on it but your times makes sense and so does the game plan.

    When do you knock off of work this week for real and not like today where you are doing nothing but Ironman dreaming?
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Avia Austin Triathlon Race Report

  7. Jeff Irvin

    Good, solid goals Kevin. Stick to your pacing plan and you’ll nail this sucker!

    Once we finish up in Sandusky we’ll all be tracking you!

    Hey, send me Jennie’s cell # and give her mine so we can stay in touch on race day!

    Give ’em hell man!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Bullet Points within Bullet Points

  8. Derek

    wait – you are going to do 15min for t1 and 15min for t2? haha J/K
    lookin forward to seeing you in Madison!~
    have a great week


  9. katie

    BAM. I’m really looking forward to tracking you on Sunday! Your goals seem completely reasonable and I think you’re going to crush it. Tons of luck.
    katie recently posted..is your butt broken? look no further!

  10. Matt Smith

    11 hours? You da man! I think that you are totally gonna nail your race. Seeing your training times and effort, I think you’ve set yourself up to do super well and enjoy every minute of it. That’s the most important part, because you’ve already signed up for that IM in Canada next year! 🙂 Good luck, and you know I’ll be cheering and stalking from afar!
    Matt Smith recently posted..Steelhead 70.3 Ironman Race Report

  11. Lisa

    Best wishes. I hope race day turns out how you want, but in any event, that you have a FANTASTIC experience out there. I’ll be cheering for you from NM.
    Lisa recently posted..Monday Meanderings

  12. CouplaHounds

    Good luck! Keep the positive mindset and adapt to whatever comes your way and you’ll have a very successful day!
    CouplaHounds recently posted..IMMT Road Paving Update: Sep 3.

  13. Jon

    For me Kevin, bring tums with you on the run! Thanks!

    Ok, now that THAT is over with….

    Good time estimates! What you have done in training is exactly what you will do on race day. I am glad that you have add ample opportunity to watch all of us other newbs totally make all of the mistakes before you get your first crack at the distance.

    Lets c…..dont race in too hot of conditions (*cough* Jeff*). Check!
    Don’t take in too little electrolytes on the bike (*cough* me). Check!
    Don’t be a bozo and go too fast. Check!

    You will have a good day 🙂
    Jon recently posted..I asked. You Answered. I Delivered.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Just for you, I added Tums to my packing list. Also, there is plenty of sunscreen packed and I plan on taking advantage of every and all sunscreen applier. I have totally learned from you! 🙂

  14. Brad

    I don’t know you but have heard of you from Rebecca. I’m excited for you and to read about your race. I look forward to your race report have fun. What an accomplishment!

  15. Bret

    Good luck Kevin!

    Be on the look out for about 8 TRI Racers up in Madison that will be joining you on the course (my local Tri Club). Sounds like you are more than ready to kick this one in the a$$.

    Looking forward to your Race Report.
    Bret recently posted..2011 Hy-Vee Triathlon

  16. elizabeth

    Good Luck!!!! I have no doubt that you will finish strong. Can’t wait to read the race report. Make sure you embellish it with lots of beautiful descriptions of countryside, emotions, you know… crap like that. By the way, are there really Kwik-E-Marts in Wisconsin? Will you see Apu?
    elizabeth recently posted..Running Spirit

  17. Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner

    Great plan! You’ll nail it. The amazing thing about Madison is the support along the course. You feel like a celebrity running up the helix to T1, there are people lining sections of the bike course, especially the big climbs, and it’s like a stand alone marathon almost the entire run. That energy makes you feel better than you’ve ever felt so hopefully Sunday will be your best day yet. Looking forward to catching up, I’ll FB my cell number, can’t remember if we ever exchanged! I’m off today, land around 5. Can’t wait!!!
    Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner recently posted..Third Time’s a Charm!

  18. Matt Oravec

    (I had a bunch of garbage written… re-read it and deleted it. I think your times are a bit conservative though…)

    Regardless, you have a plan, stick to it 🙂 You will do awesome out there. I will tweet when we are done and I find all my stuff haha… might not be til midnight though! I have been saving 12 bottles of one of my favorite beers for my victory celebration. In all honesty, that alone (plus a bacon cheeseburger) will get me across the finish line!

    If for some reason your mind wanders or you are in some suffer zone, think of all the cool stuff you get to do with your free time after the race, that is what H and I plan on doing to stay positive and energetic during the race. My go to thought is Browns Tailgating and game, and brewing my own beer 🙂

    Good luck man. And remember, HAVE FUN OUT THERE!

    P.S. Jon, I am packing tums too.
    Matt Oravec recently posted..A quick recap of the year…

  19. lindsay

    ironman is here already? i thought they said training for these things was hard. the past year flew right on by, i could totally train for this. 😉

    i’m holding you to all of the above -10 minutes on each. except transitions, i’ll give you some slack there.

    i have my orange t-shirt ready!
    lindsay recently posted..product review + giveaway: new balance coolmax socks

  20. Brad

    Kevin, long time creeper, 2nd time poster:) I actually introduced myself to you and your wife at Johan’s Tri fest. Good luck on Sunday and I wish you safety and health. Ill be at REV 3 Cedar Point on Sunday attempting my first 70.3 distance.

    Ps – I have purchased new aquasphere goggles and CEP sleeves based on a couple of your older posts! You should get a spiff from them.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Hey Brad! I remember you from Johan. You were thinking of IMFL or IMAZ for next year right??? Any closer to taking the plunge? While the training was a challenge, I loved every minute of it (well, maybe every minute except a couple -haha). They just introduced a new Iron distance (but not Ironman brand) race in GR – http://www.michiganiron.com. It may be my 2013 race to keep it local.

      I totally need to get some kickbacks! You are probably the 5th person that has told me they got the aquasphere goggles.

      Thanks for the message! I’ll keep an eye out for you at races (anything coming up soon?)

  21. Sean @ Learn Fitness

    Good luck on Sunday man, you’re going to do awesome. Your goals look solid and realistic and you’re making sure to have fun … put it all into practice on Sunday and you’ll do amazing. I can’t wait to track you on Sunday!
    Sean @ Learn Fitness recently posted..Learn Fitness Friday Link Love

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