Jul 20

Third & Fourth Quarter Reports

Well, I am finally getting around to doing my quarterly summaries. I completely missed the end of Quarter 3 and now Quarter 4 has come to a close.  At that time, I was going to through some struggles with my training.  Because of that, I just wasn’t feeling like even going through my previous week’s training logs.  Thankfully, that was just  a phase and I am flying high again.  I finally have a few minutes to go back and record some of my thoughts from the past two quarters.

Quarter 3 (May 23rd to June 19th)

The Numbers

Running Swimming Biking Core Totals
Number 21 17 16 6 60
Total Distance 118.11 miles 38,600 yards 552.83 miles   692.87 miles
Time 15:57:46 11:15:04 28:50:38 4:50 60:53:29
Average Pace 8:34   3:08    


High Points

Grand Rapids Triathlon
I had a huge PR and an awesome overall race early in June at the Grand Rapids Triathlon.  This was a huge confidence boast and a great way to start the 2011 race season.

100 Miles of Nowhere
I completed my second century ride of the season and first century on the Black Rock as part of the 100 Miles of Nowhere.  Despite the monotony of it, it was a huge success.  I got to practice my nutrition and break in the Black Rock for a long ride.  I’ll definitely be riding it again next year.

Making it Halfway
The end of Q3 marked the end of the first half of my training (remember there are six quarters to my training schedule).

Low Points

All of the training started to pile up and I wasn’t respecting the rest days like I should.  Despite ending on a recovery week, I was zapped.  I had zero energy or ambition to do my workouts.  Thankfully, after some sage advice from fellow bloggers, I backed off for a couple days to reground and it did wonders.


The good news on the diet front was that I finally hit my primary goal race weight of 160lbs (I started at 170lbs on day 1 of training).  I have a secondary goal weight of 155lbs, but I have been reconsidering whether or not the extra weight loss will help or hurt me. At some point, you start to lose muscle which will decrease power.  I am happy having hit my primary goal weight and have never felt healthier in my life.

Quarter 4 (June 20th to July 17th)

The Numbers

Running Swimming Biking Core Totals
Number 21 15 16 6 56
Total Distance 110.39 miles 41,350 yards 621.983 miles   755.85 miles
Time 15:26:16 11:51:20 32:19:46 5:50 65:27:22
Average Pace 8:23   3:07    

High Points

Olympic Distance PR at Johan
Despite struggling at the end of the Johan Trifest with stomach issues, I was still able to pull out a PR.  I have loosely determined that the stomach were due more to not hydrating enough on the bike although I am sure the copious amount of beer the night before with The Redhead, Spike, Jen B, and Jeff didn’t help.  

I was lucky enough to be able to head over to Madison in June to do a course preview as part of the WIBA group (Day 1& 2 and Day 3).  After riding the course for the first time, I am even more excited for race day.  It was challenging but a ton of fun.  I am really glad that I got to ride the course ahead of time and met a lot of great people.

Hello Century Rides!
I finished up the last two weeks with a century ride on each.  The first was a solo century throughout Northeast Kent County and the second was a solo ride as part of the Holland Hundred bike tour.  This marked century rides #4 and #5 of the season and I tentatively have #6 on tap for this weekend.  I absolutely love riding long and would rather do a century than a 20-30 miles ride at this point.  They have all gone extremely well

Good Jogging Dude!
On my long run Sunday, I was dying. It was only an 8 mile run, but it was a scorcher and I was coming off a long ride Saturday and spending the rest of Saturday on my feet.  Jennie came with me to carry water and I chugged through a full 32oz of it.  Towards the end of the run, we passed a driveway with a kid playing (probably 6 or 7 years old).  He gave me a thumbs up and said “Good Jogging Dude!”.  Made my day.  It gave me a huge boost to finish up the run strong.

Low Points

The Heat
I’m not one to complain about the heat, and this really isn’t a complaint – more of an observation.  The summer has heated up with a vengeance and definitely affects my workouts.  I have to carry more water and I come home dripping wet.  I am doing my best to embrace the heat training as you never know what kind of weather race day will bring.

Work has been getting in the way of my training.  I think I need a sponsor.  Anyone want to sponsor an age grouper? In all serious, it hasn’t been horrible, but it has gotten to the point where basically all of my time is spent working, training or sleeping.  I guess that is to be expected though.


Nutrition has slipped a bit.  I’m still at my goal weight, but I have been ravenously hungry and less discerning as to what goes into my mouth – especially after a long training day.  Not a huge deal, but I just need to be more conscious of good fuel being good fuel.  The handful of M&Ms or Hershey bar in the middle of the afternoon probably isn’t the best option.  However, for the probably first time in my life, I am consistently eating a healthy breakfast.  My mom will probably fall out of her chair when she reads this but I no longer eat leftover pizza or mac and cheese.  I have discovered the world of fruit smoothies and scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa and breakfast has never been the same.

Thanks for reading everyone! Probably a boring read for you all, but I wanted to get some of these details recorded for posterity.

Good luck to everyone racing IMLP this weekend!

#918 Jon (SwiCycloRun) Leonard Campbell@vrljc
#137 Jill Agresta (Simply Tri)@JPow21
#312 Mandy Farrar (Caratunk Girl)@caratunkgirl
#1529 Rodney (Road to Ironman)@rbuike
#2213 Bryan Payne (Training Payne) @tri_bry
#2106 Simon Cross (TriTwins)  @tritwins
#1137 John Proc (Lord of the Chainrings) @johnwproc
??? DRog (TRI’ing 4 Iron)

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  1. Mark

    Glad to hear you are liking the long rides. Just keep that in mind as you are pushing through WI. Keep it fun! 🙂

  2. Derek

    the six quarter system! love it

    good thing work getting in way of training and not the other way around:)

    solid training looking forward to seeing you at IMWI!


  3. Jon

    Thanks for the shout out!

    You have been doing great this season, Kevin! It’s been a real breakthrough year. You getting the black rock has catapulted your cycling form above and beyond. Your cycling volume is gonna really pay dividends @ IMWI
    Jon recently posted..The Official How to Track or Stalk Jon @ Lake Placid Post

  4. Matt Smith

    You’re my hero, Kevin! When I start training for an Ironman in the future, you better believe I’ll be getting tips from you. Ever thought of becoming a tri coach? 🙂 I hear ya on finding an ideal race weight. I’m a huge fan of those smoothies (and M&M’s too).
    Matt Smith recently posted..Greek Killed the Blog

  5. lindsay

    so… training’s going well?

    i am excited to see how this all plays out on race day for you – aka in success, provided you wear the orange shirt of course.

    i wish i had the drive/dedication as you did. i am kind of using the cop out of “well i am obviously having various health hiccups so i should just take it easy”. that excuse is good for 2 years even when you don’t really find out what’s wrong, right?

    as for the sponsor… when you find one, ask if they would like to also sponsor a has-been age-grouper 🙂
    lindsay recently posted..axe me a question

  6. Jeff Irvin

    Great job Kevin. You are putting in the work and the TriGods will pay you back on race day!

    Your volumes look so familiar? Almost like we used the same plans or something (-:

    You are skinny right now – that is awesome. If you drop more pounds let it just happen b/c you seem to be pretty strong right now. When I got below 150 I felt sort of weak, especially on the bike.
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Things that Bother Me …

  7. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Great job in evaluation. As we all know we enjoy the highs but we build on the lows and knowing them is the key.

    I can understand your POV on food and having those ravenous days. The other night I got up in the middle of the night and lathered a banana in nutella b/c I was so hungry. It was ridiculous and when done I just thought: WHY DID YOU JUST EAT THAT? but obviously my body needed it so I fed it.

    Thanks for the listing of the bib #’s. Makes my life a lot easier.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Tempeh – Good? Bad? And A Video Recipe

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      At least your binges are nutella and a banana instead of a handful of M&Ms or potato chips! haha. I’ve got no problem eating when my body needs food, I just have to be smarter with what I binge with.

      Once the race starts, I’ll shoot you an email with an easier way to track the athletes. I hate the IronmanLive site because it is pain in the ass to refresh the page and track multiple people.

  8. Colleen

    You keep rocking out great “quarters”! Your highs are much more impressive each time! Keep going strong, as you are rounding out the training!!!

    And thanks for posting the bib numbers… now I don’t have to be a doof and fumble for them! 🙂

  9. katie

    wait, beer=PR? I think I love you.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      HAHA! Unfortunately for you I am happily taken 🙂 Although I’d happily buy you and the Poet a delicious local New Holland or Founder’s pre-race beer if you are ever in this neck of the woods for a race.

  10. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Wow..you have done soo much! I like how you break down your training, highs/lows, races, etc.. Ugh…the heat has been crazy here too! I went for a run the other day when it was 92 out with humidity and I thought I was going to die!!!
    Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) recently posted..Amazing Blogger Award!!

  11. BDD

    Great report

    Jealous that you lost weight
    BDD recently posted..Answers to your Questions – Part 1

  12. Matt Oravec

    Damn, you are like a twig man!!! I don’t think I saw the scale top out at 160 since I was in like 7th grade dude. Now I only see it as the scale races to 200 haha.

    Great outlook on the ups and downs of training. You don’t seem to take anything overtly to heart, good job. Plus, everyone said training is the hard part haha.

    More solid numbers man, keep up the good work!!!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..Why I don’t care to ever run a running race again.

  13. Elizabeth

    [thumbs up] Good 3rd and 4th quarter training, dude! Keep on rockin’ in the tri world.
    Elizabeth recently posted..A Rightly Timed Pause

  14. Nitmos

    “Good jogging”? I do believe I would have stopped and set the brat straight. “It’s not jogging, it’s running. Go eat enough Pop Tart chubs.” You know, something like that.
    Nitmos recently posted..Somebody Owes Me Something

  15. Mandy

    Hey thanks for the shout out!! Bike is racked!!

    You have had an awesome season so far Kevin!!
    Mandy recently posted..IMLP Race Plan

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